The final nine contestants square off against old enemies in a boxing tournament. Two people have their newly-formed friendship tested by a cynical host; someone defeats a familiar foe and admits his love for another, and another's true nature is revealed by a former contestant. Meanwhile, a sweetheart tries to ally with a teammate in order to eliminate a growing threat, but due to a surprising twist, a lovesick uber-fan is eliminated instead.


The episode begins with the Heroic Hamsters in the McLean Spa Hotel. Sierra's mutant rat that she adopted in the previous episode chews through a boombox cable, electrocuting itself. Sierra scolds the animal, which attacks her. She then says in the confessional that now that she is a mother, she has no time for relationships, referring to her one-sided attraction to Cameron.


Alejandro says he's happy about being able to walk on his feet again.

The scene cuts to most of the Villainous Vultures, who are engaging in a team breakfast on the steps of the loser's cabin. Alejandro joins them, declaring his glee that he can walk normally again, holding up his story that his legs were asleep the entire time. He claims that it is a miracle that his legs work again and that now he can use them to benefit the team. Cameron, Courtney, Gwen, and Scott all appear to have grudges against him for his previous actions towards Heather, with Scott saying "Wakey Wakey, Legs-A-Fakey" to him. Courtney even goes as far as to say that no one will want to be his ally once the teams merge. In the process, she does something Alejandro openly despises and calls him "Al". Alejandro snaps back, warning her not to use that nickname. In the confessional, he reveals to the audience that he had a dream about his brother José, with whom he has an intense conflict.

After an announcement from Chris, the contestants head to the Chrisiseum for the next challenge. Sierra has even more trouble with her "Cody Juniors", while Duncan pulls Zoey aside to warn her about his recent Mike discovery. Zoey initially laughs when he tells her that her boyfriend had been to juvie, but after discussing his disorder, and the broken camper possessions, she becomes more alert to Mike's behavior. She thanks Duncan for telling her, annoying him by calling him "thoughtful and considerate". The scene shifts to Chef Hatchet at Boney Island, trying to retrieve Mike from exile. Yelling out for him triggers a stampede of animals to trample him, the final attack coming from Mike as Mal, who steps on his hand. Inside his mind, the real Mike remains chained to the boulder from the previous episode. He is shocked to see Mal's image in a fiery mirror and voices his certainty that he had done away with him after his duration in juvie. Mal responds that he was laying low, and only conserving his energy for the right time. Mike begs him to stop, to which Mal mocks him and laughs that he's "just getting started".

Aint right

Chef informs Chris about "Mike's" strange behavior.

When the contestants arrive at the Chrisiseum, Cameron is terrified at the sight of a boxing ring and begins to write a will in the confessional. Chef returns with the exiled Hamster, and the camp cook whispers to the host that "that kid ain't right". Mal continues pretending to be Mike, flirting with Zoey by calling her "a sight for sore eyes". Chris explains the day's task as an homage to season one's No Pain, No Game challenge with some Phobia Factor to add "extra zing". Each contestant must spin the Wheel of Misfortune. Whatever they land on they must fight one-on-one in the boxing ring, lasting for two minutes maximum. If they win the match, their team gets a point. First team to three points wins immunity and the stay at the Spa Hotel. Zoey earns a free point for the Hamsters and does not have to participate as a result of obtaining the most eggs in the last challenge. Chris declares that because the Vultures lost last time, they are required to go first.

I'll do it

Scott volunteers to fight first.

Scott comes up and spins. As it rotates, Chris and Chef exchange mischievous looks before Chef presses a button that stops the wheel on Fang, Scott's greatest fear. Fang emerges from the floor wearing boxing gloves and a teeth guard, and Scott stares at him in pure terror and freezes. Courtney tries to wake him up, but is unsuccessful. He is thrown into the ring and is easily defeated. After scolding at Fang, who shows a look of indifference, Courtney tries to drag a disoriented Scott away from the ring. Gwen offers her help, which Courtney accepts, smiling. In the confessional, Gwen is elated that she is finally treating her "like a human being", and Courtney states that she thinks Gwen has "paid her dues". She adds her doubt that Gwen will ever kiss Scott as her clip ends.


Alejandro manages to stand up to his brother, and defeats him.

