Well I think we can all agree that the Ridonculous Race was really a success! I had so much fun watching this show and have ranked the teams by how much I liked them. I really think RR had one of the strongest ensembles ever (even rivalring the original 22 of Island) and there were some great teams and chemistry between them. 

What are your rankings? Leave in the comments below!

18. Kelly & Taylor – Mom & Daughter – 13th Place – Hey, did you want to see Amy & Samey from Pahkitew Island again only done worse? Watching these two was insufferable; we are treated to a completely spoiled, vain, delusional, self-centered, stuck-up brat and a passive enabler. I hated every moment these two were on screen and I wanted to hit Taylor with an aluminum bat every time she spoke. The worst part of it all is that by the end of it all Taylor did not learn a single thing, and Kelly never truly stepped up to put her own daughter in place. I was so happy they didn’t last too long.

17. Rock & Spud – Rockers – 10th Place – I know most people won’t agree with me, but I didn’t like Rock and Spud. I appreciated Rock’s drive to win, but everything these two did annoyed me, from their air guitar rifts to Rock’s sound effects. Spud was even worse; he was about as useful as a big sack of potatoes being dragged along by a string, and at least potatoes can be eaten.

16. Leonard & Tammy – LARPers – 18th Place – I realized why I didn’t like Leonard on Pahkitew Island. He is literally one stupid joke; he thinks he’s a real wizard. And adding another LARPer with the same exact gimmick just makes the joke even dumber. Just like last time, their attempts to use “magic” cost them the game, only this time it was with two people rather than one. There was no point bringing Leonard back, and I’m very happy these two idiots were kicked off first; they are nothing but wasted time and space.

15. Stephanie & Ryan – Daters/Haters – 6th Place – Ugh, these two were terrible. Stephanie was really just the most annoying, shrill character they’ve ever come up with. Always yelling, always bossing Ryan around and blaming him for everything. And when she boomeranged her own team I just really wanted to slap the sense back into her. Really what saves these two from being any lower is the way Ryan one-upped her in the later episodes, but man I did not enjoy this team at all.

14. Lorenzo & Chet – Stepbrothers – 11th Place – It is really hard to form an opinion of Lorenzo and Chet, I consider them the opposite of the Daters. They spent most of the Race bickering and fighting each other, although in an overly cartoony way, and there were only a few episodes where they prominently stood out, unlike Stephanie and Ryan. Then in their final two appearances they suddenly stopped hating each other, and jarringly switch to loving each other. I guess they never did anything offense, but they were annoying nonetheless.

13. Tom & Jen – Fashion Bloggers – 14th Place – Tom and Jen left a poor impression on me in the first episode. Sure they were a bit shallow and superficial, but in the end they warmed on me a bit. Still, I didn’t enjoy them as much as the other teams, although their early elimination did shock me.

12. Ellody & Mary – Geniuses – 16th Place – I didn’t expect these two to last long, and I was completely right. They had no real story arc, and I didn’t think they were capable of having one. They were interesting while they lasted, but ultimately forgettable.

11. Laurie & Miles – Vegans – 15th Place – I have to say, the Vegans’ story arc was one of the more interesting ones. They always trailed behind, but they tried to push their mother-earth-loving ways; until they had to eat meat, which was hilarious. I enjoyed them, but wasn’t surprised they left so soon.

10. Carrie & Devin – Best Friends – 5th Place – I consider these two the “Sky” of the Ridonculous Race. They were kind of boring. I did like seeing Devin going through heartbreak, but after he and Carrie switched roles and he fell for her it started to get dull. Still, they did play a good game and weren’t annoying, so they stand in the middle for me.

9. Jay & Mickey – Adversity Twins – 12th Place – I thought the twins were adorable with their constant maladies and accidents. You knew from the start they weren’t going to win the show, but you rooted for them anyways. I think they had their place and did what they could, and I was happy they went as far as they did.

