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The following are biographies from Cartoon Network listed of every Total Drama Action contestant.



Beth (CNHQ).png

A real little loser but she has a huge heart and unstoppable faith in herself. Adorably clueless. Does something really embarrassing every episode – the kind of thing that would make most kids stay home from school for a week. Think of Napoleon’s girlfriend in Napoleon Dynamite. Luckily she’s used to being laughed at. She has very weird hobbies that might just come in handy and excels at arts and crafts. She is crushing on Geoff... but he doesn’t notice. She follows him around like a puppy dog.


Bridgette (CNHQ).png

Bridgette is a beautiful girl with an athletic build and a poetic, laid back soul. If you bother to look past her bodacious surfer’s bod, you’ll find a very warm, brave girl and soulful who’s not afraid to get dirty and is actually much smarter than she looks. Fortunately for her, most people can’t get past the body part... or her cheery personality - which allows her to use her smarts to outwit many a competitor. Nothing like the element of surprise to give a girl a leg up! She can be really goofy too when she lets loose and loves to do things like stick orange peels in her teeth and smile at you if you’re in a bad mood.


Courtney (CNHQ).png

A cute, polished Asian girl, Courtney is on her way to the university of her choice a year early (on scholarship) and decided to have one little adventure before diving into her combined pre-law, pre-MBA program. She’s the classic Type A – polite and kind, but focused on winning – she is not one that is used to losing at anything. As captain of her tennis and debate teams and student council treasurer, Courtney follows the rules to the letter – until such time as they get between her and victory. While she is not here to make friends she might just be surprised how much she needs them... and near the end of her stay on the island her heart definitely thaws for Duncan in the ultimate love/hate relationship of all time! Due to a successful lawsuit, Courtney will return to the game mid-season.


DJ (CNHQ).png

DJ is an absolute giant of a guy with a personality as sweet as pie. A Jamaican-born Canadian, DJ loves his food spicy (and lots of it!), his momma and getting his dance on. He has a very positive, laid back Island attitude about him that chills the others out. He has a good affect on Harold, who is very high strung. He’s in this to win for his mom, who he talks about often. DJ is perhaps the most emotional and sensitive character, which makes him easy to get along with, and his sheer size and strength make him very useful for strength challenges. The others need to instill a bit of the eye of the tiger in him though – he has no killer instinct. He’s competitive and cool... but


Duncan (CNHQ).png

A tough looking kid with a rap sheet, a wife beater and an attitude. Likes to torture his teammates by making scary faces and well-aimed jibes until they cry. Underneath it all he has a huge heart... but we’re talking under A LOT of layers. His favorite hobby is pushing people’s buttons.


Geoff (CNHQ).png

The guy’s guy. Super popular, football star, very likable, Geoff is the kind of guy that everyone likes because he is genuinely good at heart. He is popular because he doesn’t put down the less popular people on the team – he just wants to party, have fun and maybe even win – man, that would be SWEET. Always ready for a challenge or a party. Although he wouldn’t typically hang with many of the people on this show, he definitely appreciates them.


Gwen (CNHQ).png

Gwen is the dark chick with a sharp wit. Aggressively defensive. She’s not a pessimist, but steadfastly refuses to be cheerful. She’s likewise not bitter, but rather guarded and careful about who she lets in. Her behavior can easily be mistaken for snobbery. She develops a crush on Trent in spite of herself – she really hates herself for even thinking about him. And yet she can’t help herself. She shuns the cameras and rolls her eyes at the antics of guys like Owen – even though eventually she cracks a bit and laughs at him.


Harold (CNHQ).png

Harold is gangly and painfully awkward. A pure-bred geek through and through. Has a few wicked unexpected skills that would be extremely lame in high school but are heroic in this setting, like bow-and-arrows and compass-reading from his cub scout days. The underdog that you have to admire because he never lets the comments from the others get him down. Like many teenagers, he tends to over-dramatize events in his life and often makes comments like, “This is the worst day of my entire life.” He has a pure heart and believes in himself, which will carry him far.


Heather (CNHQ).png

Heather is fabulous but evil. She has exotic Polynesian looks and has been encouraged to model for teen magazines. This girl is here to win and has all the credentials that the best politicians have to pull it off - looks, confidence, leadership skills and unwavering focus on her goal. She can be merciless and her allies are only dear to her as long as they are useful - dare to cross her and you’ll pay for it. A great manipulator, mentally as tough as they come, and absolutely bound and determined to get her way no matter what the cost. She’s not afraid to get wet, down or dirty... but if she can talk one of her minions into doing it for her, all the better. The history behind her evil ways is revealed late in the show – she used to be a fat, brace-faced, pimply, style-challenged loser in school. We show her being shoved into snowbanks, puddles, bowls of chili until she finally snapped and made the DECISION to become popular – and did it. She is also paranoid about being seen “without her face on” or with her hair wet – this is a girl who does not love herself deep.


