Total Drama Aftermath video guests are characters who are fans of the Total Drama series. They have appeared on webcam feeds during various Total Drama Aftermath episodes.

Total Drama Action

The Aftermath: I



Ginger, a Trent fan.

Ginger is Trent's obsessed fan from Sudbury, Ontario. She tells Trent that she would love it if he "went psycho-crazy" over her, referring to Gwen's dislike of his strange behavior. Trent is visibly uncomfortable. She resembles Beth to an extent, and is even voiced by Beth's voice actor, Sarah Gadon.

"Steve The Yeti"


"Steve The Yeti", who is not a fan of Geoff and Bridgette.

"Steve the Yeti" is a yeti who announces that Chris is the best host ever and that Geoff and Bridgette stink. He also questions why they even got their own show. Bridgette and Geoff seem to partially believe that he is an actual yeti, however, after hearing Chef Hatchet's voice in the background, Geoff and Bridgette realize that Steve is actually Chris in a Sasquatchanakwa costume.

The Aftermath: II



Gordon, a DJ fan.

Gordon is a furious young man from London, Ontario, who wants to be a chef. He has anger management issues, and frequently swears. He attempts to figure out what the secret ingredient is in DJ's food. He seems to be a parody of the world-renowned British chef, Gordon Ramsay, who is famous for his constant swearing at contestants on shows such as Hell's Kitchen, and Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. Gordon is voiced by Adam Reid.



Kelsey, who is a huge fan of Trent.

Kelsey from Kamloops, British Columbia, is another Trent fan, a bit more obsessed than the last one, Ginger, and possibly proves herself to be somewhat unsound. She has a stuffed doll of Trent that she kisses in the video nine times. Trent is terrified of her due to her obsessiveness. She writes a somewhat disturbing love poem for Trent:

Your hair is black,
My heart is blue,
I'll stuff you with rags,
And I'll sew you up, too.

Kelsey family

Kelsey's family.

There is more to the poem, but the signal is "lost" and Kelsey is cut off before she can recite it.

According to the official Total Drama Island blog, Kelsey is based on a real life fan named Liana and her Cody doll. In a special video clip from Cartoon Network called Total Drama Action Alternate Realities, one of the clips shows Kelsey is from a wealthy family whose house is redecorated by Gwen. She is voiced by Kristin Fairlie.

The Aftermath: III

Owen's mother

Mom Aftermath

Owen's mother.

Owen's mother tells Owen that she spent fifty thousand dollars on a giant cheese cellar, which excites Owen and makes him want to come home, even though their family is broke from this expense. She eventually tells Owen to come home because his family misses him. She resembles Sadie despite her blond hair, and is even voiced by the same voice actor, Lauren Lipson.


Harvey Aftermath

Harvey, a Leshawna fan who also seems to support the relationship between Leshawna and Harold.

Harvey, from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, asks Leshawna if she is in a relationship with Harold, to which she replies that they are just friends. Throughout the interview, Harvey hints that he has a crush on Leshawna, too. Harvey is somewhat similar to Harold in terms of personality, but has many physical differences like braces, a different pair of glasses, and a different hair color.

A picture of someone similar to him (though dressed up in a wizard's costume) appears in One Flu Over the Cuckoos, among the other pictures of relatives and friends to whom the remaining Screaming Gaffers are close to. It's unclear if he's either a friend or relative of Harold.

Total Drama World Tour

Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water



Willy, Bridgette's "biggest" fan.

Willy, from Wiarton, Ontario, apparently Bridgette's "biggest fan", goes on the webcam at Bridgette’s request. Willy, resembling Harvey from a previous aftermath, tells Bridgette that he doesn't want to be too obvious and ask Bridgette about footwear or catching waves. Willy then states that there's something he really wants to know about Bridgette, and after he takes out a pole, he asks her if she would kiss it. This upsets Bridgette and causes her to snap. He does not appear again and it is implied that they hung up on him.

Aftermath Aftermayhem

Blaineley's fan

Although not seen, Blaineley's fan is mentioned and heard throughout the episode. From Siberia, he claims to be Blaineley's biggest fan, and gets angry when he discovers Bridgette is in Siberia to do the interview instead of her, causing him to throw things at Bridgette. He asks The Drama Brothers to sing a traditional Russian song about Blaineley, which Geoff complies to, singing Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley instead, to spite Blaineley.


  • Total Drama Action has video guests for three Aftermaths with two in each one, while Total Drama World Tour has guests for two Aftermaths with only one in both of them.
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