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Total Drama Action is the second season of Total Drama.


Total Drama Action takes place on an abandoned film lot somewhere in Toronto, Ontario. It follows the same format as Total Drama Island, with fifteen contestants from last season participating in movie-themed challenges on separate teams. After being voted off, contestants must take the Walk of Shame and travel to the Total Drama Aftermath show via the Lame-o-sine. This process continues until one player wins $1,000,000.


  • Returning/Fewer Players: 14 former contestants returned to compete for another shot at the $1,000,000 prize after ending in a tie during the special episode from the past season.
  • Shorter Game: The game lasted 42 days — that is, 6 weeks — 2 weeks shorter than the first season.
  • Individual Start: For the first time, the first two episodes of the game were completely individual.
  • Double Elimination: During the first elimination round, the contestants had to vote out two competitors, instead of the usual one, for the first time. During the final four, two contestants were sent to the Lame-o-Sine for different reasons.
  • Schoolyard Pick: The winners of the second challenge would become the captains of a Schoolyard Pick, starting the team phase of the game.
  • Returning by name: A contestant returned after the host only eliminated their alter-ego, meaning that contestant was still in the game.
  • New Team Member: In episode 13, Courtney debuted in the game, due to her winning a law suit against the producers.
  • Smaller Merge: The two teams merged when there were just 7 contestants remaining in the game, with 1 returning later in the game.
  • Saboteur: A previously eliminated contestant returns for the chance to earn money by sabotaging the competitors during the merge phase.
  • Jury Vote: Since the final challenge ended in a tie, the eliminated contestants were asked to vote for one of the two finalists.


Like the previous season, this season consists of twenty-six episodes plus a special.


The fifteen contestants in Total Drama Action.

Voice actor Role Episode count
Christian Potenza Chris 27/27 episodes
Clé Bennett Chef Hatchet 27/27 episodes
Drew Nelson Duncan 27/27 episodes
Sarah Gadon Beth 27/27 episodes
Brian Froud Harold 26/27 episodes
Stephanie Anne Mills Lindsay 24/27 episodes
Adam Reid Justin 23/27 episodes
Scott McCord Owen 21/27 episodes
Novie Edwards Leshawna 20/27 episodes
Rachel Wilson Heather 18/27 episodes
Emilie-Claire Barlow Courtney 16/27 episodes
Katie Crown Izzy 16/27 episodes
Clé Bennett DJ 14/27 episodes
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen 13/27 episodes
Scott McCord Trent 11/27 episodes
Dan Petronijevic Geoff 8/27 episodes
Kristin Fairlie Bridgette 8/27 episodes


Castmates Team Affiliation Finish
Status Episode
Original Additional Merge
TDA Bridgette.png
The Surfer Girl
None 1st/2nd eliminated
14th place
"Alien Resurr-eggtion"
TDA Geoff.png
The Funniest Guy Around
TDA Izzy.png
The Psycho Hose Beast
Killer Grips 3rd eliminated
"Riot on Set"
TDA Trent.png
The Cool Guy
Killer Grips 4th eliminated
13th place
"3:10 to Crazytown"
TDA Gwen.png
The Loner
Screaming Gaffers 5th eliminated
12th place
"The Chefshank Redemption"
TDA DJ.png
The Brickhouse with Heart
Screaming Gaffers 6th eliminated
11th place
"The Sand Witch Project"
TDA Izzy.png
The Psycho Hose Beast/"Explosivo"
Killer Grips 7th eliminated
10th place
"Full Metal Drama"
TDA Owen.png
The Party Guy
Killer Grips 8th eliminated
"Ocean's Eight — or Nine"
TDA Heather.png
The Queen Bee
Screaming Gaffers Screaming Gaffers 9th eliminated
9th place
"Million Dollar Babies"
TDA Leshawna.png
The Sister with 'Tude
Screaming Gaffers Screaming Gaffers Merge 10th eliminated
8th place
"Super Hero-ld"
TDA Justin.png
The Eye Candy
Killer Grips Killer Grips 11th eliminated
7th place
"The Princess Pride"
TDA Lindsay.png
The Dumb Princess
Killer Grips Killer Grips 12th eliminated
6th place
"Rock n' Rule"
TDA Harold.png
The Dweeb
Screaming Gaffers Screaming Gaffers 13th eliminated
5th place
"2008: A Space Owen"
TDA Courtney.png
The Type-A
Killer Grips 14th eliminated
4th place
"Top Dog"
TDA Owen.png
The Party Guy
Killer Grips Killer Grips 15th eliminated
3rd place
TDA Beth.png
The Wannabe
Killer Grips Killer Grips Finalist
1st/2nd place
"The Aftermath: IV"
TDA Duncan.png
The Delinquent
Screaming Gaffers Screaming Gaffers

Movie genres

Every challenge, except for the aftermaths, is based around a movie genre.

Episode Movie genre
1 "Monster Cash" Monsters
2 "Alien Resurr-eggtion" Aliens
3 "Riot on Set" Drama
4 "Beach Blanket Bogus" Beach
5 "3:10 to Crazytown" Western
7 "The Chefshank Redemption" Prison
8 "One Flu Over the Cuckoos" Hospital
9 "The Sand Witch Project" Horror
10 "Masters of Disasters" Disaster
11 "Full Metal Drama" War
13 "Ocean's Eight — or Nine" Bank heist
14 "One Million Bucks, B.C." Prehistoric
15 "Million Dollar Babies" Sports
16 "Dial M for Merger" Spy
17 "Super Hero-ld" Superhero
19 "The Princess Pride" Fairy tale
20 "Get a Clue" Mystery
21 "Rock n' Rule" Rock and roll
22 "Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen" Kung fu
23 "2008: A Space Owen" Space
24 "Top Dog" Animal buddy
25 "Mutiny on the Soundstage" Pirate, misc.


There are many more rewards this season than in the previous season. Since this season has less contestants, many of the challenges end in non-eliminations.

Total Drama Action EXTRA

Total Drama Action EXTRA is Cartoon Network's Total Drama Action website featuring videos, information about the season, games, and announcements for Best. Game. Ever.

Best. Game. Ever.

Best. Game. Ever..

Best. Game. Ever. was a role-playing game in which players created their own avatar and received weekly missions from Chris. Players were tasked with forming alliances, fighting enemies, and obtaining money to purchase more accessories in-game.

The Big Picture

The Big Picture is another Cartoon Network game. The main goal is to take high-quality pictures of the contestants in a short amount of time as they run across the film lot.



There are no Region 1 or Region 2 DVD releases of Total Drama Action. An Australian company called Madman Entertainment released Total Drama Action: Collection 1 in a Region 4 DVD on November 2, 2011. Total Drama Action: Collection 2 was later released on July 4, 2012.


On Netflix, Total Drama Action is displayed in HD, full screen and 16:9 aspect ratio, using the censored version. In November 2020, Netflix's global rights to the show were set to expire, resulting in it no longer being available on the platform. Netflix later confirmed that the show would be staying on for a little longer. However, in February 2021, all seasons of Total Drama were removed from Netflix in some regions, though it remained available in the United States and Canada.



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