8. Gerry & Pete – Tennis Rivals – 17th Place – I was so disappointed to see these two leave early; despite being old they were the most energetic and memorable. I really laughed whenever these two were on screen, their back and forth bantering was really funny, and it allowed the show toss in a few “old jokes” their way.

7. Crimson & Ennui – Goths – 7th Place – Wow, I did not expect the Goths would make it this far; nor did I think I would like them at all. They were the team you constantly thought was heading home in the next episode. But as the race went on I really started to like their “personalities” and their no-nonsense non-excitement to everything. But really what got me was their rabbit Loki, who pretty much steals the show. And it was touching to see how concerned Ennui was when he went missing.

6. Dwayne & Junior – Father & Son – 9th Place – Like father like son, Dwayne and Junior were amazing. Junior was an excellent foil to his dad’s incompetent bumbling and attempts to be “cool.” What I especially loved was that despite Dwayne’s embarrassing him, Junior really does love his dad. These two created a wonderful dynamic to the show, and their elimination was the closest thing to making me cry all season.

5. Owen & Noah – Reality TV Pros – 8th Place – The dynamic duo of Owen and Noah, what else could you ask for? I loved how in tone Noah is to Owen’s antics. Owen is still the lovable goofball he was in Total Drama. And it was really fun to see Noah, normally cynical and apathetic, fall head over heels for Emma, and how awkward he was trying to win her over. Overall it was fun to see these two in action again, especially since they didn’t get too fleshed out in World Tour, and were enjoyable to watch.

4. Josee & Jacques – Ice Dancers – 3rd Place – I don’t care what anyone says or thinks; I loved the Ice Dancers. I liked their voices, their style of movements, and their insanity. Granted, that doesn’t mean I liked what they did on the show. Watching Josee descend into madness was just a treat, as well as Jacques attempts to be the voice of reason. Unlike most Total Drama villains you can see where they come from and why they’re obsessed with winning. However Total Drama has a history in later seasons of not giving the villains good comeuppance, so I offer my own by placing them in fourth on this list.

3. Geoff & Brody – Surfer Dudes – 1st Place – First of all, Geoff is back to his original personality from Total Drama Island. Man I did not expect these two to win, but in a way I’m happy they did. My main concern is that they “dumbed down” Geoff a little too much but it wasn’t too big of an issue. He and Brody has a good bromance going on and they had great chemistry together. They were a fun team and I was disappointed when they left; only to come back three episodes later. I know some will moo about the fact they won when they were eliminated, but really who cares? Geoff and Brody were cool, cool, cool.

2. Emma & Kitty – Sisters – 4th Place – It was so much fun seeing how much these two grew throughout the show. I, like most people, hated Emma in the first episodes. Bossy annoying and condescending, Emma truly changed for the better during the Race. And Kitty is all the fun of Lindsay, only smarter. Some people didn’t like her romance with Noah, but I thought it brought so much dimension to both of them. But really what makes these two great was that they show you how much they care for each other; whereas in Episode 4 Emma didn’t care if Kitty was eaten by a shark, and in the penultimate episode she declares her sister was better than the million. The biggest character development on the show, the sisters left me with a good feeling.

1. Sanders & MacArthur – Police Cadets – 2nd Place – Wow. Just wow. These two are perhaps the most amazing contestants ever in Total Drama. They made the perfect double act; with Sanders having to put up with MacArthur’s antics. And MacArthur is a whole beast altogether. Everything she did was funny, her lines, her attitude, the way she took no prisoners. But really, despite giving some off-remarks and insults, MacArthur was truly honorable; she became remorseful when she broke Sanders’ arm and even helped out her sworn enemy Josee. And Sanders too was an amazing contestant, though she was by the books it was fun seeing her come into her prime. Definitely her best moment was when she carried MacArthur to the finish. These two were the perfect team, they helped and supported one another and helped each other grow. I loved every minute of these two, and while I was sad they didn’t win, I was just glad I got to experience them the whole way through.

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