The first two castmates to be voted off are hosting this season's new feature: a behind-the-scenes talk show. The non-returning contestants are back as the peanut gallery and two people previously eliminated are the guests of honor. However, the hosts start to have problems with each other as the show progresses.


After a short montage of Gwen and Trent's moments over the course of Total Drama Action, the episode begins with former castmates, and hosts Geoff and Bridgette introducing the new "Total Drama Action Aftermath Show," where the two will dish out everything involving "Total Drama Action". Geoff introduces himself and Bridgette to the audience, reminding them they were on both Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action, to which Bridgette angrily reminds him that they were voted off for kissing. Although Geoff states kissing makes for good television, he says that now they have their own show and are still psyched to be there.

After a snide remark from Eva, Geoff thanks her for reminding them that she is there, and then introduces the eight castmates from last season who did not qualify for this season: Cody, Noah, Ezekiel, Eva, Katie, Sadie, Courtney (who is busy talking to her lawyer, Michael, about suing the show), and Tyler. Bridgette and Geoff tell the audience that they have messages, and texts they'll read from the viewers, and that they'll even have some of the viewers on live webcam. The two then say that they'll have two guests this episode: Izzy and Trent. Bridgette mentions how she feels bad for what happened to Trent, while Katie and Sadie agree with her.


Sadie talks about her sister's allergy.

Before introducing Izzy, the two show a video containing various clips of her during her short time on the season, finally calling on her to appear. After seeing herself on television, Izzy walks out to join Geoff and Bridgette on stage, and they begin their talk show segment. However, before they can ask her questions, she notices her old boyfriend Graham in the audience, and mentions how the restraining order he filed against her put a strain on their long distance relationship. Geoff asks Izzy how it feels to be the first one voted off the show, to which she says she doesn't know, and asks him how it feels. Bridgette reminds Geoff that they were the first to be voted off, and he begins to recall the events until he stops, reminding Izzy that he is the one asking the questions. Bridgette asks how it felt not getting a Gilded Chris Award. Izzy starts to cry while explaining her feelings, so Bridgette asks if it's that painful to remember, prompting Izzy to say she just can't lie to them due to an implant in her neck that shocks her at the first sign of dishonesty.


Izzy responds to Chef's alliance offer by kicking him in the chest, in a previously unseen clip.

After one more question, Geoff says it's time to play a game called Truth or Hammer, where they ask Izzy questions, and if she answers dishonestly, a hammer will fly down to strike her out of her seat. Bridgette asks the first question: "Where did things go wrong for E-Scope?" She replies that it was when she turned down a secret alliance with Chef, after which Geoff mentions they have a never before seen clip. The clip shows Chef offering Izzy help in "manning up if they split the money 50/50," to which she replies by kicking him in the chest, and scaring the nearby intern. Geoff points out the fear in the intern's face, and the same intern, who was on the Aftermath studio, runs away from Izzy. Izzy then mentions that she thinks Chef made a deal with DJ. Bridgette takes a message from a viewer asking if Izzy thinks DJ will be busted, to which she replies that she busted her arm, and is now double jointed. Geoff asks if they should move onto Trent, which they do.


Izzy drops graham crackers and olives into the front of her tank top.

Bridgette begins talking about Trent, saying he did not deserve what happened and it's because of Gwen that he was voted out. After she says this, Geoff quickly disagrees and says it wasn't because of her. Bridgette mentions Trent missed out on the prize because of Gwen, and Geoff unknowingly reveals to a watching Trent that Gwen went behind Trent's back to have the Grips vote him off. Trent, watching from the green room backstage is completely shocked and asked if it is a joke. Geoff says sorry and states that even though Gwen asked the Grips to vote off Trent, that since he was throwing the challenges, he would have been voted out anyway. Bridgette agrees, but says that Gwen stabbed Trent in the back to cover her own butt and Eva thinks they both should pay. Geoff reminds Bridgette of when Trent kissed Heather, but Bridgette says that Heather tricked him into kissing her. Geoff says that he hardly needed to be tricked into kissing the hottest girl on the show, much to Bridgette's anger and disgust. The two get into a fight over this, but Izzy steps in showing them a trick with her eyelids to stop the fight. It's too late, however, and Bridgette says they should take a break.

