The two teams must spend an entire night alone in the woods. While two teammates are lost in the woods and start a fight that jeopardizes their friendship, one camper pulls a prank on her team. Among all these events, an unfortunate rainstorm begins, leaving both teams without any shelter. Another camper is voted off the island, leaving another incredibly sad.


Chris explains to the campers around the campfire that their next challenge is to survive a night in the woods with the provisions given at their campsite and return to camp the next morning. The team that returns first wins the challenge and gains invincibility. Heather and Duncan are given maps and compasses — though Courtney snatches the map from Duncan — by Chris, who warns them about bears. Leshawna shares her fear of bears, but Owen reassures her by fabricating a story about a previous bear experience that he and his grandfather had. Izzy adds her own story of a bear rummaging through her neighbor's garbage with spaghetti noodles dangling from his teeth, leading her to believe the bear had eaten her neighbor's cat.

Katie and Sadie in the confessional, together, for the first time.

Trent tries to speak to a downtrodden Gwen on the way to the campsite after hearing her diary read in the previous episode, but she rejects his efforts to comfort her. Heather plots to eliminate Gwen after she dumped Harold's red ant farm into her bed, despite Trent pointing out that she was justified in doing so. Elsewhere, Courtney is leading the Killer Bass to their site when Katie spots a blueberry bush, and she and Sadie stop to eat some.

TDI Katie.png


[Katie]: Sadie and I are BFFFL's.
[Sadie]: Best Female Friends For Life.
[Katie]: We even got the chickenpox together!
[Sadie]: Oh my gosh, that was so fun!
[Katie]: It was so fun to have someone to scratch all your little scabs!
[Sadie]: I know, right?

TDI Sadie.png


After finishing the berries in the bush, Sadie takes notice that the rest of the team is missing. The two know they are lost after crying out for them, which first causes them to panic.

When the Gophers arrive at their campsite, Owen notices there is no food. Trent deduces that since it's a survival game, they'll have to fend for themselves. Owen, claiming to be a hunting expert, goes into the woods to get their food. Meanwhile, Katie and Sadie, still lost, get into an argument as Sadie criticizes Katie's poor sense of direction. As night falls, their arguing continues to escalate, which is mimicked by a pair of squirrels nearby, and culminates in their friendship ending once the challenge is over.

A pizza arrives for the camera crew, much to the annoyance of the hungry Screaming Gophers.

TDI Katie.png


[Katie]: Sadie's like the prettiest girl I know.
[Sadie]: Aww, well, you're the prettiest girl I know..
[Katie]: We are really pretty, aren’t we?
[Sadie]: Don't you love that we can say that to each other and not feel totally conceited?
[Katie]: I love that about us!
[Sadie]: [gasps] Me too!

TDI Sadie.png


At the Gopher camp, the campers become hungry while waiting for Owen, when a delivery man arrives with a pizza for the camera crew, much to their annoyance. Owen returns with a catch of fish, which everyone, except for Heather, is grateful for. Izzy attempts to bite into one before sheepishly asking if it's better to cook it first. Owen tells the others that his grandfather taught him how to fish, and, in one incident, a shark bit him in the butt. He drops his pants to show off the scars, but only Izzy is impressed by it.

While the Killer Bass are setting up camp, Geoff tries to compliment Bridgette, saying she pitches a tent like a guy. When this doesn't seem to flatter her, he tries to explain what he really meant was that she isn't afraid to get dirty.

TDI Geoff.png


'Wow, you pitch a tent like a guy'?! [facepalms]

While Duncan and Courtney argue over gender roles regarding food preparation, DJ arrives with a sick rabbit in his arms, which Duncan suggests should be their dinner. DJ intends to make it a pet, and names it Bunny. By this point, Duncan notices that Katie and Sadie are absent. The missing campers in question are still wandering in the woods, realizing with horror that they have been unintentionally walking in a large circle. They panic after hearing an owl in the darkness and run screaming through the woods into a cave. Sadie is scared further when a bat flaps around her head, and, after it leaves, she resigns herself to the fact that they will die.

Duncan frightens the Killer Bass with a horror story.

Back at the Gopher camp, Owen is telling the others the story of how he and his grandfather fought a bear when Trent notices that Izzy is missing. They attract the attention of a nearby bear while calling out to her, which scares everyone — especially Cody, who wets himself — and forces them to flee by climbing a tree. At the Bass camp, Bridgette is spooked by an owl and reveals that she is afraid of being alone in the forest, prompting Duncan to tell the tale of a murderer with a hook for a hand. He scares the campers by taking out a hook from his right hand at the end of the story. Courtney chastises Duncan for his stunt, but when the owl's hoot startles her, she leaps into his embrace.

The first "bear" reveals its true identity.

The Gophers call upon Owen to deal with the bear, but he reveals that he was only being theatrical with his story, and is subsequently blamed for attracting the bear in the first place. Lindsay fears that the bear ate Izzy, which Heather points to as a good thing, since the bear would no longer be hungry, much to everyone's shock. The branch Leshawna was sitting on gave way, and she fell near the bear, who moved in to attack her. Leshawna cries for help, but the bear suddenly speaks up. When the bear's head is removed, it reveals Izzy in a costume.

