The final two face each other with some added assistance on a moat climb to the million. Someone finally gives her all to take down her enemy, but with some well-deserved help, the enemy is disposed of, and a relationship is saved. The sadistic host tries to make things interesting by making the contest a free-for-all, where anyone in the game can win the prize, though one of the two original finalists ultimately emerges as the champion. In the end, a host is well-rewarded, even though a long-time home meets a cataclysmic end.


The episode begins with Zoey in the monitor room, watching clips revealing Mike to have been Mal for longer than she thought. In the confessional, she expresses her concern, but believes "that doesn't mean Mike's not in there." Mal, in the confessional, laughs at Zoey's devotion in taking him to the finale despite him still being Mal. Meanwhile, in his subconscious, Mike and his four alternate personalities arrive at the door of the tower, questioning its lack of surveillance. Mike argues that since there is a picture of five people on the door and there are five of them, it must be the right way. But as he pulls on the handle, the door falls on top of everyone. Using their combined strength, they can push it off and enter the tower but are met with a dauntingly long, spiralling staircase to reach the top.


Zoey tells Mal to drop the act.

Chris announces the challenge to be in the forest clearing over the loudspeaker. Using Mike’s voice, Mal thanks Zoey for bringing him to the finale and begins to reassure her, but she angrily tells him that she did it for Mike, not Mal, and tells him to drop the act. Mal then switches back to his original voice and puts his hair down, and tells Zoey that Mike is gone and is never coming back. This shocks her, and she again debates whether that is just what Mal wants her to believe, or if it is true.

The eliminated contestants in the balloons fly away towards the sun.

In the clearing, Chris starts to announce the challenge, during which he scares Zoey by saying it will be brutal, hazardous, and will probably kill them. Behind a curtain, he reveals an array of weapons to choose from. Zoey chooses a bow and arrow, while Mal chooses the meatball bazooka. Chris then says that they will be used to pop balloons floating in the air, each of which contains previously flushed All-Stars and filled by Owen, who sits nearby eating double-baked beans. Whoever's balloon is popped and comes down, he announces, will become their helper for the challenge. Mal initially misses, while Zoey can shoot down Cameron, who is still in his bubble within the balloon. Mal misfires yet again, while Zoey shoots Gwen down. Chris notes that Mal is falling behind, to which an annoyed Mal shoots Zoey, knocking her down. He finally manages to shoot down Alejandro and Heather, just before Chris calls time and sends an intern to go collect the helpers still in the air. However, a gust of wind sends them all blowing away into the distance. Chris's lawyers call him on his cell phone after this incident, but he chooses to ignore it and leads Mal and Zoey to the next part of the challenge.

Alejandro and Heather serve as Mal's helpers.

Zoey shows in the confessional that she feels bad about bringing Cameron and Gwen into the danger, but tries to see the positive side as well. Mal, on the other hand, says he will bury Alejandro and Heather alive if they get in his way. On the way to the challenge, Chris reminds the helpers that they are only there as helpers and they cannot win despite the dangers that they will be put through, expecting this to annoy Alejandro and Heather. As they fail to react, Chris tries to get a reaction out of Heather by emphasizing this rule again, yelling through the megaphone in her face, but she only looks at Alejandro lovingly and says they are okay with that. In the confessional, Heather sits on Alejandro's lap and reveals they are now officially together and that the money only got in the way of their happiness, and they are about to share a kiss before a disgusted Chris interrupts them.

Cameron and Gwen serve as Zoey's helpers.

The finalists, their helpers, Chris, and an intern drive up to the "Moats of Doom." Chris announces that each level of the four-tier moat has a level of safe ground with tools that will help them pass each moat. The bottom level is filled with bubbling toxic waste, the second with lava, and the third with regular swamp water (although Fang is also in there). Once they get there, they must abandon their helpers and complete the challenge alone to the top, where they must fight the "Mad King" and pull the "Sword of Victory" from a stone under the Mad King to win the million dollars. Zoey asks the helpers to try not and hurt Mal since she believes Mike is still in there and tries to get reassurance from Cameron. However, Cameron reluctantly says that not only is it possible Mike may not return, but "Mike" may be an alternate personality of Mal. Although temporarily saddened, this gives Zoey new incentive and strength, and she decides to go all out and "crush Mal" to win the million.