The show goes to commercial, where the first commercial is an advertisement for Chef's Roadkill Café. When the show returns, Izzy joins Geoff and Bridgette on the main couch talking about Trent and Gwen. Geoff is now on Team Gwen and Bridgette on Team Trent. Before taking more messages, they check on Trent, who is in the green room still crying. They show a video recapping their relationship over both seasons, Geoff standing up for Gwen and Bridgette for Trent. Izzy asks the losers how they feel about the whole ordeal. Sadie begins, saying she was at first on Team Trent, but is now on Team Gwen after remembering how Trent kissed Heather, causing a fight between herself and Katie. Cody mentions he's on Team Gwen and holds up her bra. Courtney says she's on Team Gwen because Trent is a loser by choice. Izzy wants to bring out Trent, who is still crying in the green room and now playing his guitar.


Trent sings a song he wrote about his breakup with Gwen.

Trent joins them on stage and begins to answer their questions. Bridgette asks what happened and Trent replies honestly that things were fine until they were split up and that once Gwen and Duncan were hanging out, things got rocky. Courtney, watching on the sidelines, sneers at the mention of Duncan with Gwen. The next topic is of Trent's strange obsession with the number nine. Geoff and Bridgette show the clip of Duncan telling Gwen that their names together make nine, but Trent is upset and says that's not why he's obsessed. He recalls that the real reason is because when he was a kid his grandfather gave him a toy train. Right before he died, the train lost a wheel and only had nine leaving Trent devastated. It was there that his mother said nine is now his lucky number. This story moves Sadie, Katie, and even Courtney enough to make them switch over to Trent's side.

Geoff and Bridgette then introduce their first video guest on webcam, a girl named Ginger. Ginger describes herself as a Trent fanatic, and shows off a stuffed doll she had made to resemble Trent, much to his horror. Before she can scare Trent any further, her video is cut off. The next guest is "Steve the Yeti," who says Chris is the best host ever and asks how Geoff and Bridgette got a show. He is interrupted by Chef calling out to him about getting into a hot tub together, addressing him as Chris, and joins Chris on camera to tell the audience not to trust anything Izzy says. Finally, Geoff gets a call from someone that who yells that both Gwen and Trent stink and then announces that they are on Team Eva, after which they notice it is Eva making the call.

The final segment of the show is called "That's Gonna Leave A Mark!" which shows various unseen scenes of castmates being hurt by different objects (Duncan being hit with a light, Chef slipping, etc). After the clip, Trent asks if he can sing a song he wrote after Gwen and he broke up. As he sings, the entire cast, except Noah, begin to look on with sadness and Geoff and Bridgette look at each other before sharing an embrace. Geoff apologizes to Bridgette and the two begin to make out as the show comes to a close. Bridgette says they will be hosting the Aftermath all season and Geoff says to check in next time for Total Drama Action. The episode ends with the two making out as the intern sweeps the floor and the lights switch off.

Exclusive clip

Trent sneaking away from Katie and Sadie

Trent sneaks away as Katie and Sadie argue over who he actually likes.

Katie and Sadie stand outside Trent's dressing room. The latter is knocking while calling his name. The former comments on how he is "so cute". Sadie agrees and states that it's unfortunate he has a girlfriend. Katie corrects her on the matter. Sadie replies that she, herself, is Trent's girlfriend, and that he just doesn't know it yet. Katie accuses her of "stealing" him, sparking an argument between the two girls. As they bicker, Trent sneaks out of his dressing room gesturing to the viewer to be quiet.


