Hey all you wonderful users and wiki admins! xD

But enough chit-chat . .I have made this blog to discuss a SERIOUS issue we are having on the wiki.

ISSUE: It has come to my attention that sometimes when vandal attacks happen, the admins are not online to deal with the issue.


1. We have many young users on this wiki, for their sake stop vandals from posting up inappropriate content

2. It is generally annoying to deal with

3. The above two reasons


Now we get to the good part. To many new wiki users out there, the wiki admins are guys and gals who all come from the US parts of the world. This means that their time differences are skewed compared to the rest of the world and that they are not on when vandal attacks or anything else happens on the wiki at certain times. I am from the Asia-Pacific Timezone, so for me, when it's day time, it's night time for most of our admins. When vandal attacks happen during the day for me, the admins are not on to deal with the issue cos they be sleeping >.>.


This was not suggested by me, but by my good friend Musou, that the admins should select a trustworthy, friendly, active, responsible and above all dedicated user from the Asia-Pacific timezone (i.e. Australia-Asia timezones) to be admin. This is selected via high editcount, helpfulness, time on the wiki, etc. so you ultra new users don't go asking to be admin! xD (as mean as it sounds, it's true . .you gotta work hard and be dedicated to be admin O.o)

I am just a plain user, so I can't do anything about this situation other than write a blog about it to address my concern to the wiki. But nothing stops me from suggesting a user or two who I think truly deserves this post.


1. Musou: For being the person who suggested the idea and for being too chicken to consider taking up the post herself. This is not the only reason. Musou has been a hardworking and dedicated wiki user since she started a year ago. She has made many wiki friends by being active, friendly and helpful to new users, has helped out with more vandal attacks and wiki problems and has more patience than I ever had with dealing with them. She is my best friend on the wiki and my opinion of her may be biased you might say, but her actions speak for themself. If she wasn't dedicated to the wiki and keeping it safe and updated, she wouldn't have suggested this whole idea in the first place. She is an ingenious genius like that and has more clarity and a willingness to help others than many of the users on this wiki, thus she fully deserves to be admin. She's also on in the Asia-Pacific timezone plus she's a rollback - a step away from being an admin O.o

You may be wondering why I didn't nominate myself - it's cos i'm too silly and pink to be taken seriously xD Plus I don't have near enough experience or dedication as the other two above me but I try xD. Personally I think Musou is more suited to the position due to more experience thus she is my number one nominee for the position.


If you guys think Musou or Silver or anyone else that fits the criteria to the letter is worthy, please post your comments below.

I am a regular user like you who wants to see vandal attacks catered for and to be on a secure wiki. I believe that the wiki admins should take action on this issue immediately if they can. By drawing their attention almost forcefully with this blog, I hope the message gets to them Dx. Please comment below and to new users: please don't nominate yourselves, it doesn't help the situaton, as mean and rude as it sounds! Dx

Thank you for your time!


Admin/Administrator - To many new wiki users, the admins on this wiki are people who are able to ban vandals/trolls from posting unnecessary things and/or being generally annoying on the wiki >.< They are able to do other things too, like select people for promotion, etc. but for the sake of this topic, let's just leave it at this.

High editcount - Some wise user Mygeto once said, a high editcount is a sign of an active and helpful user. Thus new wiki users, a high edit count is MANDTORY if not essential to be an admin. So don't go promoting yourselves on this blog just yet O.o

Fluffing: I know I know, this has nothing to do with the current topic but for new users, this info is vital and it's worth knowing. Fluffing is the cyber term given to edits or changes you make to this wiki's info pages that add nothing new to the info, or in fact, make it worse. It's against the rules so please try not to do it! Dx

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