The Aftermath studio.

Total Drama Aftermath is a talk show segment that is broadcast during the progression of Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour. The set in which this show takes place appears at the end of the Total Drama Action opening sequence, where Geoff and Bridgette are caught kissing on the set couch. The show is separate from the competition, and takes place in a large room full of fancy furniture with a large plasma screen television. The show stars two hosts in Total Drama Action and three in Total Drama World Tour as they interview the contestants who have been eliminated. The hosts interview the contestant about their experiences on the show and how they feel about their current position. The non-competing contestants also appear on the show, in the Peanut Gallery, where they comment on the show as well. With each episode, the eliminated contestants who have been interviewed last time join the peanut gallery, and are considered commentators rather than special guests.


Special Appearances

Total Drama Action

Total Drama World Tour


  • Interviews: Geoff, Bridgette, and Blaineley interview two or three castmates who have been recently eliminated from the show. The unqualified contestants will also talk to them if necessary.
  • That's Gonna Leave A Mark!: A montage of unseen or seen footage from various episodes showing contestants getting hurt or injured.
  • Truth or...: The interviewed castmates are asked questions at the risk of being severely injured if they lie. This segment is changed every Aftermath, with a different item appearing each time. Example: "Truth or Anvil," where an anvil falls on the contestant if they lie.
  • Never-Before-Seen Footage: Geoff, Bridgette, or Blaineley will show unseen footage from various episodes, usually to expose a castmate for things that they are denying.
  • Video guests: A fan of Total Drama Action calls the show on webcam and asks one of the castmates being interviewed a question.
  • Total Drama Fugitives: A segment shown exclusively in Total Drama World Tour, where viewers send in alleged sightings of Ezekiel and Duncan, both of whom went missing after they took the Drop of Shame.


Video Guests


Appeared exclusively in Total Drama World Tour:


Total Drama Action


The peanut gallery of rejected contestants from Total Drama Action.

Total Drama World Tour


The Peanut Gallery of rejected contestants from Total Drama World Tour (minus Geoff).


  • Total Drama Action's aftermath is featured in six teasers for the show "Stoked" (created by the creators of Total Drama Island). In all these teasers, Geoff is desperately trying to start the aftermath show, only to find Bridgette distracted by watching Stoked, because she is very interested in the surfing on the show.
  • While all Aftermath episodes in Total Drama Action generally have a title that is simply "The Aftermath: __" (a roman numeral number inserted based on which episode it is), the Aftermath episodes in Total Drama World Tour have a title that is generally "Aftermath: _____________," with an additional title after it.
    • Hawaiian Style is the sole exception, being the only Aftermath episode to not have the word "Aftermath" in the title at all.
  • The theme song of Total Drama Aftermath is a variation of the full theme music for Entertainment Tonight.
  • The Aftermath studio was eventually revealed to be on the Total Drama Action set in Mutiny on the Soundstage.
  • The Aftermath: IV, Aftermath Aftermayhem, and Hawaiian Style are the only Aftermaths that do not interview any eliminated contestants.
  • This is the first sideshow to be seen in the series. The second being Celebrity Manhunt.
  • Beth or Duncan (depending on the ending) is the only contestant on Total Drama to be eliminated in an aftermath episode.
  • Izzy is both the first person and the last person to be interviewed.
  • In Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon and Hawaiian Style, four guests are interviewed; the most out of any aftermath in the series.
    • However, none of the guests in both episodes were interviewed personally.
  • All three hosts of the aftermath are blonde.
  • Aftermath Aftermayhem is the only aftermath in season three where only one song is sung. In all other episodes, two songs are sung.
  • All three hosts have been eliminated in a double elimination at some point.
  • Eva, Katie, Sadie, Geoff, Justin, Courtney, Noah, Tyler, Blaineley, Ezekiel, Sierra, Cody, and Alejandro have never been interviewed.
    • Eva, Katie, and Sadie were never interviewed since they were always in the Peanut Gallery.
    • Geoff was never interviewed due to always being one of the hosts.
    • Justin and Courtney were eliminated in Total Drama Action, but were not interviewed since the last Aftermath focused on the final two instead of the eliminated contestants.
      • Courtney was also not interviewed after her elimination of Total Drama World Tour as the last Aftermath focused on the Peanut Gallery supporting who to win in the finals.
    • Noah and Tyler were not interviewed as the Aftermath that they appear after their elimination was a challenge to allow a past contestant to return to the competition.
    • Blaineley was never interviewed, as she was a co-host in the one season she appeared in, and was unable to speak after her elimination.
    • Sierra stayed with the show after her elimination.
    • Cody was eliminated after the final Aftermath of Total Drama World Tour. Therefore, he never got a chance to get interviewed.
    • Alejandro was either the runner-up or won the season, and thus never to appeared on the Aftermath.
    • Ezekiel was eliminated, but was a stowaway on the Total Drama Jumbo Jet, and thus technically never left the season to appear on the Aftermath.
  • Geoff, Bridgette, Eva, Katie, Sadie and Trent are the only contestants who appeared in every aftermath episode.


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