Total Drama Island DVD

Total Drama Island: The Complete First Season is the first season of Total Drama on DVD. It was released on August 18th, 2009 in the United States and features all episodes of the season, excluding the special, despite the fact that both the box and commercial state it is included. The episodes are the edited versions played on Cartoon Network, to keep this series for a younger age limit, as the original copy shown in Australia and other countries contain some inappropriate language for a some younger audiences. The main menus of all discs feature all twenty-two campers in the group pose from the first episode and in a different location on each disc, with the series' theme song playing.

The episode selection menu show only a few of the campers and have the instrumental version of the theme song (the one that always plays during an episode's end credits) playing in the background. The DVD set was distributed by Warner Bros. Entertainment under Warner Home Video. This is currently the only Total Drama DVD distributed in North America.


Cast Interviews

The cast interviews are the audition tapes of the contestants. The tapes that are not shown during the rundown (those of Lindsay, Tyler, Duncan, Courtney, Harold, Leshawna, and Trent) are presented here one after the other, according to their elimination order. The complete version of Beth's tape is also included, along with both of Izzy's audition tapes, her interview with Chris, and clips featuring Chef and Mr. Coconut.


Disc One


Heather glaring at Owen in the disc one episode selection.

Disc Two

Disc Three

Disc Four


Chris wearing his pirate outfit on the special features menu on disc four.



  • Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island isn't included in this DVD set, even though it is an episode and is implied on the case. Instead, TDI Rundown was in this DVD.
    • This is the same case for iTunes, as Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island isn't included on the Total Drama Island downloads. However, TDI Rundown is on iTunes. Eventually, the other episode became viewable on Netflix (American) with Owen's opening.
    • Also, TDI Rundown is listed as being after the finale, even though it really took place in between I Triple Dog Dare You! and the finale.
  • In the disc one menu, Owen's leg is missing.
  • Strangely, the Canadian intern is shown in The Very Last Episode, Really! instead of the American one.
  • On the disc one menu, "Not So Happy Campers Part 1" and "Not So Happy Campers Part 2" are lacking a hyphen.


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