Total Drama Island: Totally Interactive! was the official website for Total Drama Island. It was available on the Teletoon and Cartoon Network websites, and was the first online game in the series. It was later removed in early 2011 to make room for the newer seasons' websites. There were four sections to this game: Total Drama Island World, Campsite, Games, and About the Season.



All twenty-two campers from the show were seen on the campsite. Any camper voted off was dimmed and moved into the background. Scrolling over a camper caused their name to appear and, aside from Justin, they also said a line from either of the first two episodes. If one clicked on a camper, the biography of them came up, including:

  • Their name.
  • What they like.
  • What they dislike.
  • What they are known for.
  • Why they joined Total Drama Island.
  • A short biography.

The campers also said a short line from the first and second episode when one scrolled their mouse over them:

  • Beth - "It's so incredulous to meet you!"
  • Bridgette - "I thought we were going to be on a beach."
  • Cody - "I see the ladies have already arrived. All right!"
  • Courtney - "I'm the only one with CIT camping experience here."
  • DJ - "Aw, man, for real?"
  • Duncan - "Dude, you've got a lot to learn about the real world."
  • Eva - "Shut up, chicken."
  • Ezekiel - "Well, guys are much stronger and better at sports than girls are."
  • Geoff - "Okay, let's just chill out. This is getting way too heavy."
  • Gwen - "Um, okay... so far this sucks." Cartoon Network version: "Um, okay."
  • Harold - "That is so much more favorable to my skills."
  • Heather - "Well, at least I'm popular."
  • Izzy - "That felt so... good!"
  • Justin - Justin's theme music plays.
  • Katie - "Oh my gosh, Sadie, look. It's a summer camp!"
  • Leshawna - "What's up, y'all? Leshawna's in the house!"
  • Lindsay - "Can I have a cabin with a lake view since I'm the prettiest?"
  • Noah - "You get my memo about my life-threatening allergies?"
  • Owen - "This is awesome! Woo-hoo!"
  • Sadie - "I always wanted to go to a summer camp! Eeeeeeeeeee!"
  • Trent - "Hey, what's up, guys?"
  • Tyler - "'Cause, you know, I could do that too."


A new game was added to Total Drama Island: Totally Interactive every week, after each new episode.

There were twenty-six games accessible through the website:
  • Campers Craniac (A memory game with pictures of the campers, minus Ezekiel - Added before the series' premiere)
  • Shark Bait (Owen has to jump the cliff - Based on the first challenge of Not So Happy Campers - Part 2)
  • Hot Tub Hullabaloo (Put together the pieces of an image from the hot tub challenge to see it - Based on the second challenge of Not So Happy Campers - Part 2)
  • Maniacal Marathon (Leshawna has to find her way out of the woods. - Based on the marathon in The Big Sleep)
  • Dodgeball Desperation (Duncan has to play dodgeball versus some Screaming Gophers - Based on Dodgebrawl)
  • Beatbox Bonanza (Harold has to do beatboxing - Based on Harold's beatboxing talent in Not Quite Famous)
  • Bear-ly Escaped (Izzy like a bear has to escape of a real bear - Based on the bear attack in The Sucky Outdoors)
  • Bomb Buster (Cody has to deactivate a time bomb - Based on Cody's phobia in Phobia Factor)
  • Crazy Canoe (Geoff and DJ have to move their canoe taking Tiki Dolls)
  • Deer Hunter (An unknown character has to hunt the campers deer of both teams - Based on Paintball Deer Hunter)
  • Food Fight (Geoff has to fight with food versus some campers of both teams)
  • Calamity Cliff (Gwen has to jump with explosives to get up the cliff - Based on her challenge in Who Can You Trust?)
  • Basic Straining (Courtney has to dance as Chef - Based on the third challenge in Basic Straining)
  • Sofa Skydiving (DJ has to jump into the sofa moved by the Killer Bass - Based on his challenge in X-Treme Torture)
  • Bad News Brunch (play Tetris in Owen's stomach so that he doesn't puke - Based on the challenge of eating bull testicles in Brunch of Disgustingness)
  • Turtle Slap-Shots (Duncan has to evade the turtles throwing by Chef - Based on his challenge in No Pain, No Game)
  • Key Caboodle (Heather has to collect more treasures with time-based on Search and Do Not Destroy)
  • Chef's Special (Chef has to catch the campers with his water gun - Based on Hide and Be Sneaky)
  • Bicycle Beatdown (Lindsay has to cross the post in the less time - Based on That's Off the Chain!)
  • Chainsaw Chiller (Owen has to escape of the Killer - Based on Hook, Line, and Screamer)
  • Total Island Trapper (The player has to trap animals - Based on Wawanakwa Gone Wild!)
  • Maze Monstrosity (Owen has to get to the finish line of the maze - Based on Are We There Yeti?)
  • Good Ole Times (The player has to find the differences between two images of any episode of the show until Haute Camp-ture)
  • Downpour Delight (Owen must search for food - Based on Camp Castaways)
  • Disoriented Disaster (Gwen has to get over the Great Wall - Based on The Very Last Episode, Really!)
  • Bowl Blaster (Gwen has to feed some cockroaches - Based on her dare in I Triple Dog Dare You!)
  • Teletoon: Choose Your Own Adventure/Make Your Own Drama based on The Big Sleep, The Sucky Outdoors, Hook, Line, and Screamer (there are two forms: the first is Owen escaping the Killer, avoiding the obstacles: snakes, fire and bats; the second is a do-it-yourself level, with Leshawna, Owen or Izzy as a bear escaping the Killer, a real bear or nothing, while avoiding the obstacles)