Sierra is chosen to as the next fighter. Prior to approaching the wheel, she "breaks up" with Cameron, citing motherhood as a blockage for love. Cameron appears confused at her splitting the relationship when they were never together in the first place. She spins the wheel and lands on an enemy whose silhouette is identical to that of her pet's. Sierra refuses to fight Cody Juniors, but Chris reveals that it is not them she must battle, but their mother. The mother emerges just as Fang did, and Sierra gives Cameron the baby to watch. She starts out the fight well, though she is eventually beaten just like Scott. The mother swipes the baby from Cameron and leaves. Sierra falls on top of Cameron and mends the non-existent relationship, much to Cameron's dismay. Duncan then asks Cameron what the odds are of both Sierra and Scott landing on such "personal" opponents. While Cameron exclaims that it's astronomical, the other contestants are dumbfounded. Alejandro volunteers to go next for the Vultures. Courtney remarks to Gwen that she hopes he lands on Heather. Gwen snickers in response. Actually, Alejandro lands on the one person he says he would "ever want to fight less than Heather": his brother José. The battle starts equal, but then José recalls Alejandro's season three humiliation and Heather's "unattractive personality". This statement infuriates Alejandro, who attacks him enough to render him useless and win the round, earning the first point for the Vultures.


Izzy peers into "Mike's" eyes, and wonders who "Mal" is.

Mal spins next. Cameron tells the other contestants to watch, as he believes the wheel will "randomly" select one of Mike's worst fears. Chris hears this and communicates to Chef to stay off the button. Mike/Mal lands on a picture of a spider. Cameron becomes afraid, remembering his experience and the fact that it is not a spider, but Izzy. She removes her mask and taunts Cameron. Izzy, facing Mike/Mal, is then shown to detect the "good on the inside, poison on the outside". Within his subconscious, Mike begs for help as Mal takes action to "close the window" to his soul, viciously beating Izzy. Zoey wonders how Izzy could possibly know about Mal, before Mal, playing innocent yet again, sweet talks Zoey and celebrates his win by saying he practically "wasn't in control".


Sierra's Gwuncan blog.

Cameron is next. He spins the wheel and lands on mutant gophers. He is quick to lose the match as the gophers form a dog pile on top of him. Duncan is picked next. He initially is excited about being able to fight and prove he is still a villain, however, he is paired with the bird he met in the previous episode. As both of his ex-girlfriends laugh at him, Chris mocks him about being too sweet to fight the bird. He soon proves correct as Duncan backs down.

When Chris asks whether Gwen or Courtney will fight next for the villains, they speak simultaneously, forcing Chris to choose Gwen. Gwen's worst fear becomes reality when she lands on a silhouette of Courtney. Both girls refuse to battle. Chris, anticipating this, had put together a montage of Gwen kissing Duncan, all the clips taking place long before their recent breakup. Courtney grows furious, while Gwen begs her to calm down and reminds her that they're past it. Courtney admits that maybe she isn't as over it as she thought, before punching Gwen. Gwen punches her back, pleading her case the same way she did in the first episode: by insisting Courtney and Duncan were not a couple at the time he kissed her in London.

From the sidelines, Duncan points out to Alejandro that they're fighting over him, and in the time in takes him to make an ill-fated confessional, both girls become beaten and black-eyed. Gwen goes on to tell Courtney she only came back to the show to make amends with her. Courtney, in turn, reveals she missed Gwen more than she missed Duncan, which offends Duncan. They collapse to their knees and hug, finally putting their conflict to rest. Courtney even adds they'll be "friends forever". Sierra and Zoey smile and even Chris is touched. Since the girls managed to make Chris show emotion, he gives the Vultures two points. With the final score 3-2, the Vultures win the challenge.


The Villainous Vultures decide to eliminate Sierra.

At the campfire ceremony, Duncan and Zoey talk about Mike's performance during the challenge. When Duncan raises the possibility of Mike being the alternate personality and Mal being the real one, Zoey is shocked. Before the voting begins, Chris announces that instead of the usual voting system, the Vultures are to choose which Hamster is kicked off, and the Hamsters the exiled Vulture. After discussing it with her team, Gwen declares the eliminated camper is Sierra. Seeing Alejandro as a threat, the heroes send him to Boney Island. Duncan reveals that if the voting was traditional, Mal would be the one going home. As Sierra is flushed, Gwen apologizes and asks her to say hi to Cody for her. Duncan says that she should also make more "Gwuncan" videos, earning an irritated look from Gwen. Chris then signs off the episode.

Exclusive clip

Sierra Exclusive clip

Sierra ends up in Area 51 with several Cody clones after she takes the Flush of Shame.

