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Stephanie was a Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race contestant as a member of The Daters with Ryan.


Stephanie is a part-time college student and part-time fitness model. She and her boyfriend Ryan are dreamy, happy-go-lucky lovebirds who have already decided they want to spend the rest of their lives together. While she initially appears to be nice towards her boyfriend, Stephanie, after getting tired of their poor placement during the first few legs of the race, reveals that she is actually a competitive, rude, selfish control freak with a short volatile temper that could easily overpower Ryan in terms of strength despite her size.

She constantly blames Ryan for their problems, even if the fault is on her. Stephanie believes that she is better than anyone else on the race but unlike other arrogant and competitive contestants in the race, she fails to back up her claims, failing to complete most of her challenges without Ryan's aid, thinking up poor strategies without Ryan's consent, or simply bullying and abusing her partner. Her obsession in winning and constant bullying leads to their break up and they spend the majority of the season getting on each other nerves. Despite this, the two of them regain their feelings for each other and by the time of their elimination, Stephanie sees the errors of her ways and apologizes to Ryan, who forgives her and the two become a couple again.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

The Daters are introduced.

She is introduced in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1 alongside Ryan; they are the seventh team introduced. The two make out after Stephanie and Ryan both are excited about the prospect of travelling the world, wondering what chocolate protein bars taste like in China. Along with everyone else, Stephanie listens to Don's introduction to the race and the Don Box. She, along with Ryan, choose stairs for the "Either/Or" at the CN Tower. After finishing the stairs, Ryan eventually carries Stephanie, which she praises him for being 'gentlemanly'. She and Ryan zipline and land safely, managing to end up as one of the six teams to book on the first flight to Morocco.

Following in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 2, she rides on Ryan's shoulders to the Don Box. She mentions in the taxi to the "All-In" challenge about how well she knows spices as she eats tons of them, only for Ryan to compliment her and the two begin to make out again. She, with Ryan, the Cadets, and Best Friends, arrive to the spice kiosk first but she has a hard time detecting which spices are what, yelling at the kiosk manager to scoop one of the spices at the end. Making it to the restaurant, she cheers Ryan in the "Botch or Watch" while he drinks the soup. After Ryan finishes, they run to the Chill Zone to finish in fifth place.

Stephanie sketches a caricature of Ryan.

Following her and Ryan's high placement, they continue the race in French is an Eiffel Language. She and Ryan are on the first flight to Paris, then race to the Don Box. In the "Botch or Watch", she draws Ryan's caricature. In the sewer, Ryan talks about how he'd like to die with Stephanie at the same time if she had the plague, resulting in her stating that it was sweet and make out with him. The Daters get their cheese and paddle to the Chill Zone. However, Ryan loses their oars and Stephanie gets a bit angry, but stays cool. The Daters make to the Chill Zone in eighth place. In Mediterranean Homesick Blues, the Daters are first seen making out in the train station. They're waiting on a train with group 2. She motivates Ryan before he goes to do the "Botch or Watch". They work together to build a sand castle for the "All-In" and reaches to the Chill Zone in sixth place. In Bjorken Telephone, Stephanie begins to show her unseen competitive side. Stephanie gets frustrated when she repeatedly gets the line wrong. After finally getting the line right, the Daters fall far behind the other teams. The Daters choose to eat the feast for the "Either/Or" challenge, and finish in sixth place.

Stephanie rides atop Ryan as he climbs back up the cliff.

In Brazilian Pain Forest, the Daters are on the flight that gets delayed by Dwayne's broken fossil giving the plane a flat tire. During the "Botch or Watch", Stephanie is the one to stick her hand into the mitt of bullet ants. They cross using a bridge which Spud made earlier, but it ends up breaking, so Ryan climbs up the cliff carrying Stephanie who scolds him for not listening. Stephanie acquires a tip by stomping open a coconut where they move onto the "All-in". The Daters manage end up in tenth place.

Stephanie gets thrown by Ryan to get tickets on first flight.

