The following are biographies from Teletoon listed of every Total Drama All-Stars contestant.



Alejandro (TDAS website)

Beneath Alejandro's ruggedly handsome good looks, charisma and athletic skills is a venomous, back-stabbing SNAKE. Alejandro sees all the other contestants as mere puppets to be used and turned against one another. Even when a player is fully aware that Alejandro is up to no good, it's tough to resist him once he turns on the charm. Having spent a year sealed in a robotic suit after a horrific accident involving lava in season three (he doesn't like to talk about it) has done little to curb Alejandro's nasty and ambitious personality; If anything, it's made it WORSE.


Cameron (TDAS website)

A sweet guy who has led a very sheltered life, so sheltered in fact that not only was he home schooled but also lived in a BUBBLE up until becoming a competitor on Total Drama. He's soft-spoken and charming in a "defenseless little animal"-kinda way. Cameron doesn't amount to much in the physical department- any challenge involving strength or stamina tends to end badly for him- but his razor-sharp mind more than makes up for his athletic shortcomings.


Courtney (TDAS website)

A cute, polished Asian girl, Courtney is on her way to the university of her choice a year early (on scholarship) and decided to have one little adventure before diving into her combined pre-law, pre-MBA program. She's the classic Type A - polite and kind, but focused on winning - she is not one that is used to losing at anything. As captain of her tennis and debate teams and student council treasurer, Courtney follows the rules to the letter - until such time as they get between her and victory.


Duncan (TDAS website)

A tough looking kid with a rap sheet, a quick wit and lots of attitude. Likes to torture his teammates by making scary faces and well-aimed jibes until they cry. Underneath it all he has a huge heart... but we're talking under A LOT of layers. He tries his hardest to hide his nice guy tendencies by pushing people's buttons.


Gwen (TDAS website)

Gwen is the Goth chick with a sharp wit. Aggressively defensive. She's not a pessimist, but steadfastly refuses to be cheerful. She's likewise not bitter, but rather guarded and careful about whom she lets in. Her behavior can easily be mistaken for snobbery. She shuns the cameras and rolls her eyes at the antics of the other players- even though all she really wants is acceptance from others.


Heather (TDAS website)

Heather is fabulous but evil. She has exotic Polynesian looks and has been encouraged to model for teen magazines. Her goal is to win and has all the credentials that the best politicians have to pull it off - looks, confidence, leadership skills and unwavering focus on her goal. She can be merciless and her allies are only dear to her as long as they are useful - dare to cross her and you'll pay for it. A great manipulator, mentally as tough as they come, and absolutely bound and determined to get her way no matter what the cost.


Jo (TDAS website)

Think Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch from Glee) when she was sixteen. Butchy and tough - she's no nonsense and abhors wimps. She sniffs out weakness and exploits it. She's a winner and believes that second place is just the "first loser". She doesn't spare words and shocks people with her bluntness. Her confessionals are a hilarious window into her unsympathetic soul. She's a fierce competitor (the kind who would actually step on someone as they lay injured!) with little time or patience for things like "friends".


Lightning (TDAS website)

Think Smash Williams from Friday Night Lights, or Cuba Gooding Jr. from Jerry Maguire. A super fit, super talented, NFL-bound athlete who is always pumped on his own self-love. You gotta love the Lightning! The only thing he's more in love with than himself is the camera, and the mirror. He loves to show off, a total hot dog. He doesn't handle defeat well (he's actually never lost anything in his LIFE and if he does lose a challenge, he completely falls apart!) Lightning's sense of self-worth is so out of control that he honestly believes to be in the presence of one of his farts is an honor.


Lindsay (TDAS website)

The prettiest one on the show and, as if nature decided to be fair about things, also the dumbest girl you'll ever meet. She is bubbly, thrives on male attention and hates confrontation; NOT into getting dirty or messing up her hair. She doesn't have a malicious bone in her body and gets along with everyone... as long as they can put up with her bubble-headed outlook on life.


Mike (TDAS website)

Mike is your typical 16 year old guy - into sports, music, girls... except that Mike isn't always Mike. Sometimes he's a gymnast called Svetlana. Sometimes he's a cantankerous old fart named Chester. Other times he's Manitoba Smith, an outdoors-man from the Outback or Vito, a smooth talker with lots of attitude and a nice tan. Last but not least is Mal, a dark and brooding personality that, as of late, seems to be gaining a unsettling amount of strength...


Sam (TDAS website)

Seth Rogan-type of character. A nerd with heart. Comedy relief. Self-deprecating and funny, he's social and easy to hang with. Sam LOVES video games to an insane degree and has the heavily callused "gamer thumbs" to prove it. In fact, it's rare to see Sam WITHOUT one of his trusty, handheld gaming devices, happily playing away and oblivious to what's going on around him. It's this habit that often gets Sam into trouble as it can be difficult to get Sam focused on the game at hand verses the one in his hand...


Scott (TDAS website)

Scott is the guy who'll stir the pot just to cause trouble. He revels in watching the others react when he pulls pranks and blames others for them. He'll pull stunts like dumping out hard-won rewards, sabotaging his own team to getting players to suspect one other of foul play or expose someone's secrets- whatever it takes to get ahead. He's the ultimate schemer and plays the others off one another with the skills of a master chess player. Scott actually doesn't care about the cash prize; he is up front with the audience about how he's playing the game. He's in it to win it for the title and he'll mess with heads, lie, cheat, do whatever he has to do to make it happen.


Sierra (TDAS website)

To call Sierra a mere devotee of the Total Drama show is a severe understatement. Her encyclopedic knowledge of all the contestants, Chris, Chef and, well, anything to do with the series in general, boarders on terrifying. Being a contestant on Total Drama is her GREATEST dream come true! OMG!! She has a crazy amount of energy and enthusiasm but often has trouble focusing it into anything constructive (beyond updating her numerous blogs about the show, that is). There is only thing more important to Sierra than her obsession with Total Drama: her romantic fixation with classic competitor Cody (much to his dismay).


Zoey (TDAS website)

Think Katy Perry, Zoey Deshenal - super fun, pretty and easy to get along with all wrapped up in a rockabilly fashion sense. She has an incredibly big heart and only cares about the best for everyone... hero OR villain. Zoey has a tendency to apologize A LOT (even when there's nothing to apologize for) and may come across as a pushover but don't be fooled; push her too far and you'll find beneath that passive and cheery demeanor lurks a fierce competitor with MAD SKILLS!



  • Courtney is said to be Asian in her biography, even Todd Kauffman previously confirmed her ethnicity as Hispanic.
  • Zooey Deschanel's first and last name are misspelled in Zoey's biography.
  • In Sierra's biography, "boarders" is misspelled when the correct spelling is "borders".
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