TDI Izzy.png


Okay, okay, that was so funny, like 'Oh, it’s a bear! Oh no!' And like, 'We’re all gonna die now! Help! Help!' [laughs] And I’m like, 'Rah! I’m gonna eat you!' [laughing] Like I could actually do that! There's no way, okay? [laughing]

Right when Courtney thinks things can't get any worse, it starts raining.

At the Bass campsite, the campers — with the exception of Duncan — are too terrified by Duncan's story to leave their tent or sleep. Bridgette eventually leaves the tent to use the toilet, preferring not to share DJ's jar, but when she walks outside, a colony of bats flies past her, one flying right into her face. Bridgette's leaping shadow frightens the campers, and when she inadvertently kicks an ember from the campfire into the tent, it burns down.

After Izzy's scare, the Gophers are enjoying their fish dinner when another bear emerges from the bushes. Owen tries to remove the bear's head, thinking it's a joke played by Chris, but discovers that this bear is real, forcing the Gophers to climb the tree for protection once more. As Courtney is berating Bridgette, it starts to rain, leaving the Gophers and Bass without shelter, while Katie and Sadie remain lonely and terrified in the cave.

By the next morning, the rain has ceased, and Katie and Sadie wake up from a long night in the cave, only to flee immediately after encountering the same bear that attacked the Gophers. At the Bass camp, Courtney wakes up cuddling with Duncan and accuses him of cuddling her. Duncan mocks her denial while smugly refuting her accusation.

TDI Courtney.png


Okay, I just wanna say for the record, that I was totally asleep and therefore, unconscious at the time of the 'alleged cuddling' with said Neanderthal. So essentially, it's like it never happened.

Back at camp, Chris is preparing the campfire for that night's bonfire ceremony when the Killer Bass come out of the woods, declaring victory. The Screaming Gophers arrive a moment later and, seeing the Bass already there, Heather blames Izzy and Owen for them losing the challenge. Chris stops the Bass' celebration, pointing out that two of their members are missing. Courtney dismisses Katie and Sadie's absence casually, saying they were eaten by wolves, which Duncan confirms, but the two soon appear, happy to have made it back and babbling about how they got lost. Now that they're safe, Katie and Sadie apologize to each other for the hurtful things they said during their fight and reaffirm their BFFFL status. Chris declared the Gophers the challenge winners and awarded them an all-expenses-paid trip to the Tuck Shop, right after Katie and Sadie arrived last, leaving the girls with their angry teammates. The Gophers enjoy their Tuck Shop winnings in their hot tub, though some are disgusted when Owen vomits after eating too many snacks.

Katie's long goodbye to Sadie.

At the campfire ceremony, the marshmallows go out to everyone except Katie and Sadie, who become upset, knowing that they will be split apart. The last marshmallow goes to Sadie, and Katie is sent to the Dock of Shame. Sadie refuses to let Katie go, but Katie encourages her to continue on without her. Later, at the Bass' cabin, Duncan apologizes to Courtney for scaring her with his hook man story the night before. Courtney insists that she was not scared, and denies the existence of a hook man, but screams in fright when Duncan suddenly pulls out his hook prop again. Courtney gets enraged and walks away, exclaiming how much she despises him, even though Duncan is convinced she doesn't, as he relaxes and puts his hands behind his back, inadvertently piercing himself with the hook.


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Kristin Fairlie Bridgette
Emilie-Claire Barlow Courtney
Clé Bennett DJ
Drew Nelson Duncan
Dan Petronijevic Geoff
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen
Rachel Wilson Heather
Katie Crown Izzy
Stephanie Anne Mills Katie/Lindsay
Novie Edwards Leshawna
Scott McCord Owen/Trent
Lauren Lipson Sadie
  • Beth, Chef, Cody, Harold, and Tyler appear, but they do not speak. Although, Beth is heard saying "Gross" when Owen showed his shark bites to his teams, Harold and Tyler gasped after the Screaming Gophers won a prize to tuck shop, and Cody grunts when his teams collided.
  • The Pizza Delivery Guy speaks; however, it is unknown who voices him.
  • The cameraman is heard speaking, but it is unknown who voices him.

