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Sugar and Sky at odds with each other in Pahk'd With Talent.

Sky and Sugar are both placed on the same team during their debut season and, at first, generally seem to get along well enough. However, as the season progresses, Sugar begins to mess with Sky and her relationship with Dave, seeing their bond as the beginning of a possible alliance. She even begins to outright insult Sky, causing her to gain a dislike for Sugar and her weird antics. After the merge, Sky realizes that in order to make it to the finale, she needs to find an ally. She reluctantly chooses Sugar, who is looking for an alliance as well after her previous attempt at forming an alliance with Shawn fails. Throughout the alliance, Sky has to put up with Sugar's foolishness and disgusting habits. Eventually, Sugar betrays Sky in Sky Fall, making Sky break the alliance and escalating their conflict. Sky then grows to dislike Sugar, as her belief in fairness and good sportsmanship in competitions clashes with Sugar's manipulation and rude nature.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

I Love You, Grease Pig!

After Sky gives an inspiring speech to her team about the challenge, Sugar and the rest of Waneyihtam Maskwak cheers for her. While discussing who should take which part of the obstacle course, Sugar objects to Dave's plan of putting Sky at the final leg, wanting to put Leonard in her place instead, since she believes that Leonard's "magic" will help them to win.

I Love You, I Love You Knots

Sugar is annoyed by how long Sky takes to drink the jug of mineral water, and claims she could drink a bottle of maple syrup faster than her.

A Blast from the Past

Sky helps Sugar out of the water after she is knocked in by Scuba Bear.

Mo Monkey Mo Problems


Sugar having a girl-talk with Sky, in regards to Dave and Ella.

Sugar notices Sky in a state of sombreness and offers to talk to her about it. The latter tells her that she believes that there might be something going on between Ella and Dave, after seeing Ella putting her hands on Dave's shoulders in the previous episode. Sugar reassures her that she is just imagining things, which makes Sky feel a little better. However, Sugar explains that Dave has been flirting with every girl in the competition, including her, which makes Sky worried again. In the confessional, Sugar reveals that she lied as preparation for the upcoming merge.

This Is The Pits!


Sugar repeatedly barges in on Dave and Sky throughout the episode.

During breakfast, Sugar watches as Sky and Dave are flirting with each other. She frowns in annoyance and believes that sooner or later the two of them will form an alliance. She explains to Shawn that they have to stop them from bonding any further by forming an alliance of their own, which he promptly rejects in the confessinal. When Sky has some berry juice on her cheeks, Dave attempts to wipe it off, but Sugar quickly pushes Dave aside and then starts wiping Sky's cheek after licking her hand. Due to this, it leaves both Sky and Dave disgusted, with the former losing her appetite. Throughout the episode, Sugar prevents Sky and Dave from sharing any form of a kiss or otherwise tender moment. The first time is after the contestants fall into the ravine when Sugar vomits on Dave. Later, after the cave-in, Sky and Dave are about to kiss again, but Sugar stops them from doing so by burping loudly and waking up a swarm of bats. At the gem filled cave, when Bling Bear suddenly appears, Sky is under the impression that Sugar had eaten one of the crystals that and had alerted the bear, not knowing the true culprit is Shawn.

Hurl and Go Seek

Seeing how forlorn Dave is as a result of being rejected by Sky, Sugar manages to convince Dave into helping her find Sky during the challenge so that she cannot win the challenge. Seeing this as a chance for revenge, Dave complies and leads Sugar to the place where he last saw Sky. Upon seeing Sky at the same location Dave last saw her, Sugar immediately tackles her.

Scarlett Fever


Sky is less than thrilled to be on "Team Sugar".

After Chris leaves the island, Sky suggests to the others that they should split up in groups to find the control center before the island explodes. However, by the time she finishes her sentence, Jasmine, Shawn, Max, and Scarlett have already partnered up with each other, leaving her only with Sugar, much to her disappointment. While finding a way into the secret base, Sugar suggests that they should stick with each other, as they are the only

Sugar helps Sky to get down from the tree.

"normal contestants" left, to which Sky sarcastically agrees. However, Sugar ruins this by accidentally insulting Sky by mentioning that she's not feminine enough. Eventually, the two of them find a way into the base after the tree they are on retracts back inside. While running away from a mechanical cat, Sugar finds and eats some eggs that entered her view. Sky then compliments Sugar while using the confessional, saying that, despite Sugar's many flaws, she admires her ability to stay positive even in the direst situations.

Sky Fall

Sky decides to align with Sugar because Jasmine and Shawn's relationship would make it hard to make it to the finals alone. Sky stresses to Sugar that she will not tolerate any cheating, but the latter doesn't care about her instructions and plans to betray her in future. Throughout the episode, Sky often has to make up for Sugar's shortcomings, such as carrying her up the mountain. When escaping the bear cave, Sky is disgusted by Sugar's farting tactic and is confused by Sugar's dream to put makeup on animals. Near the finish line, Sugar betrays Sky when Sky attempts to push her forward, stepping aside and causing her to fall off the cliff. However, Sky lands on one of the robot crocodiles and flies to the top, securing a place in the final three. In the confessional, Sky declares that her alliance with Sugar is over.

Pahk'd With Talent


Sugar prepares to club Sky.

When Sky wakes up, she sees Sugar approaching her with a club and screams in terror. However, she dismisses it as a nightmare when Sugar suddenly disappears and goes back to sleep. However, it's revealed Sugar had actually climbed to the bunk above her, still holding the club. In the confessional, Sky believes that she shouldn't underestimate Sugar no matter how incompetent she looks as Sugar might stoop to cheating again. As the final three are walking to the challenge site, Sugar mocks Sky by asking if she had any nightmares. At this point, Sky has become fed up with Sugar and attempts to threaten her that she will be eliminated. Sugar simply laughs and states Sky can't beat her, because she's too nice, right before pushing her into some thorny bushes to prove her point.

Sugar is very unhappy when Sky's challenge gets chosen first. Sky explains in the confessional that in a competition it's good to strike first, as it would break the opponent's spirit, but then adds "it's not Sugar's spirit I want to break". In Shawn's challenge that involves tree-hopping, Sky devises a plan to come first and states she will be contempt so long as Sugar comes last. However, purely by chance, Sugar climbs to the top of the tree which bends over with her weight and slingshots her to the finish line, knocking Sky over along the way. Sky is distraught that Sugar manages to come first.

Evil Sugar and Sky

Sugar pushes Sky into a thorn bush.

After reaching a three-way tie, it's finally time for Sugar's challenge, to which she menacingly tells both Sky and Shawn that they are "gonna get Sugar-ed big" as she has experience in talent shows while the two of them don't. Once Sky is done with her talent, the two of them again exchange insults before glaring at each other face-to-face. During her performance, Sugar insults both Sky and Shawn as part of her rap and states she will beat them both. However, it is Sugar who ended up eliminated after her performance fails to impress the judges.

Lies, Cries and One Big Prize

When Chris mentions how the previously-eliminated contestants will be selected as Sky and Shawn's helpers, they cringe in disgust when the monitor stops on the picture of Sugar posing.


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