Total Drama is a Canadian animated satire comedy television series created by Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGillis. Total Drama is produced by Fresh TV Inc.. It has the Canadian TV rating of "G", "PG" or "c8" (ages 8+). It has the American rating of TV-PG or TV-PG-D (Originally TV-PG-DLS) on Cartoon Network. The show premiered in Canada on July 8, 2007, and in the US on June 5, 2008.


There are sixty-four voice actors, six directors, thirty-five writers, and three songwriters for the series.


Total Drama Island

Total Drama Island

Total Drama Island (formerly titled "Camp TV") is the first season of Total Drama. Created as a parody of shows such as Survivor and Fear Factor, Total Drama Island focuses on twenty-two teenagers arriving to Camp Wawanakwa to compete on a reality television show. The contestants are divided into two teams and must compete in challenges every three days. While the winning team earns invincibility, the losing team has to vote off one of their own players. Whoever is voted off must walk the Dock of Shame to the Boat of Losers and leave the island. The teams eventually dissolve and the elimination process continues until the last contestant standing wins a grand prize of $100,000.


This season consists of twenty-six episodes (twenty-seven including Total Drama Island Recap and TDI Rundown) plus a special.

Total Drama Action

Total Drama Action

Total Drama Action, the second season of Total Drama, takes place on an abandoned film lot somewhere in Toronto, Ontario. It follows the same format as Total Drama Island, with fifteen contestants from last season participating in movie-themed challenges on separate teams. After being voted off, contestants must take the Walk of Shame and travel to the Total Drama Aftermath show via the Lame-o-sine. This process continues until one player wins $1,000,000.


Like the previous season, this season consists of twenty-six episodes plus a special.

Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama World Tour (formerly titled "Total Drama, the Musical") is the third season of Total Drama. Fifteen returning cast members, plus three new contestants, compete for the chance to win $1,000,000 in challenges taking place all around the world. This season, players are divided into three teams and must live on the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. They must also perform spontaneous musical numbers every episode or risk being eliminated via the Drop of Shame. The prize money (once again $1,000,000) goes to the last-standing contestant in the season.


Total Drama World Tour consists of twenty-six episodes.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

TDRevenge Transparent Logo

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island (formerly titled "Total Drama Reloaded") is the fourth season of Total Drama, and the first season to not feature any returning contestants; instead, this season brings thirteen new players to Camp Wawanakwa, which was being rented to a biohazardous waste disposal company since the end of Total Drama Island. With mutated creatures roaming free and an invincibility statue in play, the two teams must take the Hurl of Shame until someone wins $1,000,000.


Total Drama: Revenge of the Island consists of thirteen episodes, exactly half of the usual twenty-six episodes.

Total Drama All-Stars

Total Drama All-Stars Logo

Total Drama All-Stars is the first half of season five Total Drama. It takes place on Camp Wawanakwa, the setting of Total Drama Island and Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, with fourteen players from the last four seasons returning to compete. This season, contestants are divided into two teams based on their status as a hero or villain and must avoid the Flush of Shame in order to take home the $1,000,000 grand prize.


Total Drama All-Stars consists of thirteen episodes.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island


Total Drama: Pahkitew Island is the the second half of the fifth season Total Drama. It features an all-new cast of fourteen at an all-new location, but the rules remain the same: contestants are split into two teams and will one-by-one be forced into the Cannon of Shame, except the winner, who will instead receive $1,000,000.


Total Drama: Pahkitew Island consists of thirteen episodes.


Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Tdrr showlogo

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race is the first spin-off series of Total Drama. It is the first season of the series. This spin-off was first announced by Fresh TV on July 1, 2014. While the main series remains a parody of Survivor, the spin-off is a parody of The Amazing Race. Along with that, this season takes place in various locations around the world, with eighteen pairs competing. Four Total Drama contestants; Owen, Noah, Geoff, and Leonard return to compete in this spin-off. On September 4, 2015, Cartoon Network released the first six episodes on their website. On September 7, 2015, the season began airing live in the United States. It later began airing on Teletoon beginning January 4, 2016.


Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race consists of twenty-six episodes.

Total DramaRama

"Total DramaRama is the second spin-off of Total Drama. It re-introduces favorite cast members like loveable Owen and uptight Courtney but ages them down from teenagers to toddlers. While the cast may be pint-sized, their teen personalities are fully-formed with the voices we know and love and each episode is packed with dream sequences, cutaways, visual jokes, confessionals, and flashbacks. So, whether it’s using Uber to have a Ferris Bueller-style day off or scaring away a new teacher, our cast is ready to scale the walls, hack the school computer and do whatever it takes, because make no mistake... these toddlers are here to PLAY!"

A new spin-off series in the Total Drama franchise was announced on May 3, 2017, by Christine Thompson and Christian Potenza on YouTube.