Elimination Ceremony

Elimination Ceremony 5:
Killer Bass
Status Contestant
TDI Courtney.png
TDI Duncan.png
TDI Bridgette.png

TDI DJ.png
TDI Harold.png
TDI Geoff.png
TDI Tyler.png

Courtney, Duncan, Bridgette,
DJ, Harold, Geoff, Tyler
TDI Katie.png
TDI Sadie.png

Katie, Sadie
TDI Katie bw.png


Still in the running

TDI Ezekiel bw.png
TDI Eva bw.png
TDI Noah bw.png
TDI Justin bw.png
TDI Katie bw.png
TDI DJ.png




  • This is the first episode in which Courtney shows signs of having a crush on Duncan, most notably when she runs into Duncan's arms after being spooked by a wolf and wakes up the next morning lying on his chest.
  • Duncan told a story about a man with a hook for a hand. In a later episode, an escaped killer appears, showing proof that his story may be true.
  • Bridgette foreshadows her phobia in this episode.
  • The bear that Owen pulled the hair off reappears in the episode "You Regatta Be Kidding Me" from Total Drama All-Stars.
  • DJ adopts a bunny this episode.
  • The Screaming Gophers’ hot tub, that they built in "Not So Happy Campers - Part 2," returns in this episode.
  • This episode marks the only Killer Bass elimination ceremony where neither Courtney nor Harold are in the bottom two.


  • This episode title lampoons the term "the great outdoors."
  • Heather's quote on survival of the fittest is a reference to Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection.
  • The scary story that Duncan tells his team is a popular urban legend called The Hook.
  • Duncan is seen sleeping while folding his fingers to the Signs of the Horns.
  • Duncan calling Katie and Sadie "Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Idiot" is a reference to Tweedledum and Tweedledee, characters from Lewis Carol's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
  • Izzy mentions her neighbor has a cat named Simba, a nod to the main character of the Disney movie The Lion King.


  • Bridgette is absent from the beginning of Chris's speech to all of the campers about the challenge.
  • When Owen talks about his experience with a bear, Duncan is seen holding the map. However, Courtney has already taken it from him. Additionally, the compass disappears from Duncan's hand when Courtney takes the map.
  • After Owen's story the Netflix captions read as "Courtney: As if." when in actuality Heather says this
  • When the Killer Bass are shown walking throughout the forest, right before Katie and Sadie stop for berries, Duncan is not present in the line with the rest of his team.
  • When Katie says "It was so nice to have someone to scratch all your little scabs," and Sadie says "I know, right" in the confessional, their voices are swapped.
  • When Katie and Sadie are arguing, Katie doesn't have any eyebrows.
  • Gophers' logo appears in a scene featuring Killer Bass.

    When the Killer Bass are seen pitching their tent, the symbol seen on the top left corner is the Screaming Gophers' symbol instead.
  • When Duncan is telling his ghost story, there is a close-up of Harold, and it is shown that his facial hair has disappeared as have his sleeves.
  • When Owen says "Great Pyramid of Giza," he pronounces Giza with the /ai/ diphthong, and it sounds like "Guy-za," as it should be pronounced with a long /i:/ sound, like "Ghee-za," although this could have been Owen's fault as he is not seen as a smart contestant.
  • When Gwen asks Izzy if she is a weirdo after revealing herself from the bear costume, her hair is longer than it's supposed to be.
  • When Izzy scares the Screaming Gophers, Cody wets his pants and stains them, yet when the real bear comes and Cody wets himself again, the old stains have vanished and a new stain forms.
  • When Leshawna falls out of the tree, her ponytail is messed up after she lands, but when she crawls back, her hair is normal again.
  • When the Killer Bass are lying in their tent, Duncan and Courtney are lying side by side, but when Bridgette sits up, they are lying parallel to each other.
  • When the real bear chases the Screaming Gophers up the tree, they are in the same positions as they were when Izzy was in the bear costume. Two errors are present during this scene:
    • Izzy is not up the tree with the other Gophers.
    • The branch Leshawna is sitting on is intact despite breaking earlier.
  • While Katie and Sadie are arguing, Sadie says "If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't even be on this show," but according to Sadie's biography, Katie wanted to audition for Total Drama, and let Sadie audition with her.
  • When the Killer Bass are around their campsite when it's raining, Harold's sleeves are gone again.
  • When the real bear arrives at the Gopher camp, Beth is not seen with the other Screaming Gophers.
  • When Screaming Gophers are announced to have won the challenge, part of Heather's chest dissappears.
  • When the Gophers are in the hot tub, Izzy is wearing her usual top instead of her swimsuit top.
  • The goof scene where Bridgette is seen floating.

    At the end, at the bonfire, Bridgette is floating in mid-air when Tyler is receiving his marshmallow.
  • When Katie is eliminated her belly button is missing.
  • When Katie is on the Boat of Losers, Cody is shown with the Killer Bass, even though he is not on their team.
  • When Courtney scolds Duncan for telling them a scary story, Duncan's hook is gone even though he wasn't seen removing it.
  • At the end of the episode, Duncan is shown with a nose piercing and two earrings on both sides.
  • When Leshawna is setting up the campfire, two of her kumquats on her shirt are missing.
  • There is an animation mistake in the shot where Katie and Sadie reconcile in front of the Screaming Gophers. Izzy is wearing her bear costume in this scene, yet her normal shoes can be seen behind her almost as if there's a second Izzy present.
  • In the shot of Cody looking ashamed after Heather mocks him for wetting his pants, his legs are going through his undershirt.
  • When Duncan scares Courtney with the hook at the end of the episode, the scream is Bridgette instead of her own.


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