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After breaking up with an unfaithful partner, a jealous contestant is persuaded to seek revenge by flirting with someone else. The two teams must search Area 51 for intact alien artifacts and bring them back to the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. During the challenge, two contestants have their second kiss, thus officially starting a relationship, while an alliance becomes strained. In the end, one team wins while the opposing someone is betrayed and gets sent home.


Courtney roughly breaks up with Duncan due to recent events, officially ending their relationship.

This episode opens to the first-class compartment, where there is definite tension among Team Amazon. Courtney and Sierra are planning on eliminating Gwen from their team the next time they lose a challenge. The reasons are as follows: for Courtney, Gwen's kiss with Duncan in the confessional (which resulted in her breaking up with Duncan by throwing food at him and kicking him in the groin); for Sierra, Gwen getting together with Courtney's boyfriend.

TDWT Sierra.png


Gwen and Duncan? Hm, duh, but boyfriend stealing's wrong! She's gone.

The only person having fun with all of this drama is Heather, who is just glad that the target is finally off her back.

TDWT Heather.png


Tension! And it has nothing to do with me. I have never felt so safe. Thanks, Gwen.

TDWT Courtney.png


[screams] Gwen is going down! I can't believe I ever trusted that sun-fearing, emo-loving liar! [pants] Well, at least I broke up with Duncan on my terms. Ha, it was totally empowering. At least I still have my... pride. [cries]

Meanwhile, Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot sits In the economy-class section. Duncan holds an ice pack to his eye, while Tyler talks about Duncan being a jerk, saying he'd never cheat on Lindsay the way Duncan hurt Courtney. Owen asks for permission to speak freely as an athlete, and Tyler notices something is wrong with Owen's medals from the previous episode, which he says were chocolate that he ate, prompting him that Duncan is a two-time gold medalist in the "Total Drama Babe Olympics," as he scored two hotties, which makes Tyler say that the "punk's got mojo."

TDWT Alejandro.png


Problem: Duncan is a strong player. Solution? Courtney is volatile. She'll throw the Amazons off their game and Duncan off his game, too. All she needs is a little push.

The Jet is attacked by hostile aliens.

The camera then shows Ezekiel and Chef's inflatable dummy sitting in the cockpit while the plane is on autopilot. Suddenly, two UFOs appear and shoot strange electricity beams at the plane, which causes it to waver in its flight. Chris calls the "potential crash victims" to visit the culinary for a "last meal" while their autopilot tests some of the equipment. Alejandro takes advantage of the turbulence to suggest Courtney to flirt with Tyler as payback to make Duncan jealous. Tyler accidentally hits his eye while attempting to eat a banana, but Courtney ignores his stupidity and smiles at the chance to get back Duncan.

TDWT Courtney.png


Duncan will lose it! It's basic break-up math. The more mad Duncan gets, the more jealous he looks. The cruddier Gwen feels, the more vindicated I am. It's perfect!

Courtney follows Alejandro's strategic advice, mentioning that Tyler is "super cute." Tyler, who is holding onto a bar, accidentally lets loose of his shoe, which hits Courtney, but she keeps her act, laughing at him. Then, as the plan is falling downwards before landing, a zapping light moves it back to its position, making it land safely, but Owen is still screaming. Alejandro hypnotizes Owen into calming down, the latter who says he's so over his "flying thing."

TDWT Alejandro.png


My uncle Julio is a hypnotist. Manipulating runs in the family, and that wasn't the only post-hypnotic suggestion I gave Owen. [chuckes]

While Courtney still tries to flirt with Tyler, Tyler is surprised by this but still refuses to cheat on Lindsay, saying he could never do that to her.

Chris explains the challenge while in Area 52.

The plane finally lands and Chris explains that they are in Area 52 — except for Duncan, who is in Area 51 and gets shocked with lasers. Chris thanks a coronel on the phone and jokingly says that it's good to have friends in "area 51 places," to which Courtney exaggeratedly laughs while holding Tyler by his shoulders.

TDWT Duncan.png


Flirting with Tyler? I knew she hated me, but I had no idea she hated me that much. Wow.

There, he explains the challenge: Break into Area 51 and bring back an intact alien artifact. Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot and Team Amazon reach their respective sides of Area 51 and form plans to get across.

As Team Chris Is Really Really Really Hot is running runs, Duncan tells them to split up and goes with Owen. Alejandro nudges Tyler, saying Courtney can't stop flirting with him. Tyler is amazed by this, but he says he can't cheat on Lindsay, and Duncan interrumpts them by calling them, as he found the base protected by a electrical wired fence, which Tyler asks if it's safe to cross. A bunny hops along the road, getting electrocuted by a laser and runs away, as Duncan says he's got a plan.

Team Amazon finds the fence, too. Heather asks Cody for his clammy hands to stop touching his leg, to which he says he isn't, and they all notice she has a lizard in her legs, making them run away while it blows up by a mine. Gwen notices they are in a mine field, and Sierra sarcastically "compliments" Gwen's way to lead, calling her "New Heather."