Cameron, Gwen and Zoey make it across the toxic moat by using Cameron's bubble.

Now about to begin the challenge, Alejandro and Heather continue to cuddle, and Zoey gives up on Mike as Mal mockingly yells good luck to her, burying the necklace he had given her earlier. The challenge begins. Faced with the first moat and provided with long sticks, Gwen suggests they use the sticks as stilts, while Mal attempts to throw Heather in and use her as a boat. The sticks burn when they come into contact with the toxic waste when Gwen tests it, so they instead use Cameron's bubble as a boat and the sticks as oars. They arrive safely, and Cameron's bubble explodes, and he falls into Zoey's arms. Alejandro stops Mal before he can throw in Heather and suggests that instead, they use the sticks to pole vault across, which Mal does, although the force when he arrives nearly throws him back into the moat. Zoey notices and worries for him, feeling relief once he regains balance. Gwen reminds her that he is Mal, not Mike, and advises her to stop worrying before he hurts her.

Alejandro and Heather work at a more relaxed pace.

Alejandro and Heather still have not gotten across, and Mal says he is not there to help them, but that they are there to help him, and does not help them get across. As Mal, Gwen, Cameron, and Zoey climb up to the second level, everyone has reached the top of the tower in Mike's subconscious to find a red button. Chester realizes that it is a reset button just as Mike is about to press it; one that will make Mike only himself again. Vito then realizes that this will destroy himself and all the other alternates, causing Mike to appear worried now as he gazes at the button.

Mal attempts to drown Zoey.

Back in the challenge, Mal throws Cameron to the first moat level, and he lands on his back in the safe spot. Zoey uses a ladder laid out horizontally to pass the moat and runs across quickly as it burns. Gwen tries to slap Mal for this action, but he grabs her hand and throws her down on top of Cameron, while Alejandro and Heather use the log boat and sticks provided to cross the toxic waste. Zoey climbs up the ladder to the third tier, and Mal uses the pogo stick provided to bounce up high and crash down on top of Zoey, the force knocking them both into the swamp water. The four helpers start to climb their way back up.


- Mal

In Mike's subconscious, Mal suddenly falls back into Mike’s empty mind, questioning where his tower went. Mike, who is also there, announces that it is gone for good. A flashback shows that Mike could not bring himself to press the button since it would get rid of all his personalities. But, after everyone encourages him that they will still be a part of him in a way and that it is necessary to stop Mal, everyone puts their hands together and presses the button, effectively destroying the tower, and presumably all of the personalities. Infuriated, Mal charges toward Mike but is stopped by a shield cast by Mike which knocks him backwards. Mal realizes he is fading away and tries to convince Mike that he is beneficial to have around. However, Mike bids Mal farewell for good, where Mal finally gets his comeuppance as he gets wiped out of existence. He then hears Zoey in his mind.
Mike and Zoey Finally Kiss

Mike and Zoey finally share their first kiss.

In the challenge, Fang is about to attack Zoey, but Mike punches Fang, grabbing a tooth that falls. He then reassures Zoey that he is Mike all the time and for good. Still a bit unsure, Zoey wants to believe him, and finally does when Mike asks where the necklace is that he had given her, showing that he remembers this as Mike. Overjoyed, Zoey leans in and kisses Mike, and the two share their first kiss. Cameron and Gwen give each other a high-five, and Alejandro and Heather hold each other. Chris expresses frustration at everyone's congeniality and the lack of fighting in the finale, and as Alejandro and Heather share a kiss, Mike and Zoey kiss again, and Gwen even kisses Cameron on the cheek, he becomes further enraged and announces that now, he allows anyone, including the helpers, to get the sword and win the money. At this, Alejandro drops Heather and runs forth, although she grabs his boot and stops him. Zoey and Mike playfully tease each other that they will win the money and go separate ways to do so.
Chris is not an Aleheather fan

Chris gets annoyed with all the love and declares that anyone can win the money.

Alejandro and Heather continue to fight, with Cameron interjecting that he will fight for Zoey. Mike then jumps and lands perfectly on Alejandro's shoulders, showing that he has acquired all of his personalities' abilities, including Svetlana's gymnastic prowess. He leaves Alejandro with the tooth from Fang, who then chases him away. Gwen hits Heather on the head with a stick, slowing down and ruining Heather's chances of getting ahead, as well. Zoey and Mike climb up the ladder and arrive at nearly the same time, and are targeted by Chef's meatball bazooka. Chris insults his skills, which earns him a shot all his own. At this point, either Mike or Zoey will respond to Chris's comment, depending on who wins in the ending.
Sinking interns

Camp Wawanakwa begins to sink, and the interns escape.

