The two teams set off into a balloon war. Unfortunately for them, it isn't water inside the balloons, but instead various weird and painful items. One contestant attempts to get closer with a teammate, while the feud between two sisters becomes more intense. When one team's winning streak meets its end, one contestant is initially sent home; however, her long overdue payback to another gets the other sent home instead.



Jasmine tells Samey that she has to stand up for herself.

Jasmine and Samey are out foraging for food for their team. The former tries to assure the latter that just because Amy forces her to help every morning doesn't means she has to and that it should really be her choice whether or not she does it. Samey mistakes this for Jasmine saying she doesn't want the company. She also points out that Amy is both the pretty and the "favorite" twin. However, Jasmine defends Samey's self criticism and tells her she needs to stand up for herself. Their friendship solidifies as Jasmine confirms Samey's question as to whether they were friends because Jasmine doesn't appreciate the way Amy treats her. Jasmine also confesses that she herself has a hard time forming bonds because people are intimidated by her, and she herself is happy to have a friend in Samey. Shawn approaches and he and Jasmine immediately seem to display attraction to one another. Samey takes the hint and goes off to leave them in private. Jasmine jokingly asks him if he's seen any zombies around. In the confessional, Shawn gushes about her looks, survivalist skills, and her "healthy" concern about the undead. He adds that he is conflicted about wanting to date her because he doesn't want a zombie baby attacking him. Shawn leaves the girls to bring Waneyihtam Maskwak the food he's gathered. Samey wonders if they were talking about zombies, and Jasmine responds that it's a "running joke" between them, not realizing that Shawn sees otherwise.

Scarlett and amu

Amy successfully deceives her team into thinking Samey is the aggressor of the two.

At Waneyihtam Maskwak's cave, Sugar is overjoyed that Shawn's brought back food, tackling him to the ground and rummaging through the bag. Ella is happy too and tries to sing a song, but Sugar shoves a pear in her mouth to keep her quiet, and tells her to eat up. Sky arrives with a bucket of water. Ella attempts to continue singing, only to be cut off again by Dave. Shawn suggests she go sing to Kinosewak as a sign of "friendly competition". Ella loves this idea and leaves. Sky compliments Shawn, offering to go with him to forage the next morning. Dave seems uncomfortable and adds that he will come along. With Kinosewak, Rodney thanks Jasmine and Amy for obtaining their breakfast. Samey immediately rebels by yelling she is the one who went out and not Amy. Topher narrates the quarrel while Jasmine hesitates that this isn't the right time to tell Amy how she feels. Samey goes as far as calling her sister a "monster". The latter sobs into Scarlett's arms (later showing that those were crocodile tears). Rodney defends Amy as Max inputs that jealousy is a low form of evil. Chris announces that everyone should gather for the challenge. Jasmine goes off as she puts berries into the hand of Rodney, who then falls back in love with her.


Topher is excited to start the challenge.

Topher is the first to reach Chris. The former wants the challenge to be explained to him so he can then display his hosting abilities to the other contestants. Chris declines his request. Sugar says in the confessional that she only trusts Topher "about as far as she can throw a tractor". Chris elaborates that the challenge is a game of "Doom Balloons". Every competitor will collect as many balloons as they can carry. Each one holds a dangerous or disgusting surprise, which will be used against the opposing team. If a contestant is hit with a balloon, they are eliminated no matter how the contents got onto them. Max visits one of the several stashes of "pure evil" he hid around Pahkitew Island. Scarlett asks him what he's doing, and he replies that he's planning a contraption to launch his balloons from a safe distance. Scarlett suggests that he instead use sharp projectiles to pop Team Maskwak's balloons onto themselves. Max takes credit for the idea. He also thinks Scarlett is "hopelessly in love with him", but is too focused on his work, and even says "evil doesn't date."

Bees sky

Max pops Sky's balloons, which is filled with bees.

Sky is navigating through the forest cautiously. When she hears a noise, she prepares one of her balloons. She backs down, relieved, as she notices it is just Dave, who warns her not to throw. The two share a conversation which leads to Dave admitting in the confessional that he's falling for her. Sky is obviously drawn to him as well. However, she doesn't want anything distracting her from winning. She hears another noise and pushes Dave off to the side. From the safety of a bush, Max shoots a sharp object at Sky's balloon, causing a swarm of bees to attack her. Max is ecstatic that his plan worked while Scarlett rolls her eyes. Rodney has a good aim on Sugar and is about to hit her until she unintentionally throws a snake into his face. Back with Dave and Sky, she orders him to go warn their team members that Team Kinosewak is using their own balloons against them. Topher abandons the challenge to inform Chris that his crow's feet are showing. Chris runs off to get a makeup touch up.


Rodney tries to "break up" with Amy, much to the latter's confusion.

Shawn sees Jasmine wandering through the forest, somehow managing to stay quiet even with the rocks and twigs on the ground threatening to break her silence. He says in the confessional that he wants to like her, but doing so will result in him not being able to kill her should she turn into a zombie. Sugar charges to attack a member of Kinosewak with a balloon. It turns out to be just Ella holding one with a smiley face on it. Ella walks off with her exclaiming that she's looking forward to being friends with her. Sugar pretends to hear something in the woods in order to get the opportunity to push Ella into a bush. Shawn, who has camouflaged himself with mud and moss so he can blend in with a tree, meets up with Dave. Dave fulfills Sky's request by telling him about Kinosewak's tactic. When he goes off, Shawn hurls balloons at Scarlett and Max with a slingshot, eliminating them. Rodney is trying to figure out how to break up with Amy without hurting her feelings. He comes across Amy and Samey fighting over the incident at breakfast. Rodney politely asks Samey if he can have a moment alone with her sister, and she gladly complies. He repeatedly fumbles his words while trying to talk to her. Amy walks off yawning. Rodney begins to cry, which leads to Dave hitting him with a balloon.


