Team Victory is one of the three opposing teams in Total Drama World Tour. The team was formed in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1 and it consists of Bridgette, DJ, Ezekiel, Leshawna, Lindsay and Harold. This team supposedly consists of the fastest and best contestants, because of the fact that they all were the first to complete the "Pyramid Under Over" challenge in the first episode. Ironically, they are the weakest team in the season as they lost every elimination challenge they competed in, and were completely disbanded, with only one member outranking someone on another team, however this is due to other reasons. Their team logo is a golden trophy with a gold background.

Total Drama World Tour


Team Victory is formed after the very first challenge.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, not too long after their formation, they get lost in the desert in their attempt to reach the Nile River. Harold, in his anger, breaks the stick to pieces on his knee, but then discover that it was a divining rod. This leads them straight to the river, where they quickly build their basket and paddle across. On the way, Ezekiel, who is left with the responsibility of guarding the stick, quickly loses it when he attempts to hit one of the crocodiles with the stick during the song reprise, only for the crocodile to eat it. His team did not find out until they reach the finish line, when he is forced to tell them that he lost it. In the aftermath, and the moments before the Barf Bag Ceremony, several members of the team strongly express their anger towards Ezekiel for his performance, namely Harold and Leshawna. In the confessionals, both of them are seen firmly stamping Ezekiel's passport with angry looks. Bridgette also votes off Ezekiel, but Lindsay's vote was useless, as she stamps everyone's passport several times. Ezekiel votes off DJ, but DJ's vote is unknown (he is seen trying to decide between Harold, Bridgette, and Ezekiel), although it did not matter, since Ezekiel had accumulated enough to go home. With a majority of the votes against him, Ezekiel is cut from the competition, and he is thrown out of the plane after he criticizes his team for voting him out, only to get cut off by Chris.


Harold takes the leadership position for Team Victory.

In Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, the team placed second in the Human Pinball challenge, and thus got to pick their props from the cargo hold second. DJ ended up hurting his panda bear partner multiple times in the challenge, making him feel guilty, even to the point where he stated that he wanted to go home. Even though they were not present at the time, former member Ezekiel was briefly seen hiding in the cargo hold. Their commercial for Chef's new candy featured Harold as a wise sensei, and the other four members as weary, traveling beggars. During the commercial, DJ deliberately stood still and did absolutely nothing, even with Bridgette nudging him and telling him to say his lines. He also voted for himself, making this the third time in the series someone has done so. Lindsay ended up not voting at all due to her stupidity. Leshawna was seen to be torn between DJ and Harold, but was not seen actually voting, as was Harold. Still, DJ received the most votes and was about to be eliminated. But Harold, blaming himself for his team's loss, quit in his place and threw himself from the jet without a parachute.


Bridgette, DJ, and Lindsay listen to Leshawna's strategy on how to win the challenge.

In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, the person who has to pull their sled was DJ. Leshawna was the first to board the sled, then they found Lindsay. DJ was crying about his mama, which annoyed Lindsay and Leshawna. DJ ended up having his tears frozen and was unable to see, resulting in him hitting a baby seal and making it fall off the ice. When Lindsay tells him what he did, Leshawna lies to him and says that the baby seal climbed back onto the ice and was okay and Lindsay made seal noises to make it believable. The team ends up getting to the finish line first and thought they easily won, but unfortunately since Bridgette was stuck to a pole, she never got on the sled with them. So they suffered their third consecutive loss. At the elimination, Bridgette was voted off for making the team lose, and when she was offered last words, she tried to explain to her team that Alejandro is evil and to watch out for him, but they couldn't understand her and were therefore unaware of the critical information.


Lindsay cheers up her remaining team members.

In Broadway, Baby!, in the losers' section, DJ is worried about there being just three members on their team, but Lindsay motivates the other two into trying their hardest to win challenges. On the Statue of Liberty, DJ took the baby carriage. DJ had to bring the huge apple from the water to the team, and he was attacked by turtles. He threw one of them and it fell on a bigger turtle's mouth, which ate it. This saddens DJ. During the race, Lindsay was the baby. During What's Not To Love, Leshawna and DJ did a horrible dance break, which angers Lindsay. After the race throughout Central Park, the team lost to Team Amazon. But they came in second, breaking their losing streak, which was enough to cheer them up and Chris congratulates them about the fact that they didn't lose. However, it was a reward challenge, meaning there was no benefit in achieving second place.


Team Victory gets to vote for the last time.

