The final four is given the final immunity challenge. Someone discovers the evidence left by a fallen contestant that exposes another's true nature, which leads the hero to feel almost apologetic to a villain. Meanwhile, the malevolent competitor ends up trapping someone in a pile of junk before sabotaging somebody else's chance of winning against his old foe. In the end, one contestant is automatically eliminated due to angering the host, and another is eliminated by the winner's sole vote to try and save her significant other also giving her a final warning for who she's up against, thus allowing two contestants to move on to the finale.


The episode begins with an upset Scott mourning Courtney's elimination. He states he misses having someone to boss him around, and Mal convinces him that it Gwen is to blame for Courtney being gone. Gwen announces in the confessional that she plans on leading an alliance. When she tries recruiting Scott, his previous conversation with Mal causes him to snap at her. Inside Mike's subconscious, he and his first three personalities are almost at the tower when they finally locate Manitoba Smith. Manitoba has been tasked with the least strange job of all the alters - destroying Mike's dreams so he "can never enjoy them again". He selects a cloud displaying one about kissing Zoey, earning a smile from Mike, and a romantic comment from a sighing Svetlana. Mike snaps out of it when Manitoba throws the cloud into the fire. The former attempts to convince him to join them, but the latter points out that, as Mike would just regain control, he himself cannot really benefit. Vito and Chester realize the validity of his argument, and question why they should listen to Mike. Mike counters that he's "the original", and extracts his license to prove it. The image on the card is not his own, but Mal's, shocking Mike and his other personalities.


"Mike" fails to trick Zoey into believing everything is okay again.

Zoey is then seen in the Spa Hotel, pondering Alejandro's warning about Mal. Chris bursts into the room, complaining about the quality of the hotel. He complains that the sheets are "only" six hundred thread count, and the soap is made of actual soap. Zoey tricks him into leaving, by saying she needs to use the bathroom. She hits a portrait of Chris and something behind his teeth falls out - the DVD of Mal's misdeeds. She sneaks into the library and plays it, discovering that Mal has been active longer than she previously thought.

Chris makes his usual announcement to meet for the challenge, this time at the Dock of Shame. "Mike" assures Zoey that things are back to normal, and remembers when he gave her a bracelet. However, Zoey fumes in the confessional that Mike actually gave her a necklace, not a bracelet, and calls him a weasel. Chris explains that the contestants must find the treasure they are assigned, and bring it back undamaged. The first person to do that gets invincibility. He goes on to say that the contestant who comes back empty-handed, or finishes last will automatically be eliminated, and the immune contestant will send someone home, effectively causing a double elimination. Zoey is assigned Sasquatchanakwa, "Mike" is assigned a Gilded Chris Award, Scott is assigned a diamond guarded by Fang, and Gwen is supposed to retrieve a painting of Chris from his destroyed "cottage" intact.


Mal attempts to hit Gwen with a pipe as the latter searches in the ruins.

Scott is the first to reach his destination when Chris deliberately yells about his arrival over the intercom, so as to bring out Fang. The diamond is in his teeth, much to Scott's anger. The two initiate their normal routine of a "cat and mouse" game, with the shark having the advantage. Meanwhile, Zoey has found Sasquatchanakwa's tracks. She destroys a loudspeaker in order to retain her own safety and climbs into a tree. Gwen is next to reach her location. Initially confident, she retracts her enthusiasm when she sees how burned and scattered with debris the cottage is. "Mike" sneaks up behind her and almost hits her with a pipe, but Gwen becomes aware before his plans can come to fruition. When questioned, he says that despite the statue being long lost, he thought it would be at the cottage because Chris wouldn't lose a statue of himself. They agree to team up even though, as Gwen confirms in the confessional, she has noticed a negative change in Mike. when she warns him about the frailness of the structure, "Mike" smiles evilly and kicks down a post, thus burying her in rubble.

Mal's knife

Mal cannot resist sabotaging Scott's efforts.

Zoey obtains Sasquatchanakwa's egg breakfast and flees for the finish line. Mal runs into Scott and suggests that they work together to get to the final two. Gwen pulls herself out of the wreckage and grumbles about Mal to then find an intact painting of Chris. She accidentally smudges it and frantically works to restore it, but can't find the perfect shade of brown until she comes across bear feces. Extremely disgusted but satisfied with the color, she uses it for the painting. Mal sabotages a trap he and Scott made to capture Fang and traps Scott instead, before watching Fang beat him up. Zoey tries to surrender the eggs, but the branch she and Sasquatchanakwa are both on breaks. Upon landing, Zoey shatters the eggs as both begin rolling down the hill. They land by Chris, who announces that Zoey wins the challenge.

