Sierra showing her phone to the confessional camera.

Sierra's smartphone is a pink-cased smartphone owned by Sierra. While she makes no secret of her addiction to technology, currently, its only appearing season is Total Drama All-Stars. It allows her to continue updating her fan blogs while competing, as well as view photos of Cody. It features an image of an embarrassed Cody in the shower trying to cover himself as the wallpaper.

Total Drama All-Stars

Opening sequence

Sierra pops up between Mike and Zoey as they are about to kiss and snaps a picture. The two cover their eyes from the flash and turn away.

Heroes vs. Villains

Sierra uses her phone to take a photo of the Flush of Shame during Lindsay's elimination.

Evil Dread


Sierra delighted at having taken a picture of Courtney sleeping.

In the cabins, Sierra annoys Courtney by taking a photo of her while she's asleep. In the confessional, Sierra explains that while she doesn't like breaking Chris's rule, she smuggled it in due to experiencing internet withdrawal the last time she competed. Sierra believes her move to be for the best, as she can keep her blogs current and not be far away from Cody. She types the following update into her phone: "Zoey's even sweeter than she is on TV. Courtney is even Courtney-er than ever."

Saving Private Leechball


Sierra tucks her phone into bed.

As she gets ready for bed, she places the phone on the pillow and covers it with the blanket. A picture of a naked Cody is seen on the phone. After kissing it good night, Sierra herself falls asleep in the shape of a ball at the end. Courtney calls her a "weirdo" in response.

Food Fright

During the Heroic Hamsters' welcome party for Duncan, Sierra eagerly rushes off to get her phone to take a picture. She is extremely despaired to find out that it's been reduced to pieces. She is most distraught over the loss of her top five hundred Cody photos. A flashback reveals that the previous night, Mal snuck into the girls' side of the hotel and crushed it with his hand. Sam suggests that she picture Cody in her mind as she cries at the device's remains. Sierra complies, imagining her teammates with Cody's head, thus beginning a fairly serious problem for her for the rest of her time in the season.

Later, in the confessional, Sierra holds her phone to her face while gushing over Cameron. She states that she's going to "Twert" something, in the process revealing she brought tape for "emergency repairs".

Moon Madness

Sierra struggles to cope with her loss. She observes that "her hand looks so weird without her phone." She even begins questioning her existence.

Suckers Punched

Duncan mentions Sierra's phone during a conversation with Zoey, listing all of the things he suspects Mal of breaking.


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