In Slap Slap Revolution, in the losers' section, Owen makes a joke about how they always lose challenges, while DJ is still worried about his curse, and Leshawna tells him that if he believes in it, it will affect him more. When a hole opens in the plane, Lindsay and DJ save Owen while Leshawna close the hole. However, a seagull flies in before the hole is locked and it stands on DJ, which scares him about his curse again. When Chris throws the castmates off the plane, Alejandro saves Leshawna and they flirt during the song Eine Kleine. During the first challenge, DJ accidentally throws the seagull to the meat grinder. The team makes their sausage and they finish second in the race down the hill, during this, DJ threw a baby goat to a tree. In the dance challenge, DJ and Leshawna do it. At first, DJ had to face Sierra, but Sierra kicks him quickly after Cody loses. Leshawna beats Noah and moves to the next round. Next, Leshawna gets into a fight with Heather after the former knocked the latter off her platform. Because of this, Team Victory lost the challenge and they ended up having to go to their fourth elimination ceremony. Leshawna gets voted off, much to her surprise, saying "But, I'm fabulous! I seized the way!" Before taking the Drop of Shame, she sees Alejandro and realizes that he was evil. She says "You!" before he pushes her off the plane. Lindsay and DJ eat the peanuts at the end of the episode.

Amazon team victory wins

Team Victory's duo finally wins a challenge due to Lindsay's efforts.

In The Am-AH-Zon Race, they were in first place during the race to Machu Picchu, and, along the way, they got a crate full of bananas, the advantage of having a bar to hang onto on the zipline across the Amazon River, and reached Machu Picchu first and split up and began searching for the golden treasure. They were well ahead of Team Chris, who was forced to sit out and wait for Owen, who had been left behind, to return before they could start searching. And Team Amazon was extremely far behind due to going the wrong way at the fork in the path and being captured by the Zing-Zings. Lindsay found the treasure, and thus won the challenge for their team for the first time. They won immunity, even though it was not necessary, since this episode's elimination was fake. They got to stay in the first-class section for the first time in the season. After being served cookies, Lindsay asks DJ if she can invite Tyler to stay with them. He allows this, to which she kisses him on the cheek before running off to go get Tyler. In an exclusive clip, it is revealed that Chris let them fly the Total Drama Jumbo Jet as a reward, where DJ said it was a great reward and a great way to celebrate the end of his curse, but he ended up hitting several birds in the sky.

Team victory wins

Team Victory's duo in the first class section after winning their first challenge ever.

In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, Lindsay and DJ must find the pieces of the famous statue, "The Thinker," hidden throughout the Louvre. All along the way, they are pursued relentlessly by the baby seal that DJ ran over four episodes again. They find a good majority of the pieces, and Lindsay ends up carrying all of it, while DJ only carries one small piece. He then notices an Egyptian exhibit nearby, and thinks there might be a way to lift his curse in there. Thus, he abandons Lindsay and heads for the exhibit. Lindsay, on her own, manages to find the rest of the pieces and heads to the glass pyramid court, while DJ finds a mummified dog similar to the one he destroyed in Egypt. He takes it and hijacks an unattended golf cart and starts racing through the halls. However, the Sasquatchanakwa, the Bear, and the baby seal all start chasing him. Lindsay is placing the finishing touches on their statue, and is about to put the final piece, the head, on the statue. However, at that moment, DJ's golf cart crashes into the statue, destroying it. Because it happened, Team Victory lost for a fifth time and ended up facing elimination again. However, since there were only two of them, Chris decided to choose which will go home through a walk-off fashion show, where they must pick one other contestant as their model. DJ, with every intention to lose and go home since the mummified dog was destroyed in the crash, picks Gwen as his model, while Lindsay chooses Tyler. Both presentations are horrible, but DJ winds up winning, much to his disappointment. Thus, Lindsay is eliminated. She shares one last goodbye with Tyler before jumping out of the Drop of Shame.


By Newf Kids on the Rock, DJ is the only member left of the team.

In Newf Kids on the Rock, DJ is the only member of Team Victory left. In the economy class section, Tyler is extremely angry at him because Lindsay left the competition due to him winning the tie breaker challenge in the last episode. The other teams try to form an alliance with DJ, mainly Heather and Alejandro. During the challenge, DJ goes alone in his boat, and Heather joins him. DJ doesn't want to do anything, and Chris said that he has to sing, but DJ refuses to do so. In the end, Heather makes him sing in order for him to stay in the competition. At the end of the episode, Alejandro buys DJ's trust, and made him and his team win the reward challenge, and the first class.

Drop of J

DJ's elimination marks the end of Team Victory.

In Jamaica Me Sweat, DJ does better in this episode than he was doing throughout the entire season due to believing that his "curse" is over. During the last challenge, DJ is on the lead for the first two rounds, but loses confidence after Alejandro sabotages DJ by audibly telling Tyler that DJ's curse is not broken due to the fact that he painted the Egyptian symbol on Irene. DJ is then automatically eliminated for coming in last place in the bobsled race by having the slowest time after he soared off the track, thanks to Alejandro, which prevents him from finishing his run. Thus, this completely wipes out Team Victory from the competition; leaving only Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot and Team Amazon in the competition.