Jasmine and Samey try to take Samey's balloon away from Amy.

Topher runs up to Chris to compliment him on the challenge. As the host starts to get irritated with his admirer, Dave uses up his last balloon on Topher. Ella and Sugar are walking together as the former begins to sing, making Sugar call to Chris, informing that Ella was once again singing. Jasmine swings by on a vine and hits them both. Sugar squeals on Ella to Chris, who doesn't care that Ella sang as long as it caused them pain. Dave's lack of balloons works against him as Amy and Samey attack him with theirs. Samey delivers the final blow, covering him with itching powder. Amy tries to take credit for it when Jasmine approaches. She, however, doesn't buy it because she knows how to tell the twins apart. Seeing Samey has one more balloon, Jasmine decides to take them with her to Shawn's hiding spot. She encourages Samey to drop it on him. Before she can, Amy grabs onto it because she wants to take the shot. The three girls fight for it until the balloon bursts, not only dousing them in the paint but also causing Kinosewak to lose the challenge, making Jasmine scream in anger.


Samey gets her long-awaited revenge on her sister.

Samey rants in the confessional that Amy always takes whatever she wants. She pauses suddenly, contemplating this statement and coming up with a plan. Later on, she is shown holding a green apple in her hand before Amy swipes it from her. The latter confidently tells her that she talked to all of Kinosewak about how Samey's balloon lost them the challenge. Amy walks off, munching on the stolen apple, to which Samey smiles and silently tells her to enjoy the poisonous fruit that she has learned about in the previous episode. At the elimination ceremony, the sisters are the bottom two. As Chris reveals that Samey has been voted off, Amy begins choking, her face swelling up. Samey takes on her sister's mannerisms and dismisses it as "Samey" begging for sympathy, while Amy struggles to speak. Chris, unable to identify which twin is which, forces Amy to take the Cannon of Shame. In the confessional, Samey claims that Amy has had her karma coming to her for years.


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Bryn McAuley Amy/Samey
Daniel DeSanto Dave
Sunday Muse Ella
Katie Bergin Jasmine
Bruce Dow Max
Ian Ronningen Rodney
Kristi Friday Scarlett
Zachary Bennett Shawn
Sarah Podemski Sky
Rochelle Wilson Sugar
Christopher Jacot Topher

Still in the running

Waneyihtam Maskwak
Waneyihtam Maskwak
Pimâpotew Kinosewak
Pimâpotew Kinosewak
Pimâpotew Kinosewak
Pimâpotew Kinosewak
Pimâpotew Kinosewak
Waneyihtam Maskwak
Waneyihtam Maskwak
Waneyihtam Maskwak
Pimâpotew Kinosewak



  • The title of this episode stems from Samey's final line, "Twinning isn't everything".
  • Chris claims that he is thirty years old as of this season.
  • The order in which the balloons are popped and the contents of each balloon is as follows:
    • Sky's balloon, which contains bees, was popped by Max and Scarlett.
    • Max's balloon had sneezing powder while Scarlett's balloon had green goo, launched by Shawn from a slingshot.
    • Rodney gets hit by a balloon with pink goo thrown by Dave.
    • Topher's balloon contains spiders also thrown by Dave.
    • Ella and Sugar, are hit simultaneously with a balloon full of relish, mustard and dirt, thrown by Jasmine while swinging on a vine.
    • Dave's balloon contains itching powder, thrown by Samey.
    • Jasmine, Amy, and Samey eliminate themselves by fighting over the last balloon, containing pink goo.
  • With Amy's elimination, all remaining voice actors only have one contestant each.


  • The poisonous Manchineel fruit that Samey lets Amy take from her at the end of the episode, is first introduced in the episode prior.


Tumblr inline n7a1ilQBmE1rty109

The Necronomicon among Max's possessions.

  • Among Max's hidden things is a book that looks like a Necronomicon.
  • "Twerting", a reference to Twitter, is brought up again, this time by Topher. It is first mentioned by Sierra in Food Fright.
  • Shawn's method of camouflaging himself using his cake decorating skills is a reference to the character Peeta in The Hunger Games, who uses a similar tactic.
  • The title is a play on the phrase "winning isn't everything".
  • While describing the reward, Chris made reference to the nursery rhyme, Mary Had a Little Lamb.


Two Samey

Amy's mole is missing when Chris explains the challenge.

Topher, balon and spider

Spiders appear on Topher before the balloon pops.

  • While commentating on Amy and Samey's argument, Topher says, "Will Team Maskwak be able to get past this?" instead of Team Kinosewak.
  • At one point when Chris is explaining the challenge, Amy's mole is missing.
  • Before Scarlett shows up and startles him while he's looking in his secret hole, part of Max's hair is missing.
  • When Sky warns Dave before Max pops up her balloons, Dave's the lower part of his leg is not attached to his body.
  • After Dave throws his balloon at Topher, a few spiders appear on him before the balloon pops.
  • While Shawn is camouflaged, the bark lines appear to change in width and angle.
  • Although, Shawn is still in his camouflage in the confessional, he is in his normal appearance in the following scene.
  • When Amy takes the apple from Samey, she goes into the other team's shelter: the cave, when her team's shelter is their treehouse.
  • On Netflix, the closed captions refer to Samey as Amy several times.


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