Total Drama Action EXTRA was Cartoon Network's website for Total Drama Action. It was themed as a newspaper and each Friday prior to the upcoming episode, it included an update for the new episode. This website, alongside the websites for the Total Drama Island and Total Drama World Tour were removed in favor of Cartoon Network's Total Drama: Revenge of the Island website in April 2013.


When a castmate's colored circle was clicked, a small description of them appeared along with a spoofed movie title or television show title. Each character had a downloadable "DIY Pack" (standing for Do It Yourself), featuring a background, a default transparent pose, and the name of the contestant in Samdam font.

  • Beth: Brace Yourself / Brace Yourself
  • Bridgette: Blue Crushed / Bridgette Voted Off!
  • Courtney: Million Dollar Maybe / Courtney Voted Off!
  • DJ: Big Momma's Boy / DJ Votes Himself Off!
  • Duncan: Wanted / Duncan Wins!
  • Geoff: Kissing in Action / Geoff is Out!
  • Gwen: She Goth Game / Gwen Voted Off!
  • Harold: Revenge of the Nerd / Harold Voted Off!
  • Izzy: Girl Gone Wild / Izzy Voted Off! / Izzy Is Back / Izzy Voted Off Again!
  • Justin: The Incredible Hunk / Justin Voted Off!
  • Leshawna: She's Just Not That Into You / Leshawna Voted Off!
  • Lindsay: The Dummy Returns / Lindsay Votes Herself Off!
  • Owen: The Biggest Winner / Owen Goes Home / Stirring Up the Doo Doo / Owen Fired
  • Trent: Trent and Gwen's Infinite Playlist / Trent Voted Off!


Every week, after receiving a headline, the episode would then be archived as an exclusive.

Every week, the new episode gets a new headline and a brief two sentence summary.

Every week, there is a new phrase to advertise a brand new studio in the Best. Game. Ever.


  • Some of the contestants' original headline are a reference to something as:
  • Beth and Heather are the only characters whose profile headlines didn't change, even after their elimination.
  • There are other biographies located on Cartoon Network HQ.


  • Oddly, the text from The Chefshank Redemption is shown in the headline for Masters of Disasters.
  • Courtney's section and icon were added much later than the thirteenth week. A glimpse of her was seen in the seventh week. She got added on the eighteenth week, and temporarily disappeared the day after the finale.
  • In One Million Bucks, B.C.'s exclusive, it says "Episode 13," even though it is episode 14, with episode 13 being Ocean's Eight - Or Nine.
  • In Harold's "Best Of" video, Lindsay is still seen in the final picture, even though she was eliminated two episodes before.
  • In Heather's section, the title "Bald-Zilla" still remained even though she was voted off in Million Dollar Babies.
  • In the exclusive for Top Dog, it says "Episode 23," even though it is actually episode 24 (episode 23 being 2008: A Space Owen).
  • "Owen" is incorrectly spelled as "Own" in the headline for 2008: A Space Owen.
  • Despite being an exclusive, the Top Dog exclusive was not used.
    • Instead, there is a completely different headline being used, showing Beth and Duncan in the final two.
  • The "Best of Courtney" video could not be viewed in the week before Mutiny on the Soundstage, despite appearing in her section.
  • Izzy was the only person with two "Best of" videos. The first one (featuring her best moments from the first three episodes, which led up to her elimination in "Riot on Set") is the one that is seen when one clicks on the "Best of Trent" video, rather than the video that should be. Her second one, featuring a clip of her first elimination, then through her moments from "The Chefshank Redemption" to her second elimination in "Full Metal Drama," is the one that can be seen when one actually clicks on the "Best of Izzy" video link. Because of this, the Best of Trent video can only be seen on Cartoon Network Video.
    • Despite also being eliminated twice, Owen only has one video; this may be because he was "fired" the second time and not eliminated.
  • Courtney's character section states that she was eliminated because Duncan was tired of her 15-page letter, even though the letter was actually 32 pages.

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