Contestant Label Gender Season Primary team Rank Episode
Blake The Pure Angel Male World Domination Dynamic Thunderbirds 12th Bermuda Shock City
Colin The Sweaty Tryhard Male Worlds Collide The Nobodies 22nd Roughin' It
Hope The Art Freak Female ON A TRAIN! Gross Geese TBA TBA
Logan The Sports Star Male Global Takedown Soaring Eagles 6th Gear Shift
Worlds Collide Deplorable Dingos TBA TBA
Makenzie The Eccentric Scientist Female To The Movies! Fighting Rockies TBA TBA
Michael The Energy Monster Male World Domination Daring Dragons TBA TBA
Thorin The Crafty Speed Demon Male Super Slamdown Insane Eagles 2nd/1st The Big Bad Finale
Worlds Collide Abysmal Alligators TBA TBA
Victoria The Gamer Female Champions Fabulous Flamingos 2nd/1st It’s Finally the Finale
Out On The Sea Speedy Sharks 15th A Wild Mutant Appears

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Currently Remaining

Total Drama ON A TRAIN!

Boring Beavers: Carter, Ellis, Jake, Joshua, Lisa, Sophia (6/6)
Gross Geese: Hope, Kayla, Ryan, Salem, Yusuke (5/6)

Total Drama To The Movies!

The Fighting Rockies: Ace, Alexis, Arin, Holden, Jewels, Makenzie, Michael, Princess, Rex, Troy (10/11)
The Killer Jackies: Alice, Chang, George, Jacey, Kyle, Nate, Prudence, Reynold, Rose, Yvette (10/11)

Total Drama World Domination

Charismatic Chimeras: Diego, Elyse, Kaele, Michael, Tristan, Viviana (6/10)

Total Drama Worlds Collide

Deplorable Dingos: Colt, Coral, Evan, Logan, Nathan, Sasha (6/8)
Abysmal Alligators: Abbey, James, Jeffrey, Jessica, Liam, Kassidy, Thorin (7/8)
The Nobodies: Brianna, Calista, Kylie, Melody, Richard, Toronto (6/8)

Total Drama Out On The Sea

Whistling Whales: Bart, Daisuke, Jenna Mae, Ken, Khione, Matt, Nozomi (7/9)
Speedy Sharks: Agatha, Alec, Angelina, Eli, Kierston, Nick, Sienna (7/9)

Total Drama Express

Team Phat: Avon, Brooklyn, Cole, Diamond, Finn, Keith, Lisa, Riley (8/9)
Team Fluid: Caitlin, Chloe, Dan, Ian, Kyla, Kyle, Vanessa, Waylon (8/9)


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