Zoey wins the challenge for the third time in a row.

Mal drags Scott over and argues that while he didn't find the Gilded Chris, he did bring back one of the host's favorite things: an injured contestant. Chris is pleased and doesn't take the issue any further. Gwen's efforts result in her arriving last, though, unlike the males, with something to actually present for judgment. Chris notes that doesn't recognize it, recoiling at the smell. Gwen reluctantly admits she used bear poop for paint and Chris pukes on the portrait. For "defacing" the painting, he eliminates Gwen from the competition.

After Gwen and Scott are eliminated, Mike and Zoey become the finalists of Total Drama All-Stars.

Inside Mike's head, Mike is still in disbelief over Mal apparently being the original personality. Chester asking why he's been listening to him triggers Svetlana to raise morale in Mike's defense. She states that even though he may not be the first, he is the best. As Mike thanks her, Manitoba reminds him that they're inside a "jail" Mal created. Mike realizes that the wallet is really just a piece of brain and that he is indeed the original. He molds the brain into a key and frees Manitoba. Mike grudgingly agrees to carry Chester for the rest of the trip while everyone else runs ahead. Gwen wishes Zoey good luck in the competition and the latter says that she hopes they're on the same team next time. Gwen angrily adds that she never wants to return right before being flushed. Chris then instructs Zoey to choose who is eliminated. She elects to send Scott home for reasons of a past agreement, as well as fear about terminating Mike before he may regain control. Scott warns Zoey that she picked the wrong person to take with her, but she assures him that she knows what she's up against. Chris pushes Scott into the toilet and flushes him before signing off.

Exclusive clip


Gwen and Scott end up at Niagara Falls after they take the Flush of Shame.

Gwen and Scott manage to swim to the surface and are relieved that they are still alive. After Gwen starts to believe that everything is fine, they realize that they are at Niagara Falls. As they fall off the waterfall, Gwen angrily yells about her hatred for Chris.


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen
Cory Doran Mike
James Wallis Scott
Barbara Mamabolo Zoey



  • The "pirate booty" assigned to the contestants and their locations are:
    • Gwen: An intact portrait of Chris from the wreckage of his "cottage".
    • Mike/Mal: The original Gilded Chris Award, located anywhere around the island.
      • A Gilded Chris is shown in the spa hotel in the previous episode. As Mal decided to sabotage the others instead of search for it, it is unknown if this is the one Chris was talking about.
    • Scott: A diamond from the pirate ship set previously seen in Mutiny on the Soundstage, guarded by Fang.
    • Zoey: Sasquatchanakwa, located anywhere around the island.
  • The traps inside the chests that activate when the contestants open them are:
    • Zoey's chest contains an electric shock.
    • Scott's chest contains a boxing glove that hits him in the face, with the clue stuck on it.
    • Gwen's chest throws pepper to the one who opens it.
    • Mike/Mal's chest contains a snapping turtle who bites his hand.
  • With Gwen's elimination, all first generation cast members have been eliminated.
    • Additionally with her and Scott's eliminations, all members of the Villainous Vultures have been eliminated, giving the show the first same team final two since Gwen and Owen in Total Drama Island.
    • As of this moment, Gwen has beaten every classic player, including Owen ( counting her ending of Total Drama Island) at least once.
  • With Manitoba Smith's appearance, the order that Mike discovers his personalities within his subconscious is the same order in which they debuted: first Chester, then Svetlana, then Vito, and finally Manitoba.
  • With Gwen and Scott eliminated, Total Drama Island is the only season that didn't feature a double elimination.
  • Mal is the only contestant to not find his treasure.
  • The Chef bobble head from Total Drama World Tour is seen on the mantle where the portrait of Chris is hanging.




  • In the video of Mal sabotaging the boats in You Regatta Be Kidding Me, his hair was flipped up, while it is down in the episode.
  • The Gilded Chris is incorrectly referred to as the "Golden Chris" throughout the episode.
  • When Fang hears and smiles at Scott's response, the diamond in his teeth is missing.
    • The diamond is also missing when he grabs the bucket full of fish Scott put as a trap.
  • When Mal snarls at the snapping turtle that is hiding in his chest, the gap in his teeth is missing.


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