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Hi, my name's Psychid, and I'm kind of both old and new here in the Wikia community. Originally, I started becoming a member of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia, and later in its Card Maker Wikia (yes, I'm a total Yu-Gi-Oh! fanatic... please, don't rub it in).

I started to become a fan of TDI in the summer of 2008, I believe; however, I don't really how exactly I became a fan of it; I just watched a few episodes and thought to myself, "Wow, this show is actually interesting!", or something like that...

Still, I hope to have fun on the Wikia community, and I hope to make new friends! :)

My current avatar is Larry Loveage from the infamous Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust. Believe it or not, this Larry kind of looks like me, except I have brown eyes. And I wear glasses, as you can (hopefully) tell. :P

Character Rankings

Before I continue, please note that the characters in each section are in no particular order, meaning that I have no preference to who's my greatest most favorite character or my greatest least favorite character. And as for the least favorite characters section, I don't hate them, but I don't really like them, either.

Okay, here we go!

Most Favorite Characters

  • Gwen - okay, sure she's Gothic (unlike me), but she's real sweet, selfless, and caring, in a way.
  • Izzy - she's a crazy person, and she's an arsonist. Who wouldn't love her?!
  • Bridgette - she's also a sweet person, and she cares for the environment, just like me. =3
  • Courtney - she may be bossy (and her bossiness does get on my nerves at times, I have to admit), but she's so organized and serious, it's hard to care.
  • Trent - he's almost as caring as Gwen and Bridgette, and he's obsessed with the number nine like I am. XD
  • Alejandro - he may be an upcoming antagonist, but he's still cool, in a way. =\
  • Lindsay - she may be a dimwit (stupid stereotypes), but she's still funny! x3

Neutral Characters

  • Heather - she used to be one of my most hated characters ever since the first season, but as a result of the second, she suddenly becomes better.
  • Harold - okay, so I may have been upset that he got Courtney voted off unfairly, but it's not like that it suddenly made him an antagonist or anything. Actually, I'm not that really interested in him; so I don't know why I included him in my neutral section anyway. =\
  • Cody - he may not be my favorite character, but he's still funny nonetheless.
  • Ezekiel - yes, I know that he claimed that guys were better than girls, but he just wasn't thinking straight; it was his homeschooling that made him say that (the female friends that I have on this Wikia who may be offended by this, please, forgive me).
  • Tyler - like Cody, he's a funny guy, even though he does suck at sports.
  • Noah - his sarcasm might give me some chuckles from time to time, but the fact that he wouldn't participate in sports makes it kind of iffy (if that's a proper way to use it).

Least Favorite Characters

  • Sierra - her fangirl-ish behavior is just... no...
  • Geoff - I really have nothing against him, but what gets on my nerves is that he thinks life's all about fun and games, when it's not.
  • Owen - let's just say that obese guys, fart jokes, and winners of reality shows (or spoofs of them, in this case) don't mix so well.

My Friends

Here are some of the friends I have made on this Wikia (in the order I made friends)! :D

  1. Freehugs41 - She's the first friend I have ever made on this site, and she's probably one of the most intelligent, and most respectful and reliable (seeing that she's an admin and all). YEAH, WOO! GO, FREEHUGS! :D
  2. GwenRules123 - She's a fan of Gwen, like I am; why else would I be friends with her? XD Also, her MS paints are very well-done, if I may add! ;)
  3. TotalDramaAction Heather Lover - Okay, sure she loves Heather and hates Courtney (unlike I do); but I totally respect that, seeing that we all have our own opinions. ;) In fact, we've managed to get along quite well! :) (UPDATE: HEATHER IS NOW IN MY NEUTRAL SECTION, SO I NO LONGER HATE HER :D)
  4. Marylovetrent - She isn't American, she's Brazilian! :D ...Yeah, I kind of forgot to mention; I'm kind of interested in meeting people from other countries, because I want to learn about other countries' cultures, in a way... :\
  5. Misstditylerfan - Once again, a user who's not a fan of some characters I like (Courtney and Gwen, in this case). But as I respect TotalDramaAction Heather Lover's hatred for Courtney, I completely respect her hatred for Gwen and Courtney. Plus, I helped her with her signature, just as she commented about me. :3
  6. TDIFan13 - I first started to become friends with him when he offered me to join the Wiki's IRC, although I didn't have enough mainspace edits. I had fun! :D Thanks for letting me join the IRC, man! :)
  7. Jam7 - We have plenty in common; green is our favorite color, we were born on the same month (but not on the same day or year, unfortunately), and we're both skinny and wear glasses. XD Plus, we both support most of the same characters, mainly Courtney, along with most of the same couples mainly GxT and DxC. It's like we're almost twins, or something! :O
  8. Mr. Totaldramaman - Actually, I don't know how we became friends. In fact, he was the one who asked me if we could be friends, for some reason... :\ But we're still great friends, though! :D
  9. CD-TDA - I think we've met before, but I really don't remember exactly when we met. :/ We're still good friends, though! :)
  10. Numbuhthreefan - She's a nice person, just like me. :D
  11. Nalyd Renrut - He's an awesome user, and a fan of Glenn Martin, DDS, like me (yes, he and I are fans of that show; don't give us grief about it!)! :D
  12. Musou - Trust me; we have a lot in common, in terms of what we like. You can just ask her yourself. :D
  13. PikminPlay - I think we first became friends when I customized a signature for him. Simple as that. :P

If anyone else wants to be friends, don't hesitate to ask! And to those of you who aren't fans of characters I like (or fans of characters I hate), I won't bite! ;D

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External Links

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker Wiki - Second Wikia account I made, and it's a pretty cool one, too! For those of you who are interested in Yu-Gi-Oh!, you can make your own cards on there! Isn't that just amazing? =D Some of my samples can be found on my Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia account.


  1. --Psychid45, a.k.a. Psychid; real pen name, no gimmicks!
  2. --Psychid45, a.k.a. Psychid; real pen name, no gimmicks!
  3. --Psychid45, a.k.a. Psychid; real pen name, no gimmicks!
  4. --Yes, it's PSYCHID, the most insane person you'll ever hope to meet!
  5. --Yes, it's PSYCHID! He talks! He does stuff!
  6. --Yes, it's PSYCHID! He talks! He does stuff!
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