Sierra lands inside the Black Box building in Area 51. As she excitedly remembers the challenge and exact episode number from the Total Drama World Tour episode, several pods open up, revealing multiple Cody clones. At first, the clones chase after Sierra, but soon, Sierra happily carries one of the clones while chasing after the others, claiming the situation is like "Heaven".


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Alex House Alejandro/José
Kevin Duhaney Cameron
Clé Bennett Chef Hatchet
Emilie-Claire Barlow Courtney
Drew Nelson Duncan
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen
Katie Crown Izzy
Cory Doran Mike
James Wallis Scott
Annick Obonsawin Sierra
Barbara Mamabolo Zoey



  • This episode's challenge features a nod to the fear-facing challenge from Phobia Factor, as well as having the return of the Wheel of Misfortune from No Pain, No Game.
  • Cameron is one of the contestants to have his full name revealed, being "Cameron Corduroy Wilkins".
  • Alejandro's brother José, previously mentioned in Total Drama World Tour, makes his debut in this episode. He is the third relative of a contestant to appear on Total Drama, the others being Leshawna's cousin, Leshaniqua, and DJ's mother.
    • In addition, he becomes one of several non-contestants to have used the confessional.
  • The contestants eliminated and exiled in this episode were the two newcomers from Total Drama World Tour.
  • This marks the first time a contestant from the original cast goes to Boney Island for exile.
    • This is also the first time a contestant did not volunteer for exile. Instead, he is chosen by the other contestants.
  • When Chris is doing the recap, he is seen to be at Playa Des Losers.
  • This episode marks the first time since 2008: A Space Owen there are more former Killer Bass members than former Screaming Gophers members remaining in a season.
  • This is the third time the winner(s) of the challenge can pick who to be eliminated and the first time it happen before the merge.
  • The slots of the Wheel of Misfortune were either the competitors' fears or opponents corresponding to their unique situations:
    • Sierra: The mother of Sierra's newly-adopted pet.
    • Scott: Fang, Scott's greatest fear and arguably worst enemy on the show.
    • Alejandro: José, Alejandro's elder brother, worst fear and fiercest enemy.
    • Duncan: The mother bird from the previous episode, Duncan's opponent.
    • Gwen: Courtney, whom Gwen has been trying to make up with all season.
    • Cameron: Izzy, a fear of Cameron's, though Mike faced her.
    • Mike: The mutant gophers, Mike's fear, though Cameron faced them.
      • Zoey is the only one whose fear is not featured in the wheel due to her not participating.
      • A bear is featured but never competed. It is presumed that this is meant to be Courtney's opponent, should she spin the wheel.
  • If the two specials are counted, then this is the 100th episode of the Total Drama series, rather than Zeek And Ye Shall Find which is referred to as the 100th episode in the show.
  • Alejandro is the only member of the Villainous Vultures to not receive a black eye in this episode.



  • The title of this episode is a pun on the phrase "sucker punch".
  • When it's the Hamsters' turn to fight, Chris says "Hero time", possibly referencing the catchphrase of Ben Tennyson from the Ben 10 franchise.


  • In the recap, Chris says the last challenge was last week, but while mentioning Zoey's reward, he said the Hamsters won yesterday instead.
  • In the recap, Chris asks whether or not the Heroic Hamsters will keep their lead, however, they are tied with the Villainous Vultures in terms of challenge wins.
    • However, he could have said this because of the episodes airing weekly.
  • The twist tie Cameron used to fix his glasses in the previous episode disappears from this episode on.
  • When the Heroic Hamsters celebrate Zoey's reward, Cameron is with them and joins in cheering, even though he is supposed to be with the Villainous Vultures.
  • When Courtney is trying to wake Scott up when he has to fight Fang, the lines and the freckles on his chest are missing.
  • When Fang opens his mouth he has a mouth guard, but when he closes his mouth, his teeth are showing.
  • During Cameron's second confessional, there's no team logo.
Sierra's old long hair exclusive

Sierra's old long hair in the exclusive clip.

  • At one point, when Mal hits Izzy, the entire top of her hair is in a darker shade of orange instead of only the darker highlights.
    • The outlines of her highlights are also cut.
  • When Gwen spins the wheel, it spins clockwise, despite her spinning it in the opposite direction.
  • Just before Sierra is flushed, the bruises on her face disappear, despite them being present later on in the exclusive clip.
  • At the beginning of the exclusive clip, Sierra is seen with her original hair length.
  • When Sierra landed on Cameron, he recieves a black eye, but afterwards, the black eye disappears.
    • After he is dogpiled by the mutant gophers, his black eye returns.


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