Beth brings the tiki idol back from Boney Island in Up the Creek.

The tiki idol is a small wooden idol found by Beth on Boney Island in Up the Creek during the canoe challenge that "cursed" Beth's team in Total Drama Island.

Total Drama Island


The idol hidden in a bush moments before it was found by Beth.

Chris explains that taking anything from Boney Island would curse the thief "forever". Due to being in the bathroom during this explanation, Beth takes the tiki idol, unaware of the severe consequences.


Beth finds the tiki idol.

By taking it off the island, she "curses" the Screaming Gophers and causes them to lose the next three challenges until Beth's elimination in If You Can't Take The Heat.... When Cody gets eliminated, she shows him the tiki idol when bringing him to the Dock of Shame. Cody tries to warn her, but his voice is muffled by the bandages he's wearing due to a bear attack.


Chris reprimands Beth for taking an idol from Boney Island.

In If You Can't Take The Heat..., Beth also places the idol on the presentation table for the dinner cooked for Chris in the challenge, which once again causes her team to lose the challenge. Once the other campers discover Beth had taken the idol from Boney Island, they are angered and vote her off. Beth states she would return it to Boney Island before the Campfire Ceremony.

In Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, it was revealed that Beth had lied and never returned the idol to Boney Island, having instead broken it into three pieces and flushed it down the septic tank. The idol is found in a package on the beach of Boney Island by Owen and Heather.

Chris explains the story of what happens to the idol then instructs the campers to return each of their thirds of the cursed idol to the Cave of Treacherous Terror while one member of the team piggy-backs the other. They were also told to do so as quickly as possible, as the longer each team holds their chunk of the idol, the greater the curse gets. Geoff and Gwen are the only ones to return the idol to the cave and thus, they won that part of the challenge.


  • The tiki idol resembles an immunity idol seen in Survivor.
    • Ironically, this appears to be the opposite of the immunity idol. Generally, finding the immunity idol is good in Survivor, but in this situation, it brings bad luck to the finder.
  • This is one of three curses on the show, along with DJ's Curse of the Mummified Dog and Josee's new good luck charm.

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