According to Actra Toronto, Total DramaRama started production on July 13, 2017. It is projected to end production on August 30, 2018. This new series was officially announced on December 19, 2017, by WorldScreen.

On June 4, 2018, Corus Entertainment confirmed the show's official release date along with the finalized title.

On December 21, 2018, the series was renewed for a second season according to a character designer of the show. The second season will also consist of 52 episodes just like its predecessor, expanding the episode count to 104.


The first season of Total DramaRama consists of twenty-six episodes, split into fifty-two segments. The second season also consists of twenty-six episodes, split into fifty-two segments.

Censorship in United States

Although it was originally rated TV-PG DLS, Total Drama episodes are usually rated TV-PG in the United States, for suggestive dialogue and aggressive language. Sometimes an episode will be rated TV-PG D for mild flirtatious dialogue.

In earlier episodes of the series, much of the dialogue was edited due to the differences in what is considered to be TV-PG in Canada and the United States. Strangely, these changes would be made despite other shows on the network having similar content. The number of edits decreased drastically in Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour, though occasionally dialogue and sometimes even scenes will still be cut. In Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and onward, there are almost no edits or censorship.

Opening sequences

I Wanna Be Famous, by Graeme Cornies and Dawna Toews

Seasons 1-4

Dear Mom and Dad, I'm doing fine,
You guys are on my mind.
You asked me what I wanted to be
And now I think the answer is plain to see.
'Cause I wanna be famous.

I wanna live close to the sun
Well, pack your bags 'cause I've already won
Everything to prove, nothing in my way
I'll get there one day
'Cause I wanna be famous!

na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na
I wanna be I wanna be I wanna be famous
I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous!

(Whistling: I wanna be...I wanna be famous)

Season 5

na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na
I wanna be I wanna be I wanna be famous
I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous!

(Whistling: I wanna be famous)


The Total Drama series has garnered very successful ratings over the years. Carole Bonneau, the Vice President of programming of Teletoon Canada, stated that Total Drama Island, along with Fresh TV's 6Teen, were "consistently top performers" for audiences of ages 6-11, and also helped to bring in older viewers as well. When Total Drama Island aired on the American Cartoon Network, it performed very well; The Toronto Star reported that "in some age groups, Total Drama Island showed a 500 percent rating increase in its time slot". On December 11, 2008, Total Drama Island garnered 3.5 million viewers. That year, the series was the top "regularly-scheduled Thursday night program at 9 p.m. on all television throughout third quarter among boys 2-11, 6-11 and 9-14", according to the Animation World Network. On Memorial Day weekend of 2009, a marathon of Total Drama Island increased viewership in age groups 2-11, 6-11, and 9-14, each by 20% or more compared to the same week in 2008.

The show's critical reception has been generally positive. Commonsense Media gave the show four out of five stars, calling it a "clever cartoon reality show spoof OK for older tweens". In reviewing the DVD for the first season, Matthew Price of The Oklahoman wrote that while the show started out "unbelievably slowly", the series became more interesting as campers began getting voted off. Price also praised the parody of reality shows. In another review of the DVD, Jeffrey Kauffman of DVD Talk wrote that the character development was compelling and that the parody of reality shows was very funny. Mac McEntire of DVD Verdict praised the character development as well, but noted that the show sometimes sinks to "lowbrow gross-outs". Both Kauffman and McEntire recommended the season DVD. However, not all reviews have been positive. Debi Enker of The Age gave a negative review of the season's last episode, calling the art, the design, and the writing "lamentable".



  • Total Drama Island was nominated for The Gemini Awards, in 2008.
  • In 2010, the show won Best Tween Series and the Viewer's Choice Award for Kid Screen's 1st Annual Award presentation in New York.
  • Total Drama Action was nominated for The Gemini Awards, in 2010.
  • Total Drama World Tour won Best Foreign Series and Best Music Score on a TV Series in the ToonZone Awards.
  • The song Oh My Izzy was nominated for Best Song in a TV Series in the ToonZone Awards.
  • Carter Hayden, the voice actor for Noah, was nominated for Best Voice Actor in a TV Series and Annick Obonsawin, the voice actress for Sierra, won Best Voice Actress in a TV Series, in the ToonZone Awards.
  • Total Drama World Tour won Best Animated Series, Best Voice Talent, and Best Tweens/Teens Program in the Tweens/Teens, Creative Talent, and Viewers Choice categories for the 2011 KidScreen Awards.
  • Total Drama: Pahkitew Island won the Cynopsis Imagination Award, in 2015.
  • The spin-off "Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race" was nominated for Best Writing in an Animated Program or Series, in 2017.
  • The game 'Donculous Dash was nominated for Best Cross-Platform Project – Children's and Youth, in 2017.


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