The trailers are where the castmates stay in Total Drama Action when they are not competing. They are the equivalent of the cabins from Camp Wawanakwa.

Leshawna's trailer


Leshawna hugs her trailer.

Leshawna's trailer is the main prize in No Pain, No Game. It is a luxurious trailer that is considerably more rounded and in much better condition than the ones seen in Total Drama Action.

Leshawna gets the trailer by winning the "Grizzly Bear Log Roll" challenge, where Leshawna has to beat a professional log-rolling bear named Molotov to win it. Leshawna's immense determination allows her to defeat Molotov and win the trailer. It contains a toilet, her own private food supply, and most likely a bed for her to sleep in. After winning it, she throws Chef Hatchet aside and admires her new reward. After her elimination, Eva angrily screams as she is taken away to the Boat of Losers and almost spills the secret of what happened after Izzy's elimination. Izzy quickly changes the subject to a party at Leshawna's trailer which Leshawna obliges to while Izzy pushes Leshawna and leads the others away from the Dock of Shame.

Leshawna is seen tiredly exiting her trailer in the next episode and then relaxing in front of it. Despite the fact that she is supposed to take it home with her after the competition ends, Chris destroys it with a cannonball soon after she gets out of the trailer.

Total Drama Action

TDA DIY BG IntTrailer

An interior view of one of the trailers.

There are two main trailers in Total Drama Action, on the Abandoned film lot. These are mainly where the contestants occasionally get together during their free time and for sleep. There is one for the guys on set and another for the girls. These are picked in the first episode when Owen is allowed to choose which trailer the guys get since he won the challenge.

Owen chooses the trailer for the guys' that has a pink awning, and the girls' has an orange one. There are four bunk beds for use, along with a couch and large round table for relaxing. The trailers themselves appear to be in poor condition, with many dents in the rusted ceiling. The wheels have also been replaced with cement blocks. Both trailers were destroyed at the end of Monster Cash when the monster steps on both of them, although they were quickly rebuilt by Chef.


  • The only difference between the cabins and the trailers is that each trailer has all of one gender in it, regardless of their team. The cabins divided the campers by team until the merge, after which they were divided by gender.
  • The only difference in appearance between the girls' trailer and the boys' trailer is the awnings above their doors. The girls' trailer's awning is orange, while the boys' trailer's awning is magenta.
  • Apparently, the girls' trailer was installed with a camera and sliding steps, as well as being built next to a retractable pit for Dial M for Merger. These features have not been seen since.
  • A common goof with the trailers is that the distance between them varies in different scenes.
  • Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action are currently the only seasons to feature the trailers.


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