TDWT Gwen.png


'New Heather'?!

Meanwhile Duncan instructs his team to throw rocks in direction to the fence, so the rocks are electrocuted instead, allowing them to enter the base. Alejandro succeds; Tyler bumps into a cactus; and Owen gets electrocuted, allowing him to go over the fence, before he gets sucked in a tube by the Black Ops. Tyler, worried, climbs the electrified fence in order to safe Owen, but Duncan and Alejandro notice a door, walking in, laughing at Tyler. On the other hand, Team Amazon is forced to sing. Ignoring the girls' insulting Gwen in their song, "Boyfriend Kisser," Cody throws his candy at the mine field, triggering the land mines and allowing his team to run across the field unscathed. Both teams enter Area 51's secret warehouse at the same time.

Duncan kisses Gwen to stop her from talking.

Both teams finally get inside the black box warehouse. Tyler says Owen was stolen, and Courtney, still acting in front of Duncan, tells Tyler if he wants to go somewhere quiet to talk about it. Meanwhile, in a PA system, Chris says that finding intact relics will be difficult considering the black ops security system, which he set off.

Heather searches inside a box, complaining as she throws what she considers junk, hitting Courtney in the head. Courtney kicks a robot, which triggers an elimination process by ejecting a large gun, but it only falls stories below the house, with Courtney staring at it dropping. Heather finds a machine in which she becomes trapped, and Courtney considers leaving her there to be stuck, until she remembers that she needs Heather's vote to save Gwen. which Courtney kicks over on purpose. Heather is angered when she realizes Courtney is throwing the challenge in hopes of eliminating Gwen.

Tyler forces Team Chris to help him look for Owen, who may be having his memory erased. Alejandro angrily claims that an artifact won't fall from the sky, but Tyler causes a small box to fall into Alejandro's arms, releasing a pair of aliens that electrocute the both of them. Duncan and Gwen run into each other in the warehouse and Gwen mentions although everyone on her team now hates her, she enjoyed their kiss. However, she points out that Courtney's "ridiculous" flirting seems to be getting to Duncan, but before she can go on, Duncan kisses her, popping his foot up in the process. Gwen asks if Duncan kissed her just to shut her up, and Duncan says that is not entirely the reason. The two smile and decide to start a relationship and just let things happen. They are interrupted by an alien spaceship, reminding them they are competing against each other. Duncan runs off to capture the alien, and Gwen trips him. She tells him to try not to get eliminated, and Duncan replies with, "same to you," with a dreamy expression.

Alejandro hypnotizes Owen which makes him sing and dance.

Cody is shown to be searching alone. However, when he finds an alien pod, an alien Cody is created as a result. Sierra is enthusiastic and hugs both so tight, the alien Cody explodes, covering Sierra and Cody in slime. Duncan finds Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot and rescues them as long as Alejandro promises not to vote him off in return, so he punches the alien in Tyler's face but fails to free Alejandro, unintentionally freeing Owen, who claims to have no memory, despite clearly showing he remembers everyone and the competition, bothering Alejandro as he calls him "Al" multiple times, so he hypnotizes Owen, who sings and dances to "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," before the alien electrocutes Owen.

TDWT Duncan.png


[laughing] The Running Man? Alejandro is alright.

Alejandro gets the alien off Owen, which Tyler traps an alien into a cardboard box, confident. Owen then faints, forcing Alejandro and Duncan to carry him out while Tyler takes the alien.

Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot running through the mine field.

Gwen brings Team Amazon the original box Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot had found, which Courtney and Sierra object to. However, Heather tells them to "save it for first class" as they run out of the warehouse. Tyler, on the other hand, is too busy gloating to notice that Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot is now on a mine field. Tyler is blown up and launched into the air, landing by Chris with the charred remains of the alien. When he lands, Tyler can only see hallucinations. Chris announces that the specimen is not alive. Team Amazon almost loses their box because Courtney trips Gwen, but Chris catches it and they win the challenge. In first class, Heather is surprised at Courtney's obsession with eliminating Gwen, noting that Courtney seems insane.

TDWT Heather.png


Izzy, you have been replaced.

In the meantime, Gwen disappears to spy on the elimination ceremony, where Chris is explaining how Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot failed due to their lack of teamwork. Tyler, now bandaged up due to his injuries from the mine explosion, is ecstatic due to thinking that Duncan is out, remembering his earlier discussion with Alejandro, only to discover that he's been voted off instead. Courtney protests at first, but when Tyler asks if there can be a re-vote, she angrily knocks the severely injured Tyler out of the plane. Courtney says she will have her revenge on Duncan and Gwen next. Since she said the key word "revenge," Owen is hypnotized and starts dancing again. Chris signs off the show while wondering whether or not Courtney will ever get her revenge on Gwen and Duncan.


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Marco Grazzini Alejandro
Peter Oldring Cody/Tyler
Emilie Claire-Barlow Courtney
Drew Nelson Duncan
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen
Rachel Wilson Heather
Scott McCord Owen
Annick Obonsawin Sierra
  • Chef Hatchet and Ezekiel appear; however, they do not speak, although Chef was heard agreeing with Chris.
  • A robot speaks, but it is unknown who it is voiced by.

