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Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot is one of the three opposing teams in Total Drama World Tour. The team name is chosen by Sierra, because none of the other team members could agree on a name. Their team logo is a picture of Chris's face and a teal background.


Note: In Walk Like an Egyptian - Part 2, Sierra convinces Chris to let her and Izzy swap teams so they can be teammates with their crushes.

Note: In I See London..., Chris places Duncan on the team as a consolation prize for "losing" the challenge, after Ezekiel failed to not be captured.

Total Drama World Tour

The team is formed in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1. Whereas the opposing teams easily came up with names, Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot had difficulty deciding on a name. In the end, Sierra suggests that they name the team "Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot", which the others oppose, but Chris shows approval toward, calling it the best team name ever.

Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot paddles toward the finish line in their canoe.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, after winning a goat as their prize from the previous episode, the entire team decides to ride the goat all at once while they try to find the Nile River. Although, Team Amazon was originally in the lead, Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot manages to overtake them. Sierra started to make their canoe, but as soon as Team Amazon got there, Sierra and Izzy decided to swap teams. Alejandro immediately complains about how the switch is unfair, but Sierra manages to convince Chris to allow it. After they finish building their canoe and start to cross the river. Alejandro, "to make it fair," and probably to start to seduce Team Amazon's girls, ordered Izzy to help the other team by telling the camel to get inside the canoe. In the end, Team Amazon won, but since Team Victory didn't cross with their reward, and Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot did, they managed to escape elimination, but end up in the economy section.

Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot do a group high-five.

In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, Alejandro decides to nominate himself to compete in the "Super Human Mega-Pinball Smash," in which he shares his "ball-shaped paradise" with a panda bear named Ting-Ting. He and Ting-Ting ultimately end up scoring 462,000 points in the game, causing his team to win the challenge over the other two teams. As their reward, the team got first pick of props for their Japanese commercial in the plane's cargo hold. After Alejandro discovered a tiny model of Tokyo and a monster costume, he convinces his team to make a commercial about a monster attacking the city, who is stopped by Chef Hatchet's Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fish Tails. Ultimately, their commercial ends up coming in second place due to Chef's favoritism towards Team Amazon's commercial, which means even though the team is safe from elimination once more, they still have to ride in the loser-class section of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet.

Tyler singlehandedly saves his team's lives in the Yukon.

In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, Tyler and Izzy are the first two people to finish the first challenge, leaving Tyler to pull the sled and Izzy to mush. Izzy notices that the crates on the sled are radioactive and happily hops in one, thinking there's an actual radio in there. A concerned Tyler asks Chris if the box is radioactive, to which Chris nonchalantly comments on how everything is radioactive nowadays. She is affected when she starts to glow green, but doesn't seem to notice. They are unable to find anyone until Noah catches up to them himself and gets onto the sled. They also find Alejandro at a flag pole who departs with them, leaving Bridgette stuck to a pole. Finally, Owen is found at another flag pole and the team almost falls down into the water after the ice breaks. Fortunately, Tyler saves them by grabbing onto the ledge, revealing the incredible strength in his fingers, and holding them up. The team climbs up over Tyler, and they continue to the finish line. The team then comes in first place and winning their first challenge, thanks to Noah's quick thinking to have Owen lean forward so that the sled would accelerate.

Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot finally manages to pull Owen up the Statue of Liberty.

In Broadway, Baby!, the team is resting in the winner's compartment for the first time. Alejandro sneaks into the commercial cabin to sneak food to the ladies. When the cast lands, the team climbs to the top of Lady Liberty quickly, although Owen must be pulled by Tyler, Noah, and Alejandro due to him getting stuck halfway. The team escapes the alligator in the sewers with relative ease. During the final challenge, Noah volunteers to sit in the carriage, quickly falling asleep since he was unable to sleep the previous night. Noticing this, Heather switches the teams baby carriage that contains Noah in it with an actual baby carriage containing a real baby. The team arrives at the finish line first but notice too late that they had the wrong carriage, forcing them to backtrack to retrieve Noah. This delay results in the team losing the challenge, because Team Amazon and Team Victory made it to the finish line in that time. However, since it is a reward challenge, no one from the team is eliminated.

