aka Temi

  • I live in a box. Spare some change
  • I was born on April 21
  • My occupation is Blinking
  • I am Female

Temi The Epic

Hey, person reading this, I'm Temi and this is my profile. I unfortunately had to remove some stuff due to taking up so much space.

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All About Me

You can call me Temi, Toast, Ari, Toast Monsteress, TAF, and Toasty. However, my real name is Lily. I don't really like being addressed as my real name. But what the hell. Stick with Temi. There's an eternal mess in my head but that's what I'm known for :P Oh well.  

What's your best quality?

My face.

Faves? (music, color, movie, food)

  • I don't know man, I've been listening to indie pop and rock music. Getting high off of that.
  • Pastel and neon colors. But mainly hot pink.
  • Karate Kid, Hachiko: A Dog's Tale, Warm Bodies, and Catching Fire.
  • Toast, empanadas, tacos, Chinese food... Girl, my tummy is diverse.

Describe your craziest dream

I was in school. Then I woke up.

Best memories from childhood?

I learned how to handle a rifle.

Most embarrassing moment in school?

I was wearing high heels for this sorta skit and I tumbled over a desk. Oh well.

Describe your first job you ever had

A personal masseuse for my mom. Oh yeah. Making it rain.

Ten years from now, what are you doing?

Imma do me and you do you.

My dream date would be with who, doing what!

Harry Styles. In my bed. Period.

It's the last day on Earth. In five words or less, what would you do?

Kiss someone.

Cute Little Siggies :3


  1. ~ TOAST! Back from EPICNESS!
  2. ~ TOAST! The Toast Monsteress Is Amused..:3
  3. TOAST! ~I iz really EPIC. So if I leave you behind, you'll be wanting MOARლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ
  4. ~So if I had toast, would you want swap it with me for your EPICNESS? HELL NO.
  5. ~Why is pink so cool? REAL QUESTION IS Why is Temi so epic? True dat, boi.
  6. ~"What's with that toast girl?" "Hey, look, I'm a hater." That's nice...
  7. ~"Is it sad that I hate life?" Yes. Just enjoy it. "STFU. You're not my mom."
  8. ~Hey, I just messaged you, and it is so late, so please reply back, I‘m in a hurry.
  9. Just say you like me.
  10. Miss Temi approves

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