In A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket, Stephanie becomes increasingly aggressive and competitive. Unwilling to accept they are in last place, she orders Ryan to throw her to the front of a line for tickets. In Romania, they manage to run up the hill and appear to gain the lead due to a spat between two rivals and another team, missing in the castle. For the All-In challenge, Stephanie has to carry Ryan in a coffin, but as he is too heavy she drags it instead. Stephanie gets lost and can't find the graveyard, though she calms down when Ryan reminds her their team is ahead of most others. During the "Botch or Watch", she loses her temper over Ryan when he keeps failing the challenge. Eventually they end up in the bottom two with the Fashion Bloggers, and narrowly beat them to get thirteenth place.

The Daters break up as they arrive last to the Hawaiian Chill Zone.

In Hawaiian Honeyruin, Stephanie's rage only further grows when she has little success in the "Botch or Watch", where it is her turn to perform. She momentarily forgets only she can partake, before Ryan reminds her that he is not allowed to help, but it only aggravates her further. She gets into a fight with Kitty over a ring, and ends up losing it to Kitty when a shark swims over. Stephanie's aggressive behavior leads Ryan to lose his patience with her as well. She eventually finds a ring as the Daters compete the "All-In" and finish dead last. Finally fed up, they decide to break up, with both claiming they were the one to dump the other. However, Don informs them it is a non-elimination round and they are both still in the race.

Stephanie argues with Ryan before the challenge.

In Hello and Dubai, Stephanie and Ryan are on very bad terms. Stephanie repeatedly get frustrated when Ryan gives her the cold shoulder. The Daters decide to go for the "Serve" part of the "Either/Or". Stephanie hits the ball so hard, the Tennis Menace gets knocked off the roof. The Daters end up placing fifth. In New Beijinging, Stephanie still remains angry over Ryan. She continues to be angry because of the good mood of Ryan, who is too happy to cook exotic animals to Stephanie in the challenge. But to the chagrin of Ryan, Stephanie eats coldly without complaint, getting the next tip. In the race on the Great Wall of China by Rickshaw, Ryan decides to lead Stephanie down a path full of stones purposefully, making Stephanie swing uncomfortably. Later, Ryan disagrees with Stephanie about which way to go, because he believes that she is always wrong. Ryan carries Stephanie, and goes to the right, thus arriving to the Chill Zone in first place, their first victory.

Stephanie hits Ryan with an oar.

Following in I Love Ridonc & Roll, Ryan and Stephanie have no trouble at all while enduring the heat in the sauna due to their working out at the gym. Stephanie pushes Ryan into the semi-frozen river before he pulls her in as well. At the start of the challenge, Ryan fails at performing the air guitar, causing Stephanie to insult him as she believes that he couldn't do it if he tried. Ryan flips as his fury causes him to act out and unknowingly impresses the crowd. In My Way or Zimbabwe, decide to use their hatred for one another as a strategy to be more motivated in the game, however it works against them when they drive off road. An argument leads to Stephanie to knock Ryan off the waterfall with a paddle, where she then proceeds to take her selfie. She is also force to take the selfie with the rhino, due to Ryan taking too long, and they come in third place overall. In Shawshank Ridonc-tion, the Daters manage to break out of jail and build a raft in leading to them getting sixth place. Despite her and Ryan only managing to catch two bunnies during the All In challenge in Down and Outback, the two of them manage to give capture 10 rabbits, sending them to the next challenge. Despite Stephanie's constant complaining, Ryan is able to fly the glider and spot the Chill Zone. They land safely and get third place, much to their excitement.

Stephanie stomachs down her disgust of beans after being mocked by Ryan.

In Maori or Less, Stephanie comes into conflict with the Ice dancers, when they try to slow the the other teams down. She also tricks Ryan into doing the "Either Or" challenge, by strapping the bungee cord onto him while he is distracted. However, she is forced to do the challenge anyway, after Ryan continuously fails to catch the fish. Stephanie succeeds in getting the fish, and they finish in fifth place. In Little Bull on the Prairie, Stephanie has difficulty with the All-In challenge due to her hatred of beans, and repeatedly spits it back out while eating. Upon finally finishing, she bullies Ryan over who is supposed to do the Random Botch, and ends up riding the mechanical bull. They come in second place overall.

Stephanie boomerangs Ryan, despite them being on the same team.