The team about to ride a sausage filled Owen down a hill in Germany.

In Slap Slap Revolution, during the sausage-stuffing challenge, Owen eats all of the team's meat, leaving them with nothing to stuff the sausage. Alejandro is furious, but hides his rage and comes up with the idea to use Owen as a sausage and ride him down the hill. Chris allows this and the team crosses the finish line first, earning an advantage in the second part of the challenge, which turns out to be three Pickelhaube helmets. During the second challenge, Owen, Noah, and Alejandro volunteer to dance. Alejandro and Noah follow the steps exactly, while Owen fumbles about, too sick to focus. Alejandro easily defeats his opponent Cody and makes it to the finals, along with Heather, Leshawna, and Sierra. When it comes down to Alejandro and Sierra, the former purposely jumps off the platform, giving Team Amazon the victory. The team on the other hand, comes in second place and they are safe from elimination.

The team is ambushed by giant caterpillars.

In The Am-AH-Zon Race, the team takes the left route through the jungle, along with Team Victory. They arrive at the river second and have to cross a zip-line without a T-Bar, each team member crosses the river in their own individual way and the entire team gets to the other side successfully. They set up camp at dusk, and at night the team is attacked by giant Amazonian caterpillars. The next morning the members are seen covered in red spots, clutching sticks and huddling together in their sleep, immediately going into an attack stance when woken by Alejandro, implying that the team had fought and driven away the giant caterpillars the previous night and were paranoid about another attack. The team rushes to the top of Machu Picchu where the final challenge is, but Alejandro is forced to go back and retrieve Owen while the rest of the team waits at the peak. Unfortunately, this delay results in them coming in second place once again and the team is last seen in the dining area of the Jet, where Izzy and Owen eat while Noah stares miserably at his plate and Alejandro reads a book. Tyler, however, is invited to first class by Lindsay, so he is not seen with the rest of his team in their final scene together.

The team with their statue of Venus De Milo in the Louvre Museum.

In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, Izzy takes control of the plane from Chef and Heather comments of Alejandro's lack of control of his team. The team is assigned to find and assemble pieces of the Venus De Milo. The team is initially chased by the Sasquatchanakwa, but Noah distracts it using an imaginary-ball trick, allowing them to search in peace. Later the team selects Noah to go through a series of lasers to get their final piece, he succeeds and the team hurries to the Pyramid Court to assemble their statue. Oddly, Noah is the only team member actively fixing the statue, while Tyler gives useless instructions and the other members simply stand nearby. He nearly finishes, but has to redo the statue due to the parts of Team Amazon's statue getting mixed in with theirs. Despite this delay, Noah is able to add the final piece of the statue seconds after Team Amazon, allowing the team to claim second place once again and avoid elimination.

The team rows to the Newfoundland shore.

In Newf Kids on the Rock, the team (except Izzy, who is still asleep) is seen trying to make an alliance with DJ. After DJ announced he's leaving the game, Heather falls from an air vent in shock, and the team members all look down at her with mixed reactions, Tyler and Owen look unhappy to see her while Noah and Alejandro are both amused by her weak attempt at spying. Later, the team is shoved into the ocean after DJ. All the members are shown to be capable swimmers (except Owen, who has to be rescued by Izzy). They are the first team to arrive at the boats and quickly assemble their positions for the challenge: Alejandro acts as navigator, Tyler and Noah row, and Izzy catches fish in order to win the special reward for the challenge. The team got off to a good start, easily overtaking Team Amazon and Team Victory; they also appear successful at the fishing part of the challenge, as Izzy is able to capture a lobster and a large fish with relative ease. However, due to Heather's assistance, DJ reaches the island before them. During the second challenge, Tyler manages to kiss the fish at the end of the challenge, tying the team with Team Victory (consisting only of DJ), earning themselves the reward of a clam and fish chowder dinner and the privilege to fly first-class to the next destination.

The team wins the bobsledding challenge in Jamaica.

