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Helloooooooooooooooow everyone!!! My name is Maria, I´m from Argentina and i just loooooooooooove the Total Drama Series!!!

  • Random Stuff about me
  1. I get angry too easly. :D
  2. I LOOOVE to write stories
  3. I've written 13 songs (the weird thing is, that i wrote them all in inglish)
  4. Even though i'm from Argentina and i'm only 13, i consider myself a north-american girl! Seriously, i rather talk in inglish than in spanish (even though im not good at inglish)
  5. I SUCK when it comes to sports. I REALLY SUCK. Bad.
  6. My favourite bands are: Panic at the Disco, Maroon 5, Fall out Boy and Aerosmith.
  7. Im completley insane. Ask any of my friends.
  8. I LOOOOVE THE RAIN. Anywhere, at anythime. Rain. Rain. RAAAAIIIINNNNN.
  9. Im kind of a Bad Girl. (NO, NOT IN THE PERVERT WAY!) But im always in trouble, and i love it.
  10. Im not femenine AT ALL. I cant walk in heels, i always mess up at make-up, and i suck at manners.

Love actually-great movie

My new collage!Yeah, i know is stupid, but well...

== Hi!!! Im belu_star and...well i really love this show!!! ==

  • My Favourite couples:
  1. --1. Duncan & Courtney= Beautiful. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. They hate each other, and at the same time they love each other...they fight, they make-out, and they fight again. Its amazing.
  2. --2. Gwen & Trent (You have to like it. Its a rule!!!!)
  3. --3. Heather and Alejandro (mean couple. its just great)
  4. --4. Cody and Sierra (I love how Cody does care about her deeply)
  5. --5. Lindsay & Tyler and Bridgette & Geoff (the reason? cute. just pure cuteness)
  • Fanon ones:
  1. --Heather and Duncan (everyone hates it, but i think is hot)
  2. --Lindsay and Trent (sweet)
  • Least favourite ones:
  1. --1. Duncan & Gwen (Cant even express my hate)
  2. --2. Trent & Heather (no.Dont ask why.) characters list...

  • Girls
  1. --1.Courtney (Its a long story. But she's nasty...i LOVE NASTY)
  2. --2.Izzy, E-scope, Explosivo (She is insaneeeeee same as me!)
  3. --3.Heather (Mean, manipulating, mean...Amazing)
  4. --4.Lindsay (cute, dumb, and she makes me laugh)
  5. --5.Bridgette (Not a fan, but she's nice :)
  • Boys
  1. --1.Duncan (LOVE HIM! He's cruel, he's rebelious and his totally annoying...Love him)
  2. --2.Chris McClean (HAWT and SADIC. What else can i ask for?)
  3. --3.Noah (Love your sarcasm!)
  4. --4.Alejandro and Justin (AWESOME.)
  5. --5.Trent (IN TDI!!! After that....meh.)
  • Characters i dont like (no offence:) )
  1. --1. Eva (annoying. STOP IT ALREADY!)
  2. --2. Katie and Sadie (WORST BFF'S EVR.HATE THEM)
  3. --3. Ezequiel (Just no.)

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  • iMAGES

  • Fanfiction
  1. Cereal-killa's stories are awesome!!!!I have read them all!!!!
  2. This is a beautiful DxC story!!!! You have to read it!
  3. This story is also awesome! And very original...the guys have powers!!!
  • Couples i love (From shows and movies, not in any order)
  1. Duncan & Courtney (you now it)
  2. Logan & Storm (X-men)
  3. Arnol & Helga (Hey Arnold)
  4. Sam & Freddie (ICarly)
  5. Raven & Beastboy (Teen titans)
  6. Ching & Abyo (Pucca...yes, i used to see it!)
  7. Melissa & Jackson (Flight 29 down)
  8. Finn & Rachel (Glee)
  9. Chandler & Monica (Friends)
  • My 4 favouite bands

Aerosmith, Maroon 5, Fall Out Boy, Panic!at the Disco

  • Books i like

Twilight series, Harry Potter Series, Mobby Dick, The Metamorphosis (you need to read this book, is sad, but great), Wuthering Heights and William Shakespeare's , Julio Berne's and Jose Luis Borges books.

  • You dont believe im obsessed with this show? Just read this!
  1. After Trent said in The Awake-a-ton his favourite song was "She would be loved" AKA "She Will be Loved" i became a fan of Maroon five! Really, i started to hear all of their songs!
  2. I found a tarantula. Now it is my pet. Guess what's his name. (for those who havent guessed, its Scruffy)
  3. Im writing a book. Oe of the guy's name is Duncan, and his brother's name is Tyler XD
  4. (Now in Argentina we are on Summer) i was looking for swimmsuits to buy and i just picked the ones that are like the Courtney's swimsuit's style.
  5. Reamember that tiny piece of hair Courtney has in her forehead? I cut my hair to have it. (Really! But i must confess it looks TERRIBLE on me)
  • How i became a TDI FAN?

I was in my kitchen (yeah, i reamamber it all!) and i was eating some chips, because i was alone in my house and nobody couls see me XD. I turned on my tv and i saw that "stupid tv show from the publicity of a cartoon-reality show". It was "Not so happy campers" and Trent had just came. When i saw how he looked at Gwen and then she finally looked at him, i went obsessed and started to look on the Internet for the show. Then i realized that in North America they were starting a second season. So i watched all the TDI chapters on Youtube in inglish and i went obsessed with TXG AND DXC! And then i founded this wikia, and thats it! ;)

  • Sign

C♥D #1 fan!!! Latin-psycho-killer

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