There was also a leaderboard on which the top twenty-two (a reference to the twenty-two contestants) high scores (total of all games) are listed. Each camper that made the leaderboard would be entered into a draw to have an animated avatar of themselves appear as an intern in the last episode of Total Drama Island.


  • In 2007, Total Drama Island: Totally Interactive! was nominated for an Interactive Emmy Award.
  • Eva's line when one scrolls over her is unique, as it is the only one to be shortened from the original line, "Shut up and pick up your crate, chicken!"



Notice that the level says, "Level 13 of 9."

  • In some games, such as "Shark Bait," "Dodgeball Desperation," and "Chef's Special," up to nine levels can be played, but at the end of the ninth level it asks the player to restart. If one clicks that, the game says they're on the tenth out of ninth level. If one continues to do this, they can get to even higher levels.
  • In Katie and Sadie's biographies, in the section: "Why they joined Total Drama Island"; in both biographies said: "To be more friend of Sadie," instead of "To be more friend of Katie" in Sadie's biography.
  • Unlike the others camper's biographies, the section "What they like" and "What they dislike" in Beth's, are together.
  • In the game "Boom Buster," it says "help Harold to deactivate a bomb." However, in the game itself, it is Cody that must be helped.
  • On the TV information, in the image for the episode Up the Creek, it instead shows an image from Not So Happy Campers - Part 1.
  • In the small image of "Food Fight," it can see Duncan brawling versus some Gophers (with Justin and Cody), although Justin and Cody were already eliminated. This could be an error because the prototype of "Dodgeball Desperation" and this game are the same.
  • In the game, "Bearly Escaped," the instructions wrongly say that Lizzie must be helped, instead of Izzy.
  • After the episode No Pain, No Game, Izzy's character is still darkened, even though she returns in this episode.
  • The episode description for Haute Camp-ture is inconsistent with the episode. It says that the challenge is a modeling challenge, even though there wasn't a challenge this episode.
  • On some occasions when a marshmallow is clicked on, instead of gaining one, one is lost.
  • In the "TV Information" section on "About the Show," The Very Last Episode, Really! is incorrectly written as "The Very Last, Really!"
  • On TV Information in If You Can't Take The Heat... it says Geoff and Beth grow closer even though it should say Geoff and Bridgette.
  • In the Tyler desktop background, half of his collar is missing.
  • On Justin's profile the word "unattractive" is spelled as "unnatractive."
  • In Choose Your Adventure, when one is picking their character, Leshawna's name is incorrectly spelled as "Lashawna."
  • Sometimes on the Cartoon Network and Teletoon site, when one enters the "campsite," specific campers walk off the screen. It is unknown why this happens.
  • Duncan's picture has his piercings reversed.
  • In the "Calamity Cliff" game, when Gwen wins the challenge, Cody is seen with the other Gophers at the top of the cliff, but he was eliminated two episodes before the challenge.
  • In the game "Chef's Special," the D on DJ's shirt is flipped horizontally when he appears.


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