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The Total Drama Jumbo Jet, also called the Total Drama Plane, is one of the three main vehicles of the series, being the plane used in Total Drama World Tour to fly the cast to different locations around the world. The jet contains two confessionals: the lavatory (which is the standard on Total Drama) and the cockpit with Chef Hatchet. The plane also contains a first-class area for the winners of each challenge and an economy-class area for the losers. There is also a cafeteria, bathroom, galley, cargo hold, and one lavish compartment specifically reserved for Chris. Like most of the vehicles in Total Drama, the jet is poorly constructed and appears to be old, most likely due to Chris' cheapness and general disregard for the safety of others. The Total Drama Jumbo Jet was first seen in the end of Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, where Chris and Chef announce the singing concept of the new season. Then, the front part of the plane breaks and falls off, displaying the poor quality of the plane.

The Total Drama Jumbo Jet is also seen during the Total Drama World Tour opening sequence, flying over London and Paris. It then soars over Leshawna and Noah, causing them to duck to avoid being hit by it. Throughout Total Drama World Tour, the plane is piloted by Chef. Chef also serves the food on the plane to the contestants between flights, leaving a "co-pilot" blow-up dummy of himself flying the plane.

Total Drama World Tour

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Owen is shown to still be afraid of flying, so he attempts to quit the competition, although Chris hits him over the head with a frying pan, knocking him unconscious, preventing him from having anymore outbursts. After this, everyone enters the plane for the first time. The plane is revealed to have an "economy class" section and a swanky "first class" section for the respective losers and winners of each challenge. The first musical performance that the contestants had to sing also happened inside different locations in the plane. The first location the plane flies to is Egypt. Although it is not seen for the rest of the episode, it is briefly mentioned by Duncan, saying that he'll be in the plane waiting for a ride home because he quit the competition.


The Jumbo Jet, as seen in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2.

In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Duncan is briefly shown sitting in first class section of the jet, waiting to be brought home, drinking lemonade. He is humming the song he had to sing with the others when Chris overhears him, but he is quick to deny that he is humming at all. At the end of the episode, the season's first elimination took place, and Ezekiel and Duncan are thrown out.

The plane continues to show more damage in Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan when part of the hull collapses and nearly sucks everyone out of the economy-class section, until Owen's large frame blocks it. It is also revealed that the plane has a massive theater-like screen in the first-class section. The cargo hold is once again shown with Ezekiel hiding there after holding onto the jet's tail wing in the previous episode.

In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, the plane is shown to have small holes in it, as seen when rats are jumping out of the plane in parachutes as Ezekiel is watching, after Chef is haphazardly steering the plane. During this, the plane catches many air bumps and Chef orders the contestants to buckle up their seatbelts. However, the seat belts of the plane are shown to be in poor condition. After arriving in the Yukon, the plane makes a bad landing, even slipping on the ice. The plane is later seen again at the Barf Bag Ceremony. This is an episode in which the elimination ceremony location is once again shown, before Bridgette is eliminated and takes the Drop of Shame, with her tongue still stuck to a pole.

In Broadway, Baby!, no more problems with the plane are revealed, but Heather is shown throwing one of her team's rewards from the challenge, a meat grinder, out the Drop of Shame. It's also shown that Chef has a special device in the pilot cabin, that pulls open the floor of the luggage compartment. In this episode, the cast is seen in a boat inside of the plane and the boat is dropped until it reached New York City.

In Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water, the plane is shown several times, in never-before-seen clips, such as the Ezekiel sightings. It is revealed that Ezekiel may have been hanging upside down on a wing of the plane, while Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot was in the first-class compartment, which subsequently spooked Owen. The plane is seen again in the same "Total Drama Fugitives" segment, when Chris' hot-tub inside his private headquarters, in yet another Ezekiel sighting.

In Slap Slap Revolution, Team Victory and Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot are seen in the economy class section of the plane early in the episode. The plane continues to show more problems, after the hole in the plane breaks again, and starts to suck Owen out. The hole is once again covered by Leshawna, who pushes a large crate in front of it. Before that, however, a seagull penetrates the plane. After Noah notices the German Alps are outside the plane window, the contestants are dropped into an avalanche-territory in the German Alps. After the challenge, the plane is once again seen for the Barf Bag Ceremony. At the plane, Leshawna gets voted off. Upon hearing of her elimination, Leshawna attempts to defend herself by saying that she is fabulous and that she 'seized the day'. Subsequently, Chris pushes her off the plane, but Leshawna hangs on to the plane door before being pushed out by Alejandro.