Izzy (CNHQ).png

Izzy is a little bit... nuts. She’s flighty, excited to be here, and very unpredictable. She could be crushing on you one moment and ready to feed you to a bear the next. She is prone to emotional breakdowns, very exaggerated stories, and stalking cute boys. She will outright lie about things – not just to get her way but because she’s weird. There really is no formula for how she’ll behave except that it’s always unexpected. She might end up falling in love with someone equally off-centre like Owen.


Justin (CNHQ).png

This guy is voted off early... but sure to garner a HUGE following because he is SO DARN CUTE. He doesn’t say much, but is a hard worker and has a model-like body without the accompanying attitude. Girls literally stop in their tracks when they see him. He is prone to Baywatch-like moments, like dumping a bucket full of water over his head (registers in slow motion) when he is overheated. He is mostly there for the visual gags.


Leshawna (CNHQ).png

She is black and bootylicious y’all! She’s large and in charge and she came to WIN. A natural born leader who grew up on the rough side of the tracks and will get right up in your face if you throw her attitude. Calls others on their bull an dis one of the few players who will go toe to toe with Heather. She’s high on confidence, low on patience – but she also has a heart of gold and will lend a hand to anyone who needs it. She’s a good soul, but she’s nobody’s fool so don’t even THINK of trying to pull a fast one on her. Leshawna may be street smart, but she is completely useless in the wilderness and has a lot to learn about survival skills.


Lindsay (CNHQ).png

The prettiest one in the camp and, as if nature decided to be fair about things, also the dumbest girl you’ll ever meet. Sidles up to Heather immediately. She thrives on male attention and her and Tyler are hooked up from day one. She is immediately adopted by Heather as her loyal little minion and lets Heather do all her thinking for her. NOT into getting dirty or messing up her hair. She is bubbly and hates confrontation. It turns out that while she hates to get her hair messed up, she’s actually quite talented athletically. She cannot do anything without checking with Heather first, not even go for a walk with a guy. She may eventually revolt.


Owen (CNHQ).png

A fat, sloppy, slovenly guy who loooooves to party and has that hint of crazy in his eyes. He is a FUN guy to have around, but is also a bit of a pig - he always has stains on his shirt and pants, never picks up after himself, and will fart at dinner just Owen is not very bright but he’s got tons of heart. He has come prepared with bags full of rubber dog poop, fake vomit, and other pranks, which he plays often on the opposing team. He is all about fun - but is also a bit self destructive – he doesn’t know when to stop. Owen loves a challenge of any kind – dare him to belly flop off a cliff to the water 80 feet below and he’ll pretty much do it for a chocolate bar. It doesn’t take the more manipulative players long to see that his innocence can be exceptionally useful when it comes to doing their dirty work.


Trent (CNHQ).png

Intelligent. Dry witted. Mysteriously hot, he doesn’t seek to be popular like his Bass counterpart Geoff – he just is because he doesn’t care if he is or isn’t. He plays guitar and is a bit of an introvert. He is often the straight man and the voice of reason and is quite laid back. He always follows the rules adults set before him, but this might be his chance to really challenge authority and break free. He has a very dry sense of humor. Goes out in a blaze - probably kicked off the island for breaking a cardinal rule.



  • Beth's biography states that she has a huge crush on Geoff. This is an error at this point in the series as Beth has a crush on Justin.
  • The ethnicities of two characters are incorrectly stated.
    • Courtney is said to be Asian in her biography, even though Todd Kauffman confirmed her as Hispanic.
    • Heather's biography alleges she is Polynesian despite being confirmed Asian.
  • DJ's biography cuts off mid-sentence, ending at the word "but".
  • In Leshawna's character biography, the words "and is" are misspelled as "an dis".
  • The area between Gwen's chest and her neck is discolored in her image.
  • Two sentences are unintentionally merged in Owen's biography: "He is a FUN guy to have around, but is also a bit of a pig - he always has stains on his shirt and pants, never picks up after himself, and will fart at dinner just Owen is not very bright but he's got tons of heart."


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