In Jamaica Me Sweat, Izzy is removed from the competition half-way through the episode by the government for special treatment after damaging her brain, officially finishing in thirteenth place and marking the team's first elimination. Meanwhile, the team has to compete in a treasure hunt at a local waterfall. Three players are required to compete, but Tyler takes all three turns, despite both Noah and Alejandro offering to switch with him. Alejandro manages to grab the treasure while rescuing an electrocuted Gwen, but Heather steals it from him, giving Team Amazon the victory. For the second challenge, the team is divided into pairs: Noah and Owen, and Tyler and Alejandro. Once more, they are able to get the high score and win first place again. The team is last seen celebrating their victory in the dining section of the plane.

The team, now including Duncan, at their first Barf Bag Ceremony.

In I See London..., Noah, Owen, and Tyler are forced to do the challenge by themselves due to Alejandro being captured by Jack the Ripper. Noah, along with Owen and Tyler, try to each get the other to strip the guard down and eventually force Tyler to. Later, the three go to the Medieval chamber where Tyler volunteers himself for the stretching challenge since he is incredibly flexible. After getting the second clue, Noah and Owen are the only ones left on their team as they believe the next part of the challenge is on a double-decker bus. The two find Jack the Ripper, who puts Noah into a glass booth, making Owen mad, and after a brief scuffle Owen manages to trap Jack the Ripper and frees Noah. The two return and Noah finds out that Alejandro has heard everything Noah said about him. Also, Courtney and Gwen discover Duncan, and he is returned to the game. Chris decides to add him to the team because they are short a player due to Izzy's departure. He then announces that Team Amazon wins the challenge, even though Noah and Owen captured Jack the Ripper. At the Barf Bag Ceremony, with three votes against him, Noah is eliminated. Before he jumps, Noah warns his team to watch out for Alejandro with the subtle warning, "Beware of eels!"

Owen and Tyler get pumped for the challenge.

In Greece's Pieces, tension starts taking place amongst the team, as Tyler is scared of their new teammate, Duncan. Alejandro notices the way Duncan puts pressure on Tyler in the beginning, and uses this to his advantage. The team loses to Team Amazon when Tyler fails to grab the hanging gold medal during the tie-breaker challenge. At the Barf Bag Ceremony, Chris fakes out the team by kicking off an intern, instead of the contestant who received the most votes. Chris does this because he loves the newly-made drama thanks to Duncan being on the team now.

Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot carries Owen to the plane.

In The EX-Files, the team lost Owen to the "aliens" and the challenge to Team Amazon. Tyler was not only eliminated, but also severely injured in the challenge by dynamite in the mine field. They would have most likely won the challenge if it weren't for their alien artifact being crushed, therefore not intact.

In Picnic at Hanging Dork, Duncan and Alejandro work together to throw Courtney and Heather off their game. Alejandro flirts with Courtney to make Heather jealous, while Duncan helps by making Courtney believe that her plan to make him jealous is working. The team won the sheep-shearing competition.

Alejandro and Duncan compete against each other for Owen's trust.

In Sweden Sour, both Alejandro and Duncan fight over Owen. They both realize that Owen is the wild card and could ally with either one of them to vote the other off. Owen is happy that he gets so much attention, but is confused with whom he should ally with. Alejandro and Duncan nominate Owen as captain, and they even play along with Owen's Viking persona. In the end, Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot wins and gets Swedish massages as their reward.

In Niagara Brawls, Chris announces the merge in this episode, officially breaking up Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, meaning that Owen, Duncan, and Alejandro are the only members of the team to progress to the merge. Alejandro states that it has been an honor working with the two, and trusts that their 'brotherhood' can continue, to which Owen and Duncan reply in agreement.


