The skunk is a black and white woodland creature that sprays a foul-smelling odor as a way of defense. Skunks appear only in Total Drama Island and the finale of Total Drama All-Stars.

Total Drama Island

The skunk first appears during the first season's opening sequence. It is shown with DJ and several other animals. At first, it is seen watching him peacefully, but immediately attacks him along with all the other animals when a foul-smelling fish falls onto his lap, dropped by an eagle.

In X-Treme Torture, at the Campfire Ceremony, Geoff smells so bad from landing in a pile of dirty socks that he is forced to sit on a tree branch, far away from the other contestants, with only a skunk for company.

In Brunch of Disgustingness, one of the dishes that the campers must eat is Skunk shakes, which Chef Hatchet makes using actual skunk spray, that is liquidized into a drink.

In No Pain, No Game, Trent is tasked to jump over several skunks for his challenge. One of the skunks end up spraying him right in the face, causing him to collapse from the stench, thus making him lose the challenge.

In Search and Do Not Destroy, Gwen must retrieve her key from a skunk hole. However, she has trouble doing so, as skunks freak her out. Noticing her distress, Trent helps her out by pouring water into the hole, causing the skunks to float out, and allowing Gwen to safely retrieve her key.

In Hide and Be Sneaky, Bridgette encounters a family of skunks while trying to hide from Chef. Nervously, she backs away, but her foot that is caught in a string of lights, causes a barrel to fall over, which falls right next to the skunks, making a loud noise that startles them. As a result, they spray Bridgette defensively. She smells bad for the rest of the episode and her stench has a part in her elimination. After she is eliminated, Geoff is too repulsed by her smell to kiss her as she is leaving the Dock of Shame.

Total Drama All-Stars

In The Final Wreck-ening, many skunks leave on the boat with several other animals after Camp Wawanakwa sinks into the lake.


  • In Best. Game. Ever., one of the tasks in the Dial M for Merger challenge is to retrieve a skunk from the southern woods to create a stink-bomb.
    • Also, one of the favors that allies ask of the player is to give a "skunk in a box" to another contestant as a prank.


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