The network calls Chris on his cell phone, and Chris announces that they are so happy, they want to go straight into another season with an all-new cast. Just then, air begins to shoot out of the rock where the sword had been, and the ground starts to rumble. Cameron warily asks Chef how he made the moats, and Chef reveals he used a fracking machine. Gwen tells Chef he cannot talk like that on TV. Terrified, Cameron corrects Gwen by saying that a fracking machine is a hydraulic drill, and explains that using the machine on a small island is dangerous. Suddenly, the earth begins to shake, and water starts pouring out of the hole. Everyone begins to panic as Cameron further explains that the island is going to sink.

Everywhere on the island, water starts to burst out; the Flush of Shame, the confessional, the mines, the cabins, and the main lodge until the entire island completely sink. As Alejandro tries to console Heather, who is disappointed for losing a chance to get the million dollars again, Fang appears and started chasing the couple. Meanwhile, Mike, floating on a roof with his friends, tells them that they "should do this again sometime," to which everyone responds "No!" Floating off on what's left of the outhouse confession with the million dollar case, Chris bids farewell to the viewers and tell them to tune in for the next season which will feature new contestants and a new island, since this season is such a success. Before the episode ends, the Boat of Losers, filled with the animals of the island, sails off with Owen water-skiing behind it before falling into the water, only to resurface, laugh, and proclaim "That, was Awesome!"

Mike's ending


Mike is declared the winner in his ending.

In both endings, Zoey hides behind a rock to avoid the shots, while Mike uses Svetlana's skills again to jump and avoid them. After Chris mocks Chef for his shooting skills, Zoey tells Chris not to be too hard on Chef. Chef thanks her and proceeds to try to hit Zoey. Her distraction gives Mike the chance to arrive first to the rock, pull out the sword, and win Total Drama All-Stars. Mike cheers happily, and Zoey claps, proud of him. Cameron and Gwen also congratulate him on his victory.

Zoey's ending


Zoey is declared the winner in her ending.

In both endings, Zoey hides behind a rock to avoid the shots, but Mike uses Svetlana's skills again to jump and avoid them. After Chris mocks Chef's shooting skills, Mike becomes cocky towards Chef and agrees with Chris, which causes Chef to become focused on him. This buys Zoey enough time to pull the sword from the rock and win, while Mike, Cameron, and Gwen congratulate her on her victory.

Exclusive clip


Mike and Zoey sitting on top of the floating cabin with the prize money.

As Zoey paddles, Mike ponders on whether or not he'll miss having his alternate personalities. It's also shown that the respective finalist kept their grand prize. Near the floating cabin, Fang is seen still chasing Alejandro and Heather.


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Alex House Alejandro
Kevin Duhaney Cameron
Clé Bennett Chef Hatchet
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen
Rachel Wilson Heather
Cory Doran Mike
Scott McCord Owen
Barbara Mamabolo Zoey
  • Courtney, Duncan, Jo, Lightning, Lindsay, Sam, Scott and Sierra are all heard screaming from inside the balloons but have no dialogue.
  • "Screams" are heard on Chris's phone; however, it is unknown who voiced those screams.
  • A butler and several interns appear, but they have no lines.

Still in the running

Lindsay (TDAS website)
Lightning (TDAS website)
Jo (TDAS website)
Sam (TDAS website)
Heather (TDAS website)
Sierra (TDAS website)
Duncan (TDAS website)
Cameron (TDAS website)
Alejandro (TDAS website)
Courtney (TDAS website)
Gwen (TDAS website)
Scott (TDAS website)
Mike (TDAS website)
Zoey (TDAS website)



