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Toxic Targets is a Total Drama: Revenge of the Island game, produced by Cartoon Network. The game was released on May 29, 2012. It featured six badges until badges were removed from the website in 2018. 


The player plays as Chef Hatchet as he tries to blast the season's final four and crash dummies off platforms with his meatball bazooka. The contestants are holding mutant laser squirrels, which are still asleep, but when hit, they attack their holder, causing them to fall off and get out of the round. Once Chef blasts all but one target, he can either move on, or continue to blast the remaining target, which earns the player a Chris totem.

There are a total of 40 stages, each set in different locations around the island, including some of the familiar parts of the island seen throughout the season. In certain times in the game after collecting totems, Chef advances to a new power-up, being a different type of meatball. The meatballs can either hit, blast, or melt certain items or contestants to help win.

A minimum of 25 stages is required to beat the game, but the player can branch off on side routes to play more stages. Once beating the game, Chris congratulates Chef for getting all the campers out of the challenge. All the stages can be replayed, or the game can be reset to play it all from the beginning.


The meatballs, which are prepared by Chef, are used to knock down or hit contestants. Throughout the game, you are given more meatballs with different strengths to hurt the contestants. Collecting totems will unlock meatballs, and your current totems are not taken away once you unlock a meatball.

Name Unlock criteria Ammo Unlock description
Meatball Starter N/A
Explosive Meatball 7 totems You get infinite explosive meatballs! Handy to reach hidden contestants.
Giant Meatball 12 totems 1 You get a giant meatball! Throw it with strength, it's very heavy!
Giant Explosive Meatball 22 totems 1 You get a giant explosive meatball! Its explosive power has no match.
Stinky Meatball 30 totems 1 You get a strinky [sic] meatball! It melts anything around it.

* "Stinky Meatball" is only described as "strinky meatball". However, Chef holds up one after Chris talks about his "toxic meatballs" in the intro.


This blurb appeared below the game until the site redesign in 2014.


This Total Drama game lets you play as Chef as he tries to take down the contestants with his toxic meatballs. Total Drama Revenge of the Island takes you back to where all the drama started: Camp Wawanakwa! Meet some of the contestants from the new season, like Lightning, Scott, Cameron and Zoey, then fling mystery meat at them while they try to hold on to crazed mutant squirrels. Can Chef eliminate all the contestants? Or will he be fooled by the semi-lifelike crash dummies? Play Toxic Targets, more Total Drama games, and other free online games on Cartoon Network.



  • A noticeable goof is that the animation in this game is off-model, unlike the rest of the official games from the franchise.
  • When Zoey is seen in the ending card, her choker, bracelets, and earrings are missing.
    • Also, during the game, her flower is on the left side of her head instead of on her right.
  • When up close, Chef's apron and shoes are missing their laces.
  • On the ending card, when the laser-eyed squirrel wears Cameron's glasses, the spectacles are clear instead of its usual blue color.
  • The final meatball is described as a "strinky" meatball. Its description is "You get a strinky [sic] meatball! It melts anything around it."


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