As the competition narrows down to twelve, the contestants must compete in the first part of their challenge; a tell-all trivia game which ends up embarrassing a few contestants. Due to a few arguments in this challenge, the host makes the second challenge more difficult for both teams. A nonathletic contestant ends up winning the physical-oriented challenge for his team, sending the opposing team to the elimination ceremony. In the end, a wannabe becomes too distracted on her image, and is voted off.


The episode begins with all the contestants' morning routines. In the Toxic Rats girl's cabin, Dawn is seen hanging upside-down talking to a blue bird while Dakota moans that she needs more beauty sleep. In the Mutant Maggots girl's cabin, Zoey asks Anne Maria how she managed to smuggle in so many hair products, to which she reveals they're all stored in her pouffe. Mike talks to Chester in his sleep, while Cameron turns his sleeping bag into his protective bubble to help him sleep.


The teams are told to head to their first challenge.

Brick and Jo are on a morning run and then get competitive of who ran more or harder after crashing into each other. Scott, however, spent the morning looking for the immunity idol, in order to achieve his plans: force his team to lose and eliminate them one by one, which he believes will give the Maggots a false sense of security. Sam and Lightning catch him coming back in the cabin, but he lies to them by saying that he was making out with one of the girls. When they asked which one, Scott responds by saying "a gentlemen never kisses and tells". Not familiar with the phrase, Sam asks Scott if he "kissed a gentleman."
Truth or Laser Chris McLean

Chris explains the challenge.

Chris gathers everyone to start the day's competition, and both Sam's video game console and Dakota's cell phone are confiscated from them which leads to both of them suffering from withdrawal. The competition takes place out in the lake in the form of a quiz show. Chris reads out an embarrassing fact of one of the teammates, and the victim had to buzz in and confess; doing so earned a point. Failure to own up had the whole team dunked in the lake, where a four-legged mutated shark, named Fang, now dwells. If a team gets dunked, the opposite team could guess whose fact it belonged to; they get a point if right, or dunked if wrong. It is revealed that Sam farted on his first and only date, Brick wet his pants on the first and last day of school, and B's real name is Beverly. The contestants begin to bicker, and some even quit the challenge. Due to the time wasted by their arguing, Chris cancels the challenge, and tells the contestants that a new one will await. However, this one will be even worse than the first.

Throughout the day, Sam tries to bond with Dakota. However, she rejects all of his advances. The second competition is an elaborate relay obstacle course in a mud pit. The teams were also given blurry glasses so they can't see well. By way of batons, the teams were given their team mascots: a mutant maggot and rat. During the relay, another of Mike's personalities is revealed: a gymnast named Svetlana. Scott, despite being in the lead, intentionally slowed down their team by not immediately handing off the rat to B. Despite everything, though, the challenge came down to Dakota and Cameron trying to land in a giant baseball mitt surrounded by bats. Dakota gets distracted when a group of photographers floats in on a hot-air balloon, allowing Cameron, tangled up in the rope, to get dropped right into the mitt and win for his team.


Dakota, moments before her elimination.

Before the elimination, Scott and Dawn both suggest eliminating Dakota, with Scott pointing out how easily-distracted she is, and Dawn saying that a great disaster will befall her if she stays on the island any longer. Sam tries to plead with his team to keep Dakota, to no avail. Lightning comments that everyone besides him should be eliminated due to their performance in the challenge. At the bonfire, the bottom two are B and Dakota, with B receiving the final marshmallow, and Dakota, who is busy filing her nails, is eliminated. In the confessional, Sam displays his sadness over losing her, and adds he had been looking forward to making awkward passes at her all season and get rejected every time. Before Dakota is hurled off the island, Chris asks if she has any final words. She says that she does. However, Chris hurls her before she can say anything else and then signs off the episode.


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Athena Karkanis Anne Maria
Jon Cor Brick
Kevin Duhaney Cameron
Carleigh Beverly Dakota
Caitlynne Medrek Dawn
Laurie Elliott Jo
Tyrone Savage Lightning
Cory Doran Mike
Brian Froud Sam
James Wallis Scott
Barbara Mamabolo Zoey
  • B and Chef Hatchet appear; however, they do not have lines.
  • One of the paparazzi speaks; however, it is unknown who voiced him.

Still in the running

Staci Countdown
Dakota Countdown
Anne Maria Countdown
Anne Maria
Mutant Maggots
B Countdown
Toxic Rats
Brick Countdown
Mutant Maggots
Cameron Countdown
Mutant Maggots
Dawn Countdown
Toxic Rats
Jo Countdown
Mutant Maggots
Lightning Countdown
Toxic Rats
Mike Countdown
Mutant Maggots
Sam Countdown
Toxic Rats
Scott Countdown
Toxic Rats
Zoey Countdown
Mutant Maggots



  • The Australian title for this episode is "Truth or Mutant Shark".
  • The obstacle course is named "Mad Skills" which is a phrase often said by Harold.
    • Coincidentally the glasses everyone is forced to wear during the second challenge resemble those worn by him. It's been previously stated his cameo for this season was ultimately cut; this was likely where it would take place.
  • As of this episode, Dawn is the only female member left on the Toxic Rats.
  • During the season's development, Fang was originally supposed to shoot laser beams from his eyes, hence the title of the episode.
  • Another one of Mike's personalities makes its debut. In this case, a Russian gymnast named Svetlana.
  • This episode reveals that B's real name is Beverly.
  • The three players that get embarrassed during the first challenge eventually become the first three male contestants to be eliminated this season.
    • They were also members of the Toxic Rats at some point in the season.
  • Part of Lightning's audition tape is recited in his confessional.



  • The title is a reference to the popular party game, Truth or Dare?.
  • The second challenge is similar to the show Wipeout, with the obstacle course over mud and the red balls being a parody of the show's "Big Balls", and the glasses referencing the "goofy goggles" used in a few challenges.
  • Scott refers to the Chris Head as a hidden immunity idol, which is what it is called in the reality TV show, Survivor.


  • Teletoon incorrectly lists the Toxic Rats as the "Radioactive Rats" on its video page, the prototype name of the team.
  • When Scott is running away from mutated beaver, he has two right hands.
One by one

Jo's hairstyle is mirrored.

  • After Brick and Jo crashed into each other, Jo's hairstyle is mirrored.
  • During the first challenge, Chris only uses one buzzer, but it seems to be able to dunk only one team, the other, or both whenever he chooses despite it only having one button.
  • During the second challenge where the contestants have to wear special glasses, Sam falls and hits the ground and is seen with his normal glasses on.
  • When Scott escaped from Fang, his harness was gone, but when he got back up the harness was on him again.
  • While Scott talks underwater, he does not give off air bubbles when talking.
  • During the second challenge, Zoey is somehow able to jump to the first platform although the beavers chewed it up and knocked it down when B went.


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