Team Victory teammates
Bridgette | DJ | Ezekiel | Harold | Leshawna | Lindsay


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Ezekiel Male 18th 6th Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2 He cost his team the challenge by accidentally letting an alligator eat the stick that they were supposed to hold on to.
Harold Male 17th 5th Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan Due to Alejandro's manipulations, he decided to eliminate himself just as DJ was about to be sent home instead in an effort to restore his team's honor.
Bridgette Female 16th 4th Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better Alejandro tricked her into getting her tongue stuck to a pole which cost her team the challenge.
Leshawna Female 15th 3rd Slap Slap Revolution Jumped off the platform to slap Heather because of her comments about Alejandro, costing her team the challenge.
Lindsay Female 14th 2nd Can't Help Falling in Louvre Lindsay's model was the worst-looking in the walk-off ordered by Chris, so she was eliminated.
DJ Male 12th 1st Jamaica Me Sweat Alejandro sabotaged his third run on the bobsled course which gave him an incomplete time. He was then automatically eliminated from the competition, because he was the last member of Team Victory.


  • Team Victory's constant losses in the challenges, and the loss of all of its members before the merge mirrors the Ulong tribe from Survivor: Palau, known for being the worst tribe in Survivor history for losing almost every challenge to the point they are reduced to two members that, like DJ and Lindsay, had to compete in a tiebreaker challenge.
  • Team Victory is one of, if not the, weakest team(s) in the history of Total Drama, since they have lost almost every challenge in Total Drama World Tour and had every member eliminated long before the merge. This team came in last place in all of the team challenges in the season except in Broadway, Baby!, The Am-AH-Zon Race, and Newf Kids on the Rock, all of which were non-elimination challenges. This is ironic, due to it being made up of strong contestants and having the term "victory" in its name. This has also been pointed out by Chris on several occasions.
    • Additionally, it is the first and only team in the entire series to be completely wiped out before the merge of the season.
    • In terms of the actual amount of losses/wins in the season, this team does not have the largest amount of losses of any team, most likely due to having so few members, no returning contestants joining this team, and due to being completely eliminated before the merge. Out of the fourteen pre-merge episodes, Team Victory came in third place in six episodes, second place once, and won two episodes.
    • Thus, they are tied with the Toxic Rats and Pimâpotew Kinosewak for the least amount of challenge wins of any team in the series, with only two each.
  • In all of the seasons featuring the original contestants competing, the lowest ranking contestant in the season was a member of this team:
  • Ezekiel is the only member of this team to not compete on Total Drama Action.
    • In addition, he is also the only member to never make it to the merge at any point in the series.
  • Team Victory was originally the largest team in Total Drama World Tour, as when the teams were formed in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, it had six members, as opposed to the other teams, which had five members each.
  • In terms of members, Team Victory was the only team in Total Drama World Tour:
    • To have an even amount of males and females, with three of each.
    • In which the lowest ranking member is not female.
    • To not have any male Screaming Gophers as members.
    • To not have a Total Drama World Tour newcomer on the team.
    • To have more former Killer Bass than former Screaming Gophers.
  • Chris gives various nicknames to the team. In The Am-AH-Zon Race, Chris referred to them as "Tiny Victory," "Victory Duo," and "Victory Twins" because the team only had two members left, and before that, in Slap Slap Revolution, he called them "Team Elusive Victory" and "Team Opposite of Victory." After DJ loses the final challenge in Jamaica Me Sweat, Chris nicknames him "Team Endless Non-Victory."
  • Strangely, despite losing every elimination challenge, this is the only Total Drama World Tour team to never lose a reward challenge; They came in second in Broadway, Baby!, they won in The Am-AH-Zon Race and also won in Newf Kids on the Rock, along with Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot.
  • They are the only team to receive Barf Bags at any of their elimination ceremonies.
  • Izzy was the only contestant that anyone on Team Victory actually beat. She was eliminated in the same episode as DJ, their last member. However, she was confirmed to be out of the competition before DJ, making him technically rank higher than Izzy.
  • This is the only team in the entire series that did not have an antagonist of any season as a member.
  • This is the only team in the entire series to not have a finalist from any season as a member.
  • This is one of only two teams in the entire series to not have any extra members as a result of a switch or a returning contestant, the other being the Screaming Gaffers.
  • This is the only team in the season to not attend a fake elimination ceremony.
  • This is the only team in the season to not have a member who switches teams and by extension, the only team not to have Izzy and Sierra as members.
  • This is the second team where Leshawna is the third highest ranking member.
  • Out of all the teams in season three, this team has the most contestants that make additional cameo appearances in the next season, with four members.
    • Harold and Leshawna are the only members of this team to not have cameo appearances.
  • Lindsay is the only member of the team to compete in Total Drama All-Stars.
    • Ezekiel didn't compete, but he did make two cameos in the season.
  • This is the only team that DJ and Harold have been on without Duncan.
  • This is the only team that Leshawna has been on without Gwen and Heather.
  • Lindsay's elimination in Can't Help Falling in Louvre leaves DJ the only member remaining, making this team the first one to be down to one gender, with the next being Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, followed by the Toxic Rats and the Pimâpotew Kinosewak.


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