Teletoon 2011

Teletoon is the television channel that used to air Total Drama and Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race, before the airing switched to Cartoon Network Canada in 2015, However Total DramaRama still airs on the channel. It is the creator of a number of original animated series, some of which, like Total Drama, are produced only in Canada and then distributed to other networks such as Cartoon Network.


Total Drama All-Stars


On the Total Drama Action Teletoon website. there is a variety of episode recaps, games, pictures and biographies. Another popular website is Total Drama Online.


Wheel 'O' Secrets

Before the player officially starts playing, Chris tells them the instructions.After the player reads them and click "continue", silhouettes of the fifteen castmates will move across the game screen. Their objective is to hit the space bar three times, in order to match all the castmates' body part's together. Once the player has completed all of the castmates, Chris will reveal the secret. The secret is Chef Hatchet in a dress. If the player looks closely, they can see the castmates are lined up in their teams, with the exception of Bridgette, Geoff, and Courtney. Courtney is seen between Bridgette and Geoff.

Monster Mash

When the player first starts the game, Chef is shown in a the attire to control the monster. In the initial game, the player has to press space bar to jump. The longer the player holds, the higher the monster jumps. The player will have to jump on top of buildings in order to destroy them.

Paintball Six Shooter

When the player starts to play, Chris will introduce them to the game. The game features four power ups that can hurtand heal the player. The first one is rapid fire. This power up lets the player shoot rapidly. The second power up is wobble. This power up makes the target wobble, making it difficult to shoot at the castmates. The third power up is blackout. This power up almost makes the entire game screen black, except for a hole where the player can shoot though. The fourth and final power up is more time. This power up is a given. It allows the player to have more time. When playing, Bridgette appears, which is odd because she was eliminated in the episode before. At the end of the came, Chef is seen in his dress, again, while Chris is tied up in rope. Once again, Chef demands for his check.


When the player starts to play, Lindsay, Izzy, and Owen are seen, covered in blood. Once the player clicks the "play" button, Chris appears and gives the player a brief description of the game. He says that the player must stay still so the "zombies" will not know they are a human. Once he allows the player to start playing, they will quickly notice that the zombies are interns. Swiftly move to the center of the gaming field and victory is theirs. On the second level, the portal the player will have to go in, in order to win, is on the bottom of the playing field. Luckily, there is an arrow directing them to where the portal is. The player will also notice that Chris and Chef are now zombies! On the third level, the player has to repeat what they did during the last two levels. If the player somehow gets killed by these blood-craving zombies, they will notice that Duncan is in the box that they are supposed to move. There are four levels to this game. Oddly enough, this game doesn't relate to the episode it appears in.

G.I. Schimo

When the player begins this, as usual, an instructions screen appears. The player uses the space bar in order for the plane to fly. There is also power ups and items that drain energy. In the first round, they'll have to fly across the set of the episode. They'll have to do this four times, because there is four rounds.And if the player lost Chef will be seen saying that he is not paid enough for the plane crash.

Krappy Karts

This is mainly focused racing down a street, picking up coins and dodge things. The player will have to dodge holesand other cars. There is two sets of coin points. The gold coins are worth 10 while the rare, green ones are worth 100. Also, the player will need to pick up stop clocks before time when they start to hear a ticking noise. That is the timer. If they lose, the Killer Grips will appear with a wrecked-up kart. Justin will say "Looks like someone needs a crash course in drivers ed!"

Spud Saver

In this game, the player uses a mattress to bounce potato sacks into the air and onto the safe trampoline. Soon after, Chef will start throwing bowling balls down. If the player bounces it back up and hits Chef, they will get mega points. If they don't decide to do that, they will have to dodge the bowling balls. If the player gets hit by three bowling balls, they will lose the game and fail to complete the round. As the rounds pass, Chef will begin throwing the bowling balls faster. There will be more bowling balls thrown at the player. There are a total of six levels to this game.

Clone Control

In Clone Control, the player has to make connecting circles around the castmates. First, Harold and Beth appear. Later, Courtney comes. Later, Duncan and Owen appear. As they pass the rounds, more power ups will appear for them.

Chef's Ninja Training

In this game, the player is assigned to play as Chef Hatchet. They must slice open cardboard ninja standees in orderto collect coins, which will disappear in a matter of seconds if not promptly collected.


The player must whack the contestants, who are wedged into small holes, with a mallet, before they disappear.