Sasquatchanakwa, the escaped killer, and the bear walk into the Gemmie Awards for their show.

Total Drama Dirtbags is a fake Total Drama season that Chris makes up during Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special in order to ruse the old contestants into wanting to compete again. If this season were to happen, the season would have taken place after Total Drama Action instead of Total Drama World Tour.

Five of the six known participants are recurring or one-time characters seen in the show before, including Sasquatchanakwa, the killer, a bear, an eskimo, and an intern. The only contestant from Total Drama Dirtbags to not appear prior to the new season's introduction is Alejandro.

Total Drama Action


Alejandro driving the Total Drama Dirtbags' bus.

While the original contestants wait for access into the Gemmie Awards, a limo arrives containing the cast of the new "season". They are all allowed inside and Chris reveals they are set to appear in Total Drama Dirtbags; a show meant to replace the previous competitors.

Noah explains that the show is about contestants who live in a huge mansion, until they all get bored and back-stab each other. Chris announces the season at the Gemmie Awards, additionally stating that the promotion is going to extend to the "Orpah Show".

The former contestants, afraid their fame is over, set out on a trip to stop the Dirtbags' bus from getting to the "Orpah Show" studio in New York. Initially ahead of them, the bus accidentally drives off a cliff.

Once Chris rescues them and returns them back to the film lot, Chris and Alejandro reveal there never was a Total Drama Dirtbags. The season was a fraud used to see if the old contestants would do anything to achieve fame and fortune, and they succeeded.


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