Moving onto the next leg of the race during Lord of the Ring Toss, where Stephanie luckily gets a boomerang from the Don Box. In the "Botch or Watch" challenge, Ryan successfully throws a ring on one of the narwhals before anyone else. On their way to the next challenge they bicker once more, and Stephanie starts mimicking Ryan, and in response to her bullying, he decides to mimic her back, infuriating her. As the Daters are the first team to arrive, Stephanie suggests they wait for another team so they can boomerang them, but Ryan urges to move on to the next challenge. The two start arguing and miss their chance to boomerang the Goths. In her rage, Stephanie boomerangs Ryan, forcing them to repeat the challenge, but with Stephanie doing it instead. Stephanie finds it very difficult to do the challenge herself. They end up coming in last place, but are safe again since it is a non-elimination round. In Got Venom, Stephanie is enraged at Ryan and pins all the blame for losing the previous challenge on him, not seeming to regret boomeranging their own team. Her anger persists throughout the episode as she constantly threatens and beats up Ryan and the Komodo Dragon, all to which Ryan reacts with just, "Yes, Stephanie," as a way to one-up her by constantly agreeing with everything she says and does. They place third.

Stephanie completes the magic challenge by shoving the lion into the trapdoor.

Stephanie and Ryan struggle considerably during the magic show challenge in Dude Buggies, to which Stephanie asserts herself as magician. Stephanie taunts Ryan throughout the challenge by making fun of the dress on him, and his boxers, and continues to complain about how she has to do everything herself once again. In the middle of the episode, they flip roles. Stephanie gets attacked by the lion, but she fights back, punching the lion and pushing it down the hole, causing them to complete the challenge. They place second, and they start to bond over their high placement, making Ryan happy that they finally shared something in common.

In El Bunny Supremo, things started out fine between Stephanie and Ryan. Stephanie claimed that things are good between her and Ryan as long as they placed in the top three. On the bus, she compares Ryan to a toilet seat cover while she's sitting on his lap, which irritates Ryan slightly. In the first part of the challenge, Stephanie takes on the role of eater and Ryan takes on the role of climber. To spite her boyfriend for dumping her on live TV, she eats the mildest pepper, much to Ryan's dismay. Stephanie also gets impatient with Ryan as he bonds with Carrie. The daters tie with the best friends for 4th. She is also told by Carrie to treat Ryan better.

Stephanie is pulled by Devin into a cab.

In Ca-Noodling, the daters form a super team with the ice dancers and cadets (a.k.a. The Axis of Evil). Stephanie expresses jealousy towards Ryan and Carrie's friendship, to which she denies to Sanders. She is also irritated about being in a cab with Devin while Ryan and Carrie are in a cab together. She is also shown to be falling back in love with Ryan after the way he helped her in the first part of the challenge. They place first in a three-way tie as part of their team-up.

In How Deep is Your Love, Stephanie is not very happy about Ryan and Carrie's friendship and she is irritated that Ryan is not sabotaging the best friends. Ryan also offers to help Kitty see through the dark tunnel in the second part of the challenge, which Stephanie also does not approve of. He continues agreeing with everything Stephanie says, despite his girlfriend's immense anger, as he was told by his father that the best way to put up with situations like this is to remain passive and calm. They place second in the challenge, and the two proceed to make out.

The Daters making out after they made up.

In Darjeel With It, the Daters reconcile when Stephanie shows off her true weakness by struggling under the heat, but Ryan supports her and helps her to not give up. This makes Stephanie feel terrible about her harsh treatment on Ryan throughout the race and she apologizes. They end up getting eliminated due to making out just before they reach the Chill Zone, though they depart on good terms with each other.

The Daters gets mentioned by Sanders in Last Tango in Buenos Aires when Carrie and Devin are forced to bring back a previously eliminated team to the race because of their injury. Sanders alleges that they might pick the Daters. Or as she puts it: "The Hater Daters".

Stephanie and Ryan are last seen in A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars, watching the outcome of the finale along with the other eliminated teams. She and Ryan are last seen in the group shot at the end of the episode.





  • Ryan and Stephanie are the members of the only team to receive a team name change, from The Daters to The Haters.
  • Stephanie is one of three major antagonists throughout The Ridonculous Race, the other two being Josee and Jacques.


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