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Total Drama Reloaded is the original title for the fourth season of Total Drama, by the time that the season began production and was officially confirmed, but was later renamed Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. The existence of a fourth season was confirmed on the Total Drama Production Blog on January 18, 2010, when a caption-less picture of just the acronym "TDR" was displayed, and Mark Thornton challenged the fans to guess what it stood for. The title, initially thought to be Total Drama Comedy and trademarked as Total Drama - Back to Wawanakwa, was left unknown until it was confirmed as Total Drama Reloaded by Christian Potenza in a YouTube video.



The original Total Drama Reloaded cast.

The only contestants to not be seen in any Total Drama Reloaded character line-ups were Dawn and B, as they did not exist at the time. While some contestants' designs remained relatively the same, some of them were scrapped and given new designs, as well as new names. Chris and Chef Hatchet were also both confirmed to be in Total Drama Reloaded.

Anne Maria

In Anne Maria's original design, her skin was paler than it currently is. Her jeans were a darker shade of blue, and her top was shorter and dark gray. The frills on her current top, which is now pink, are also taken from the design of Zoey in Total Drama Reloaded. Her lipstick was originally bright red but is now dark pink. She also lacked the violet eyeliner that she now wears. Also, the belt on her pants was originally gray and is now pink.


B was not seen in the original fourth season lineup, being later added as a contestant in the final version of the season.


In the original fourth season, Brick seemed to be meaner than his current state. His design was mostly the same, but it featured slightly paler skin. While his outfit's design stayed the same, his shirt changed from dark gray to a dark military green, and his shorts changed from khaki tan to dark blue. Also, he lacked the dog tags that he currently wears.


Cameron was one of the characters who had the most changes from his original design. He used to be Caucasian, but his skin color was changed to be much darker, similar to Mike's. He also had more hair, which is now dark black, that used to be light brown and curlier. He also lacked the glasses that he now wears. His shoes were originally black, but have changed to a light brown. His shorts were originally a bright yellow, but have been toned down to a more orange color. Lastly, his nose was changed from a sharper shape to a blunter shape. This design was later reused for Jay and Mickey from Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.


In her original design, Dakota's body shape and facial design were the same, but her overall look was drastically changed. She originally had red hair with a flower in it, and her hair was only about shoulder length. She had long, khaki-colored jeans and a purple shirt, her skin was paler, and she lacked the sunglasses that she currently wears. Her original design was instead recycled into the current design for Zoey, with some minor changes. Since then, her shoulder length red hair is changed to long blonde hair, her purple top was changed to a pink top, her long tanned pants were changed to a hot pink color, her flats are currently pink, her eyes went from strong dark green to a paler shade and her skin is now tan.


Dawn is one of two members of the second generation cast to not have a known prototype design. She was added after the release of the original lineup, replacing the original Zoey.


Lightning's design was almost completely unchanged in body shape and design. The only clear difference is that his shirt was originally light blue and had no designs on it, but has changed to being dark blue with several yellow and white stripes on the sleeves and in the middle of the shirt. His hair is shorter and his earring is a darker color. Also, in the original character lineup, his name was spelled "Lightening."


Jo was one of only two characters whose name was changed since Total Drama Reloaded; she was originally named Mary. Despite this, she had very few changes to her overall design and is arguably the most unchanged character of the entire second generation. One of the few noticeable differences are her hoodie, which was originally the same color as her sweatpants. Since then, her hoodie has become much darker. Her sweatpants also lack the tightening strings that were present in the original design. Her eye color has changed from gray to purple, and the color of her shoes changed from white to light green.


According to Todd Kauffman, Molly became Zoey. Originally, she wore dark teal jeans and a white t-shirt. She had brown eyes, two red wristbands on her left wrist and blue earrings, three traits recycled and given to Zoey. Molly's design changed radically. Molly's nose was changed into a more upwards-facing nose, and her hair was changed into a cleaner red hairstyle with pigtails and a flower similar to that on Dakota's original design. Additionally, she was given a black collar. Her baggy pants were replaced by a pair of knee-length khaki pants and her white shirt was replaced by a red shirt that showed her cleavage. Lastly, her shoes were changed from green slippers to tan-and-dark-brown high-heeled sandals. Her breasts were noticeably larger in her final design than they were in the original design.


While certain details of Mike's design stayed the same, such as his body shape and the gap in his teeth, he had a considerable amount of changes to his character in the final design. Like Cameron, he went from having white skin to dark skin. His hairstyle stayed the same, except his new version has more hair in the back and a slightly longer hairline. To match his skin change, his hair changed from blonde to dark brown. He originally had dotted black eyes, but his eyes have since changed and become much wider. His outfit also completely changed in terms of color and certain details. His shirt was originally light green, with even lighter green stripes around the collar and sleeves, and came down below his waist, covering the top of his pants. Now it is light blue with light green stripes still around the collar and sleeves, and it now stops right at his waist. His pants were originally black, but are now dark blue. His shoes were checkered black and white, but are now beige and white.


Sam had practically no changes to his design or outfit at all. His original design had him sporting a full beard in addition to a small goatee. Now the beard and goatee are gone completely, leaving only some slight chin hair. Another difference is the brown color on his shirt and shoes were changed into a dark red color.


In his original design, Scott had a beard and goatee that matched his hair color. His tank top was originally dark green but is now white. His pants were also a mix of dark green and blue, but are now full-on dark blue. In addition, he originally wore military dog tags around his neck; an extra trait that was later removed and given to Brick. His eyebrows were originally black, but are now orange. He also had a watch on his right wrist, which is now gone. Also, he lacked the freckles that he now has, and his eyes were originally black.


Staci's original design had light blonde hair with a small blue band in it, which was changed to a modified version of Zoey's original hair, being shorter with a smaller bow. Her jacket was originally a coral pink color, but it is now a hot pink color. Her jacket also has two purple pockets on it and is rolled up at the end of the sleeves. Also, her pants were originally dark blue, but have since changed to light purple. Her eyes are now dark blue, her nose is smaller, and her figure also became much less round, and now slightly resembles Sadie's. Also, the lines on her knees were removed.


According to Todd Kauffman, Zoey's name was given to Molly, making this the only concept design scrapped from the final version. In her original design, she had dark brown hair that reached just past her shoulders, and had a bright red bow in it (a trait that was recycled into Staci's current design). She also wore a pair of indie glasses and had a mole on her left cheek as well as a tongue piercing. Her shirt was a short red blouse with large floral rims on the sleeves and collar (a trait recycled and given to Anne Maria). She wore short black shorts with a button on them and wore a pair of black high-heeled sandals. For reasons unknown, her character was scrapped and her spot was taken by Dawn upon the final release.


  • Total Drama Reloaded is one of the three seasons titles to be scrapped, the others being "Total Drama, the Musical," which was the original title for Total Drama World Tour, and Total Drama Comedy, an early, speculated title for the fourth season.
  • Mike's original design bears a striking resemblance to that of the titular character of Jimmy Two-Shoes.
    • Coincidentally, both characters are voiced by Cory Doran.
  • Jo and Zoey are the only characters of this cast to have their names changed for the final release, and the second and third overall after Gwen.
  • A later image of the cast lineup seems to show that Mike originally had only three alternate personalities. This number increased by one in the final release of the season.
    • Though difficult to see, one of the personalities appears to have a squinted eye. This could indicate that Chester was one of the originally planned alters.


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