When one kid makes living slime, it starts to consume all the other kids, except for the goth. They then work together to get rid of the monster, until they both end up inside. They all enjoy the inside of the monster until it accidentally gets destroyed.


It's another day at the Daycare, Harold Had just finished building a Ninja Castle until Beth runs through the castle and destroys it. Harold gets mad at Beth for destroying his Castle, But Beth apologies and shows Harold her Slime. Harold gets surprised and tells Beth what is it, Beth tells Harold that it is her Slime, which grabs Owen, Izzy, Duncan, and Courtney's attention. Everyone rushies to Beth and Harold, then Courtney explains that she loves Slime, Beth explains that she can't have it at home anymore, Harold tells her why? but Beth says she doesn't know either. She flashbacks that her entire house is covered in Slime, including her pet cat. Beth explains that she wants to keep her Slime at the Daycare and wants to make more, Harold tells Beth if she can make Slime, Beth says yes and the recipe is in her brain. Beth (sitting on a Swing on the Swing Set) says that she doesn't know how to make Slime, but knows how it is formed.

Later in the Kitchen, Beth puts a bowl on the floor and get's ready to make Slime. Courtney tells Beth that if she knows how to make Slime or Doesn't know how to make Slime. Beth reponses that she knows both. Beth adds Gelatin, Green Food Coloring, 3 bottles of Glue, Glue Sticks, and her Snot. She thinks what to add next and suggests Green Fizzy Soda and Green Flower Fertilizer, before she able to grab it, Gwen comes behind the Trash Can and explains that adding Fertilizer it will be bad, Courtney agrees with Gwen, Gwen says it will react like her pet Rat and Snake. Beth refuses to listen and carries the Fertilizer to her Slime, Gwen says that she will love Beth's Funerals which Frightens and makes Courtney walk away. Beth then adds the Soda and Fertilizer in the bowl and says it's almost ready. Izzy cheers and squishes the Slime with her Bare Feet, Beth swipes the bowl away causing Izzy to fall over. Beth puts the bowl inside to Oven so it can make the Slime Warm and Toasty, Courtney says it will end bad, the Oven then starts moving Crazy, causing Izzy, Owen and Duncan to walk away while being scared. The Oven keeps going Crazy until it stops. Beth says it's ready and opens the Oven door seeing that the Slime is Warm and Toasty, Beth takes it out and shows the class, Owen says that it is moving and the Slime falls out of the bowl, making everyone Gasp. The Slime later starts standing up straight, which causes Courtney and Harold to run. The Slime starts walking to Beth, which causes Beth to Freak Out and is Frightened by her creation, but the Slime hugs her and Beth realizes that it doesn't what to hurt anybody and just wants to be friends. Beth tells the Slime that she will love it at the Daycare, Izzy gives her Googy Eyes and makes them her nose, Beth starts to get confused. Beth (inside the sandbox) says that she made Slime that can come to life and calls it Slimy. Gwen then tells Beth not to make friends with it because she had seen a Movie before and it doesn't end well. She says that in the Movie, the Slime eats everything in sight including Cats, Cars, Babies, Buildings until it eats the entire Planet and earth is just a Big Green Booger floating in Space, but Beth doesn't believe her and says that in her Movie, it's a Buddy Comedy where a Gal and her Slime are best friends. (Beth is seen watching a Movie with Slimy and Slimy eats all the Popcorn, they are both seen jumping up and down on a Bed in Beth's room until Beth throws the pillow on Slimy, then Beth is seen carrying an Umbrella with Slimy, then the two of them both open doors and laugh, the two of them are seen watching the sunset.) Beth explains that the two of them are Best Friends even if their different from each other and no one could tear them apart. Beth explains it's a Feel-good movie which causes Owen to cry. Gwen warns her, but Beth ignores her. Beth then gives a tour about the Daycare. Owen, Harold, Duncan and Izzy join them. Chef Hatchet is seen walking out of his office taking on the phone. Beth tells everyone to hide Slimy. Chef just keeps taking on the Phone, and doesn't see Slimy. Beth says it was a close one and doesn't want Chef to see Slimy. Beth says that they should have some fun. Beth plays with slimy outside only to see Slimy dissolve and re-form again. Izzy throws a ball at Slimy, but Slimy eats it. Harold tells Beth what Slimy is doing. Duncan says that Slimy is really freaky, but Beth reponds that Slimy is just hungry.




Voice actor Role(s)
Deven Mack Chef Hatchet
Sarah Gadon Beth
Wyatt White Cody
Emilie-Claire Barlow Courtney
Drew Nelson Duncan
Lilly Bartlam Gwen
Darren Frost Harold
Katie Crown Izzy
Bahia Watson Leshawna
Cory Doran Noah
Scott McCord Owen
  • Slimey and the napkin delivery driver speak, but it's unknown who voiced them.



  • Courtney does not seem to be scared of warm green slime in this continuity, as opposed to her older counterpart.
  • The order of the children being consumed by Slimey are as follows:
    • Cody
    • Duncan
    • Leshawna
    • Noah
    • Courtney
    • Izzy
    • Owen
    • Gwen
    • Beth
      • Harold was also consumed by Slimey, though it occurs offscreen.


  • The scene where Beth and Slimy are watching the sunset uses the same background of Lake Wawanakwa during the evening.
  • Chef is seen with a tuba in this episode, which he previously mentioned purchasing in Cluckwork Orange.


  • This episode references the classic horror film, The Blob, with Slimey being a giant living goo like monster who consumes people. At one point Gwen actually makes a direct reference to said film.


  • Early in the episode, Cody is seen being consumed by Slimey, but is not with the group at the end.
  • When Izzy started to squish the slime, she was barefoot. After being pushed off by Beth, her shoes were back on.


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