In The Am-AH-Zon Race, the plane is seen at the very beginning of the episode, with Team Chris Is Really Really Really Hot and Team Victory being in the economy class section of the plane once again. The plane then bucks, and sloppily lands in the Amazon Rainforest in Peru. Following the hiking challenge, Team Victory is in the first class compartment for the first time, receiving chocolate chip cookies from the airport attendant seen in Mutiny on the Soundstage. The elimination ceremony section of the plane is then seen, where Team Amazon is at after losing the challenge. Chris reveals as a 'surprise' that nobody would really be eliminated that night, before signing off.

In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, Team Amazon and Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot are seen sitting in the economy class section. Team Victory is enjoying their stay in first class, and Chris suddenly drops them into Paris. Izzy is seen in the cockpit confessional, playing with the controls, while Chef Hatchet angrily tries to stop her. The plane ends up crash landing in the Seine River near the Louvre, which annoys Chris.

In Newf Kids on the Rock, Heather uses the airplane's air ducts to spy on the other two teams in the economy class. Meanwhile, Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot is preoccupied with trying to create an alliance with DJ. Heather also manages to pop in during DJ's confessional, trying to swindle him into an alliance with Team Amazon, revealing that she had to stay for a long time, waiting for him to come. Later, the plane has a bumpy landing into the waters off Newfoundland, where each contestant is pushed out into the water. Ezekiel is seen behind the crates behind Chef after he pushes Heather out. The plane isn't seen again after the challenge starts.


The Jet is stranded in Jamaica due to a lack of fuel.

In Jamaica Me Sweat, Team Amazon is in the economy class, complaining of the conditions they are in at the moment. The plane seems to have many tiny holes, as water is dripping through the plane when it rains outside. Once near Jamaica, the Total Drama Jumbo jet runs out of fuel and crash lands onto the shore of a beach in Jamaica, and on top of Owen and Izzy, who jumped out of the plane. Chris also mentions Chef's poor aviation skills after a rough landing. The plane isn't seen again until DJ is eliminated and takes the Drop of Shame, he jumps and has a short, harmless fall before landing on the ground, due to the non-fueled plane still being stranded on the beach, but this soon changes when he is attacked by a group of ants. Ezekiel is also seen on top of the bleachers at DJ's Barf Bag Ceremony.

In Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, it is mentioned throughout the episode that they need to raise money to refuel the plane in order to save the show. Also, Ezekiel is seen on the plane in the cargo hold during one of the "Total Drama Fugitives" clips.

In I See London..., both teams are in the economy section, leaving Team Amazon confused since Team Chris had won the last challenge. Meanwhile, Chris and Chef hire Jack the Ripper for the show. The Ripper kidnaps Alejandro, who is eavesdropping on them at the time. Once in London, Chris makes everyone jump out of the plane since they don't have permission to land. Throughout the episode, in order, Alejandro, Sierra, Cody, Heather, and Tyler are all kidnapped by the Ripper, and are taken back to the plane, where they all watched the others who hadn't been kidnapped compete. Once arriving back onto the plane, Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot has kidnapped the Ripper, who turns out to be Ezekiel. For a brief moment, Ezekiel is seen on the wheels of the plane, and is continuing to find shelter in the plane.

In The EX-Files, the plane is hit by an unidentified flying object laser above Area 51, causing it to descend to the ground. Ezekiel and Chef's inflatable dummy are seen sitting in the cockpit with the autopilot flying the plane.

Chef Hatchet's second illegal alliance is formed and takes place in the cockpit of the plane during Chinese Fake-Out between him and Blaineley. Also, Ezekiel is seen in the first-class compartment, trying to steal Duncan and Courtney's cake.

Drumheller remains of the plane

The Jet is left in ruins after Sierra causes an explosion.

In Awwwwww, Drumheller, the Total Drama Jumbo Jet is involved in both challenges. In the first challenge, the contestants go in the Jumbo Jet and search for materials to create their own dinosaur fossil. In the second challenge, the oil barrels that the contestants find must be left in front of the Jumbo Jet. The Total Drama Jumbo Jet is destroyed when several sparks from the candles on a cake Sierra made for Cody lands on an oil spill, causing a massive explosion. Ezekiel and many other animals are seen escaping from the cargo hold before the plane blows up.

In Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles, the plane is still in ruins, but a few sections of the plane are still somewhat intact, such as the first-class section and the cockpit, where the contestants gave their final thoughts.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and Total Drama All-Stars

The Jet itself does not appear in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island or Total Drama All-Stars due to still being destroyed, however the tail wing of the Plane is visible as one of the main parts of the "Chrisiseum" in Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown and Suckers Punched.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Several planes resembling the Jumbo Jet appear in the spin-off series. The similarities are so strong, it is even highlighted by Owen in Brazilian Pain Forest where he has flashbacks of near-death experiences on the Jumbo Jet.



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