Hey everyone , so I realized this year there has not been many blogs lately pertaining to Total Drama. So today I decided to create my own blog called Best and Worst of Total Drama. Basically how this is going to work I will be picking a random topic that can be anything related to Total Drama (i.e Gwen , TDI , Mike and Zoey ,etc). Afterwards you guys will write down the best and worst thing about the particular topic. After three days , new topic will be given. Oh yeah , I also would like to mention Art for allowing me to do this kind of blog that is similar to his. I also have stated few guidelines to follow for the game.


  • Please respect other people’s opinions regardless whether you agree or not.
  • Don’t just say nothing for worst and best for everything and also make sure the opinion being stated is worthy for discussion.

Interval 1 Chet


Chet: After reading all the hate comments.

  • Best: Friendship with Lorenzo in Shawshank Ridonc-tion.
  • Worst: The bickering between him and Lorenzo and also not really having good interactions with anyone else.

Interval 2 Ryan and Stephanie

Stephanie and ryan beach

Ryan and Stephanie: I love our fans.

  • Best: The interactions with each other and their funny moments.
  • Worst: The amount of times they kept being saved by non - elimination rounds.

Interval 3 Killer Grips

Killer Grips ROS

Trent: I am happy that many of our fans enjoy Lindsay as leader.

  • Best: Lindsay being the leader.
  • Worst: Trent's obsession over Gwen.

Interval 4 Dakota's return as contestant in A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste


Dakota:Friends are awesome.

  • Best: Becoming friends with Zoey.
  • Worst: Turning into giant monster.

Interval 5 Josee

Josee Pointing

I can see the gold!

  • Best: The temper tantrums and her confessionals with Jacques.
  • Worst: They did not get to be in the finale.

Interval 6 Crimson and Ennui

Ennui Drawing Crimson

Crimson and Ennui: Our reaction to reading opinions.

Interval 7 Killer Bass

To the Killer Bass

Everyone: Ready to read great comments by our fans.

  • Best: Great interactions and great members in the team.
  • Worst: The team had too many fodders.

Interval 8 Surfer Dudes's return in Bahamarama.


Brody and Geoff: Time to show my strength for the fans.

  • Best: They fulfil their promise to Best Friends.
  • Worst: They got into finales.

Interval 9 Cameron


Cameron: I don't like the hate comments towards me.

Interval 10 Lindsay and Tyler


Lindsay and Tyler: The comments are so sweet.

  • Best: No arguments between each other.
  • Worst: The whole name plot.

Interval 11 Mutant Maggots


Mutant Maggots: Should we read the comments?

  • Best:Jo as team captain.
  • Worst: Scott joining the team.

Interval 12 Duncan's return in I See London...


Duncan: I can't believe the fans got me!

  • Best: Impacted the season with more drama provided.
  • Worst: Many people suffered in the hands of him.

Interval 13 Eva


Eva: I can't believe the fans actually like me.

  • Best: Best underutilized female antagonist.
  • Worst: She has only competed in Total Drama Island.

Interval 14 Carrie and Devin

Devin and Carrie Moped

Carrie and Devin: I love the comments.

  • Best: The interactions with each other.
  • Worst: Carrie not treating Devin like best friend.

Interval 15 Izzy's return in No Pain, No Game

Izzy Returns

Izzy: After I read all the comments.

  • Best: She added more comedy.
  • Worst: She lasted too long.

Interval 16 Staci

Staci ROTI Rank

Staci: I can't believe there are people that like me.

  • Best: She was eliminated early.
  • Worst: The fact that she talks too much.

Interval 17 Courtney and Duncan

Courtney duncan pastries

Courtney and Duncan: We should make pizza for the fans.

  • Best:Their interactions with each other.
  • Worst:The breakup that happened in The EX-Files.

Interval 18 Ezekiel


Ezekiel:My fans... what?

Interval 19 Noah

Screaming Gophers hate Noah

Noah: I guess not everyone likes my sarcastic comments.

Interval 20 Gwen and Duncan

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