The Total Drama Production Blog was a blog about Total Drama created by directors Mark Thornton and Todd Kauffman from 2008 to 2012 when it was officially retired.

Early posts

The blog's first post was about the Total Drama Island special, talking about season two and revealing some inside information about the special.

Earlier in the blog's history, they posted character rotations, character poses, backgrounds, and pictures of the staff.

Seasons two, three and four

Even though neither Mark Thornton nor Todd Kauffman was in charge of season three or four, they confirmed that they would continue the Total Drama blog. They returned to work on season four, in significantly smaller roles.

Todd Kauffman made a blog post revealing that Owen was originally supposed to tell everyone he's fine at the end of Monster Cash, while he was on the table. However, Scott McCord (who voices Owen and Trent) improvised the line, "Nope. Call 911." The production crew found it so funny that they kept it for the episode.

The blog also posted the first-ever pictures of Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour (formerly "Total Drama, the Musical"). Many pictures uploaded on the blog were very high quality, plus the blog also revealed the first poses of Alejandro and Sierra.

On September 28, 2010, the blog posted the original character designs of the 12 new Total Drama: Revenge of the Island characters. Below their images, their initial names were also revealed. However, some of these designs, names, and characters were greatly altered before the final release, and two additional characters were added in later on. Later, on January 13, 2011, the blog posted some rough concept art drawings of Chris from the fourth season.


The blog also featured Halloween contests, such as yearly costume contests or pumpkin-carving contests that they've started. There, one could find videos by Christian Potenza of various voice actors being interviewed as well.


The production blog wasn't being updated as much midway through season three. The Total Drama Production Blog was shut down on January 5, 2012. This was the same day that Total Drama: Revenge of the Island premiered in Canada. Mark Thornton announced its retirement after Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er! aired on Teletoon, and permanently signed off from the blog on that day. Mark Thornton left this final message:

Teletoon premiered the first episode of Total Drama Revenge of the Island tonight.
I hope it's as well received as the earlier seasons. It was a weird experience watching it, having had almost nothing to do with this season (I storyboarded half an episode and Todd worked on some of the designs).
The arrival of the new season seems like as good a time as any for our official retirement of the blog.
It's not like we've posted much in the past while .. but it was still nice getting the odd note from people interested in the show.
Thanks for all of your support and interest over the years -- I hope we find the same dedicated and awesome fans for our own shows. To follow what Todd and I are up to with Neptoon hop on over to

However, a post was later made on May 1, 2012 to inform users of their whereabouts since the blog's closure, announcing that they had started work on Fresh TV cartoon Grojband and now launched a production blog for it.

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