Contestant Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Overall Team
TDWT Izzy.png
Izzy 13th 6th "Jamaica Me Sweat" Although she is not actually eliminated, the military took her out of the competition. She was hit by the plane and something sparked in her brain which made her incredibly smart and valuable to the army.
TDWT Noah.png
Noah 11th 5th "I See London..." Alejandro discovered that Noah had recognized that he was an untrustworthy person. Not wanting to be threatened by him, he convinced Tyler and Duncan to vote with him against Noah.
TDWT Tyler.png
Tyler 10th 4th "The EX-Files" He cost his team the challenge by accidentally destroying the alien artifact that they were supposed to hold on to. Duncan was also angry with him for telling everyone about his kiss with Gwen.
TDWT Owen.png
Owen 8th 3rd "Niagara Brawls" Alejandro convinced Duncan, Heather, and Sierra to vote him off due to his popularity with both the contestants and the audience.
TDWT Duncan.png
Duncan 5th 2nd "African Lying Safari" Alejandro and Heather formed an alliance and both voted him off, giving him the most votes in a 2-1-1-1 vote.
TDWT Alejandro.png
Alejandro 1st/2nd 1st "Hawaiian Punch" Heather threw Alejandro's dummy in the volcano rather than her own by accident, causing him to win the final challenge. Runner-up in Heather's ending.


  • Unlike the other teams in the season, this team's name is decided by one contestant, rather than the entire team.
  • Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot is seen as the "middle-class" team of Total Drama World Tour. Of all the fourteen pre-merge episodes, they came in second place the most times, with five challenges, ahead of Team Victory but behind Team Amazon. They also came in last in four challenges and won five challenges.
    • After Team Victory is gone, this team became the inferior team in the contest, with having three contestants at the merge while their opponents had four. They also won two challenges and lost three.
  • This team has the highest amount of members out of all the Total Drama World Tour teams, with seven. The other two teams had six members each.
  • Coincidentally, Alejandro, who is the highest-ranking member of the team, is also the very first member to placed on the team when it is first formed, whereas Izzy is the lowest-ranking member of the team and the last to join.
  • This is the only blue-colored team in the series.
  • This is one of four teams to lose a member in an episode in which they win the challenge, the others being the Screaming Gaffers, the Mutant Maggots, and the Waneyihtam Maskwak.
  • Prior to Duncan's return, this team consisted of four males and only one female. This is the reverse of Team Amazon, which consisted of four females and only one male.
  • This is the first team Duncan and Owen have been on in which they are not the highest-ranking male.
    • This is also the first team that Duncan has been on in which he is not the highest-ranking member.
  • This team had initially had both newcomer contestants that were not from the original cast, until Sierra swapped teams with Izzy in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2.
  • Owen, Duncan, and Izzy are the only members of this team to compete on the first three seasons. All of the other members have only competed on one in the past or none at all.
  • This team has the longest name of any other team in the series by far.
  • Noah, Owen, and Izzy are all former Screaming Gophers. This makes the majority of the team former Screaming Gophers, like Team Amazon.
  • This is the third time that Izzy and Owen are on the same team.
    • This is the second team that Noah competed on with them as well.
  • This is the only team Owen and Izzy have been on together without Lindsay, Justin, Beth and Trent.
  • This is the second team that Izzy has been on where she switched with someone to be on a different team. The first time is in Total Drama Island.
  • Chris tends to change the words in Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot's name, due to the length and it being named after him. Such examples include:
  • This is the first of the teams to not have any member sing in a song.
    • This continues in Gypsy Rap, when Chris specifically denies Owen's suggestion of the team acting as backup singers.
  • This team has lasted the longest in Total Drama history without going to an elimination ceremony with thirteen episodes.
  • This is the only team in Total Drama World Tour that hasn't had an elimination tie-breaker.
  • This is the only team from the first three seasons not to have a Drama Brother as a member.
  • This is currently the only team in the series in which its lowest ranking member is not an original member.
  • Duncan is the only Screaming Gaffers member to be placed on this team.
  • In post-Total Drama World Tour seasons, the team's logo appears an emblem on objects that have relation to Chris.
  • Alejandro and Duncan are the only members of this team to advance to Total Drama All-Stars.
    • Owen and Izzy do not compete, but they do make cameos in the season.
  • This team is the second team to be reduced to solely one gender before the merge, the first being Team Victory.
  • This team consists of the first three male finalists in the series (Owen, Duncan, Alejandro).
  • Prior to Izzy and Duncan joining the team, Owen is the only member of the team to compete in the first three seasons.
  • This is the second team where Noah is the first male member of his team to be eliminated.


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