Voice actor Role(s)
Kristin Fairlie Bridgette
Clé Bennett Chef Hatchet
Peter Oldring Cody
Emilie-Claire Barlow Courtney
Drew Nelson Duncan
Julia Chantrey Eva
Dan Petronijevic Geoff
Sarah Gadon Ginger
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen
Katie Crown Izzy
Stephanie Anne Mills Katie
Lauren Lipson Sadie
Christian Potenza Steve the Yeti
Scott McCord Trent



  • In this episode, Izzy confirms that the Gilded Chris Awards are made of chocolate covered in gold foil, including the ones that were thought to be metallic in Alien Resurr-eggtion.
  • It is revealed that Trent's nine obsession is not, as it was assumed to be, from his and Gwen's combined names, but about a toy train he had as a child that lost one of its wheels and only had nine left. The train was a gift given to him by his grandfather before he died.
  • Geoff apparently considers Heather to be the show's most attractive female.
    • This is the second time that Geoff accidentally says that someone is very hot in front of Bridgette. The first time is in If You Can't Take The Heat..., when he says that his friend's mother is really hot.
  • Izzy reveals in this episode that she had a major elbow injury and is now double-jointed, which explains how she is able to double-joint her elbows in her first audition tape.
  • Bridgette says that Izzy's time is brief, but she would be back for more. This may be a foreshadowing of Izzy's return in the next episode.
  • The silhouette of the original designs for Katie, Sadie, Justin, and Eva were seen in the audience.
  • The blond intern's design is the same design as Tyler's Camp TV one.
  • It is revealed that Izzy is ranked eighth on the RCMP's most wanted list.
  • This episode confirms that everything Izzy has said throughout Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action is true, due to the implant in her neck.


  • This is the second episode in the series lacking a recap of the previous episode, with the first being Haute Camp-ture.
  • Izzy still seems to react only when she is called E-Scope, yet at one point Geoff asks her a question and addresses her as Izzy, and she answers the question without any violence or complaints (though she may have abandoned this nickname because she saw how it was somewhat responsible for her being eliminated.)
  • It is revealed that Chef initially considered forming an alliance with Izzy before he chose DJ but she rejected his offer by kicking him in the chest.
  • Cody still has Gwen's bra that he received from her in Up the Creek early on in the first season.
  • Courtney is shown to be very angry and jealous after learning about the close friendship Gwen and Duncan have developed, similar to Trent's feelings on the matter.
  • When Geoff and Bridgette show clips of Gwen and Trent, a moment of Trent carrying Gwen which appears only in Owen's ending and not in Gwen's is shown.
  • Trent is devastated after he discovers that Gwen is the one to get him eliminated in 3:10 to Crazytown.
  • Courtney is shown still trying to sue the show as of this episode. She is seen talking on the phone with Michael, her lawyer. It is unknown if they are trying to appeal their first lawsuit (which Courtney said was lost in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island) or filing a new lawsuit against the show.
    • This is also the second time Bridgette is disloyal and not supportive against Gwen. The first time is in The Very Last Episode, Really! where Bridgette sides with Owen instead of Gwen.
  • This is the second time the show isn't hosted by Chris. The first is in Are We There Yeti?, when Chris went to an award show, leaving Chef in charge. It is also the first time that the castmates hosted the show.
    • However, Chris does not appear as himself in this episode; he shows up on a webcam disguised as a Sasquatchanakwa named "Steve the Yeti," complimenting himself and telling Geoff and Bridgette that they stink for getting their own show until Chef blows his cover.
  • When Tyler is introduced, Geoff suggests that someone should inform Lindsay, referring to Lindsay continually forgetting that Tyler isn't competing in the season.
  • When Izzy is introduced, Bridgette makes references to the episodes, The Sucky Outdoors and Haute Camp-ture. When Trent is introduced, Bridgette makes a reference to the episode, 3:10 to Crazytown.


  • At the end, when Izzy signs off the episode, her cleavage disappears.
  • The pick-guard on Trent's guitar constantly switches from the right side to the left side of the guitar.
  • During the Truth or Hammer segment, the lie-detecting microchip Izzy claims to have implanted in her neck in Alien Resurr-eggtion never goes off. This happens despite her lying that she wouldn't hurt the intern.
    • It also never activates throughout her constant lies in Total Drama Island. It is possible she only got the chip recently.


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