This article focuses on the Sisters' alliances which are created during Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race, by The Sisters (Emma and Kitty). These alliances are usually proposed by Kitty, while Emma objects the idea of teaming up with other teams, under the impression that they would be betrayed.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Brazilian Pain Forest

Sisters and Twins

The Sisters and Adversity Twins form a trial alliance.

After Kitty and Mickey help each other out during the Botch or Watch, Kitty contemplates forming an alliance with the Adversity Twins. During the All-In crafts challenge, she talks with Emma and proposes the alliance. Emma is completely opposed to the idea, believing that forming an alliance with anyone would end with them getting betrayed. However, the twins deny they would do this, stating that they are gentlemen. Emma reluctantly agrees to form a "trial alliance" with the twins. As the two teams take their handmade gliders and dive off the cliff, the twins end up crashing into the Sisters, causing all four of them to plummet to the Chill Zone together. Emma angrily ends the trial alliance because of this, with Kitty apologetically agreeing. The Adversity Twins reason with that, claiming it was a fair decision.

Hello and Dubai

Having befriended Owen and noticed Noah's crush on Emma, Kitty suggests forming an alliance with the Reality TV Pros, pointing out that their experience with reality shows would come in handy. However, Emma remains opposed, being put off by Noah's snarky attitude. Despite this, she begins conversing with Noah after noticing they both have to deal with a "childish and irresponsible" teammate.


Emma finally agrees to the alliance.

Later on, while both teams are performing the squeegee challenge, the Tennis Menace falls onto the Sisters' platform. It proceeds to fire a barrage of tennis balls at the Sisters, which ends up getting Emma knocked off. However, Noah catches her and pulls her onto his and Owen's platform, which leads Emma to starts developing feelings for Noah. Once Kitty joins them on the platform, Emma allows the alliance to form since they had both lost their squeegees. Owen comes up with a solution by taking off his t-shirt and substituting himself as the squeegee. Thanks to Owen's efforts of cleaning the windows in record time, the two teams arrive at the Chill Zone first. However, Noah insists that the Sisters take first place, which Emma is grateful for.

New Beijinging


Noah and Owen offer to help if Emma agrees to keep the alliance.

Despite having formed an alliance with the Reality Pros in the previous episode, Emma is back to being reluctant in working with them. However, Kitty discovers that Emma does indeed have feelings for Noah and excitedly teases her for it. The combination of Emma's uncertainty on how to express her feelings and Noah's love-induced clumsiness keeps leading Emma to reject all of Noah's advances.

In the rickshaw challenge, the Sisters' rickshaw gets damaged. The Reality Pros pass by just at that moment, with Owen seeing it as an opportunity to rekindle the alliance. He offers the Sisters to ride with their rickshaw in exchange for restarting the alliance, which Emma agrees to. Due to the extra passengers, Noah is forced to hold onto the side of the rickshaw, injuring his hand in the process. Nonetheless, both teams arrive at the Chill Zone, to which Emma allows Noah and Owen to finish first as an act of gratitude.

I Love Ridonc & Roll

Frozen owen emma

Noah offers to let Emma ride a frozen Owen across the river.

Noah attempts to keep the alliance going, doing things such as waiting for the Sisters to arrive at the saunas and offering to help Emma cross the river. However, his gestures appear to fall on deaf ears. Nearing the end of the episode, Noah is at risk of elimination due to being in second to last place. In an attempt to save Noah, Emma approaches Mickey, who is about to perform, and exploits his fear of germs to make him lose. Emma's plan succeeds and Noah remains in the game. However, he fails to see Emma's actions and still believes she has no feelings for him. As a result, Noah gives up hope on the alliance and hope that he and Emma would ever hook up.

Shawshank Ridonc-tion


The Sisters and Reality TV Pros escape the prison together.

Despite Noah's previous claim that he has given up on Emma, he is happy to see and work with the Sisters after they fall into their prison cell. The teams decide to work together to escape, with Owen uncovering a trap door underneath the toilet. Despite initial reluctance of going through the sewers, all of them make it out of the cell.

Maori or Less

Emma and Noah continue growing close, but it begins to prove to be a hindrance on their game play. Kitty and Owen begin having second thoughts about the alliance and are forced to keep on bringing Noah and Emma's attention back to the game. Eventually, the two teams end up being the last ones to arrive at the Chill Zone (with the Reality TV Pros being the last to reach the Chill Zone), forcing Emma to set aside her feelings for Noah for the game and end things with Noah, which disheartens him greatly.

Got Venom


The alliance has unofficially resumed, but is a hindrance to both teams.

With Emma removing the restrictions of cooperating with the Reality TV Pros, the alliance has unofficially resumed. Emma offers to share the taxi with the Reality Pros on their way to the challenge. However, both Emma and Noah become too distracted by each other, prompting Kitty to suggest she and Noah stay apart, which Noah agrees to. The two teams go their separate ways for the remainder of the episode until after the Reality Pros' elimination. Emma finds Noah after he gets buried in rugs and resumes her relationship with him and they have their first kiss.


Super alliance

The three teams decide to keep their super alliance.

As part of the first challenge, the Sisters, Surfer Dudes, and Best Friends are required to work together as a super team. After seeing how well they performed, they decide to keep the alliance for the rest of the game, though Emma is again reluctant. This continues into the second challenge, where Brody comes to Emma's aid when she nearly falls into a deadly trap, and Devin signals all of the teams when he finds the Don Box. While racing to the Chill Zone, the Surfer Dudes let both the Sisters and Best Friends pass by them since they are in an alliance, but ultimately end up coming last and being eliminated. The Sisters, along with the Best Friends, are also shown to be reluctant in sharing the money with the Surfers.

How Deep is Your Love

Kitty and Carrie

Carrie lets Kitty use her helmet light.

While being on the taxi, Emma says that she and Kitty must make sure that the Axis of Evil will target the Best Friends, and not them. Kitty doesn't want to do so and remembers Emma that they made a promise, still willing to ally with them. Emma states that the best friends can now be talking how to eliminate them. While doing the ice yacht challenge, Kitty asks Emma to block the haters in order to let Carrie and Devin to pass them, but Emma refuses, stating they are neither in danger nor in last place. However, the alliance is still continued. After Kitty's helmet light gets smashed, thanks to Josee, Carrie offers to share her helmet light with Kitty in order to help her in the challenge.

Darjeel With It


The Sisters and Best Friends help each other onto the top of the train car.

The alliance with Carrie and Devin continues and while racing to the front of the train, the two teams find and help each other onto the roof after finding out that the train cars have separated. While helping each other, Emma discovers that Carrie has not gotten over Devin, and Devin himself has finally gained feelings for her. Furious at him, both Kitty and Emma physically and verbally berate Devin tell him to confess his feelings to her.

Last Tango in Buenos Aires

The alliance between the Sisters and Best Friends is mentioned by Don, and how it has now dissipated with the former alliance members racing against each other to avoid coming in last.


Sisters' alliances
Team Formed Dissolved
Adversity Twins Brazilian Pain Forest Brazilian Pain Forest
Reality TV Pros Hello and Dubai Maori or Less
Surfer Dudes Ca-Noodling Ca-Noodling
Best Friends Ca-Noodling Last Tango in Buenos Aires

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