Elimination Ceremony

Elimination Ceremony 8:
Team Chris
Status Contestant
TDWT Alejandro.png
TDWT Duncan.png
TDWT Owen.png

Alejandro, Duncan, Owen
TDWT Tyler bw.png


Final Words

The aliens are about to attack Tyler.

TDWT Tyler bw.png


Going home early stinks! But on the bonus side, I'll get to see Lindsay! Hey, babe, remember me?! I hope! All in all, my best season yet! Woo-hoo! My name is Ty—! (screams) Oh, yeah? It's gonna take more than one of you to stop me... Yup, that ought to do it. (screams)

Still in the running

TDWT Ezekiel bw.png
TDWT Harold bw.png
TDWT Bridgette bw.png
TDWT Leshawna bw.png
TDWT Lindsay bw.png
TDWT Izzy bw.png
TDWT DJ bw.png
TDWT Noah bw.png
TDWT Tyler bw.png



  • All of the male contestants get electrocuted by something in this episode:
    • Duncan: a laser and then an alien.
    • Tyler: an electric fence and then an alien.
    • Alejandro: an alien.
    • Cody: a clone pod.
    • Owen: a laser, the memory wiper and then an alien.
  • The shooting star in the background of the opener could be a reference to their location.
  • This episode features Tyler getting more injuries than any other episode in the whole series.
  • As of this episode, the only remaining members of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot are the first three season winners of Canada.
    • This marks the first time in the Total Drama series that a team consists entirely of possible season winners.
  • As of this episode, Duncan and Courtney are again the only former Killer Bass members still in the competition.


  • This is the second alien-themed episode in the Total Drama series.
  • This episode marks the second appearance of Chef's inflatable autopilot, which is first seen in "Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better."
  • Cody's candy that he collected from the reward in "Broadway, Baby!" is used to help get his team through the mine field.
  • Owen mentions his mom's cheese cellar, which is first mentioned in "The Aftermath: III" (Action).
  • Tyler is the fourth person in the Total Drama series to be eliminated while severely injured. The others are:
  • The wig Owen has on is the same wig used in "Phobia Factor," but painted green.
    • Interestingly, he uses the wig in both episodes that Tyler is eliminated.
  • This is one of seven episodes in the Total Drama series and also the third episode of Total Drama World Tour to take place entirely at night.
  • This is the second time that Gwen has attended another team's elimination, and the first time that two people have done so at the same time.
  • With Tyler's elimination, this is the second season in which Cody is the last contestant remaining voiced by Peter Oldring.
    • Also, Cody is the last of the four contestants to be in season one, but not in season two, who returned to compete in this season.
      • Coincidentally, Ezekiel, Noah, and Tyler were eliminated in the same order during season one.
  • This is the second time that Courtney has flirted with someone other than Duncan to her advantage.
  • This is the last challenge that Team Amazon wins.
  • After being hypnotized, Owen is awakened and asks, "Did we win?" before collapsing.
  • This episode marks the first time since "Hook, Line, and Screamer" in which a new couple is formed.



  • When Courtney mutters "Gothie's going down" while writing on her notepad, she is writing backwards (from right to left instead of from left to right).
  • When Chris is explaining the challenge, Duncan is not present.
  • There are several scenes in which Duncan's black eye is missing, such as when Chris is announcing the paths each team took, when he is in the confessional, and in the scene with Tyler climbing the electric fence.
  • When Cody's alien replica emerges from his pod, the clone has slime on his shoulder, hands, and behind his knee, but in the next shot, his shoulder and hands are shown to be clean.
    • Also, when the clone emerges from his pod, the wrists on his shirt face inward. When Sierra runs over, the wrists are facing outward.
  • At the beginning of the episode, an intern is seen tending the bar at first class, despite the fact that this intern is thrown out of the plane in the previous episode.
  • When everyone is shown standing in Area 52, there isn't a line there, but after Chris says Duncan is out of the border, there is a line separating Duncan from everyone else.
  • Cody lifts his hands up when he tells Heather that he isn't touching her leg, but when the camera shows the lizard on Heather's leg, Cody has his hands down. When showing Team Amazon's reaction to the lizard, Cody has his hands up again, but close to his mouth in fists instead of out and open.
  • When Duncan is pulling the alien off of Alejandro, the zipper of Alejandro's pants moves out of place.
  • When returning to Chris, Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot is running down the minefield from Team Amazon's path, although Chris assigned both teams two different paths.
  • During the flashback of the elimination, Alejandro is seen on the right of Tyler, but when they switch from Gwen back to the elimination, Alejandro is back on Tyler's left.
  • In the recap, they are shown to be leaving the U.S. However, the previous episode took place in Greece.
  • There are no gates around Area 51, as Area 51 is surrounded by cliffs.
  • When Tyler is thrown out of the plane half his hair is missing.


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