• Hey its me again and since you were really helpful last time i need to know how to color in tables and other things like that to add detail, could you help?

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    • What kind of table are you interested in? Can you link me to some example?

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    • So ive decide to make a murder mystery story and i want to make a chart to show people whos still alive and whos Dead. I dont really have an example but i think you know how to do it.

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    • So you want to copy me again?

      Please make the format as original as possible and refrain from blatantly copying my writing style. And naturally, same goes for the plot and concept overall.

      I guess you can use the type that I've used only in the first episode of TD Horror.

      {| {{WhichBoxSquare|Badge003.PNG|Alejandro|'''[[Alejandro]]'''|008000|Alive}} |{{WhichBoxSquare|Beth-icon.png|Beth|'''[[Beth]]'''|008000|Alive}} |}

      In other words, character's picture - character's name (link if it's canon character) - name of color (you can use "green" or its source code name) - character's status.

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    • Thank you very much for helping me, im sorry for copying you which i will try not to but your blogs are always well put together and the Pitchures and tables make them even better. Once again im very thankful for the tips, so Thank you

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