  • This is the first season finale to not include all of the eliminated contestants in the Peanut Gallery. However, their screams are heard as their balloons fly off, and several of their silhouettes are seen as they float towards the sun.
  • This is the first episode where Romania and Poland don't share the same winner as Sweden.
  • This marks the last time in Total Drama that Camp Wawanakwa appears, as it sinks to the bottom of the lake in conclusion.
  • Except the contestants that were trapped in the balloons, every contestant that is shown in this episode is or was a finalist.
    • Beth is the only previous finalist who is absent in this episode.
    • While Duncan and Lightning did not appear in person,  their silhouettes can be seen among the others trapped inside the balloons. 
  • Mike is finally cured of his multiple personality disorder.
  • This episode features the most kisses between different pairs of contestants, having four kisses in total.
  • All four helpers were members of the Villainous Vultures, although Cameron was a member of the Heroic Hamsters before being switched.
  • As of this episode, all of the winners in Canada have been males.
  • This finale is the first since Total Drama Action in which the season winner is the same in Canada and the United States.
  • The animals who escape on the Boat of Losers are Sasquatchanakwa, two alligators, three bears, three moose, one snapping turtle, four raccoons, five skunks, two deer, one fallow deer, four rabbits, three seagulls, and eight squirrels.
  • This is the only episode in the series Fang appears without Scott.
    • Scott did appear at the beginning, trapped inside one of the balloons, and while he did not appear in person, his silhouette can be seen.
  • The weapons that Mal and Zoey are allowed to use at the beginning of the episode are:
  • According to Fresh TV, the remaining contestants trapped in the balloons landed safely in the water after their balloons popped.


  • Zoey's weapon of choice is a bow and arrow, which she is previously shown to use proficiently in Eat, Puke and Be Wary.
  • Cameron is shown to have his left arm in a cast and is still in a bubble, indicating his injuries haven't fully healed since Zeek And Ye Shall Find.
  • Zoey uses Mike asking where her necklace is as validation that he has returned. This is a reference to the previous episode, in which Mal incorrectly says that she was given a bracelet.
  • This is the second time the antagonist of the season makes it to the final two.
  • This is the second finale in which two couples play prominent roles in the episode.
  • The way Fang is chasing Alejandro to reclaim his loose tooth is similar to the way he pursues Scott for the same issue.
  • Gwen calling Heather "Old Heather" is a reference to the nickname "New Heather" given to Gwen herself in The EX-Files. It's also what Jo called Heather in earlier episodes of the season.
  • This is the second finale to end in a serious disaster, with the island sinking. Something similar happened two seasons prior in Hawaiian Punch, which ended in a volcanic eruption.
  • This is the second season where the finalists can choose two helpers, with Total Drama World Tour being the first. Interestingly both of Mike/Mal's helpers were the two finalists of World Tour. 


  • As Camp Wawanakwa sinks, the music plays is a portion of the requiem of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, specifically the well-known Dies Irae portion.
  • The butler playing the violin as the island sank a reference to the musicians during the Titanic disaster.
  • The final part of the challenge is a reference to the Legend of King Arthur pulling Excalibur out of the stone to become the King of Britain.


  • On Cartoon Network and Teletoon, this episode is spelt "The Final Wrech-ening."
  • When Zoey is rewatching the DVD footage, Mal's hair is flipped down when he messes with the boats. Although this is consistent with the actual episode, it's inconsistent with the footage shown in the previous episode.

Mal has no gap between his teeth.

  • The gap in Mal's teeth is absent on multiple occasions throughout the episode, particularly when Mal attempts to drown Zoey and when Mike blocks his attack, and he falls over.
  • When Mike and his other personalities reach the top of Mal's tower, Manitoba is suddenly carrying a backpack despite never being seen with it before or after that moment.
  • When Mal jumps on Zoey on the third moat, the bracelets on her right wrist are missing.
Mike double goof

Two Mikes, one of whom has no right leg.

  • There are two Mikes when he jumps on and off Alejandro to give him Fang's tooth.
    • Additionally, one Mike doesn't have a right leg.
  • In the same scene, Mike is briefly holding Fang's tooth again while jumping off the screen, despite Alejandro currently holding it.
  • When Heather and Alejandro are on the top of the moats, Heather's hair has two ponytails instead of just one.
    • Additionally, they're both short ponytails, which is the length of her hairstyle from Total Drama World Tour.
    • Furthermore, while one is wet as the rest of her hair, the other is dry.
  • Alejandro's hair is dry when he swims away from Fang despite having just been underwater.
  • Cameron is missing the sling for his arm in the exclusive clip. Although he might have made a quick recovery afterwards.
  • Chris said that all the people in balloons have been flushed in the Flush of Shame but Duncan was arrested so he should have been excluded of of the flushed contestants.


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