I'm gonna try to make these daily. Hopefully it stays that way.

Today we are going to try and determine the season Heather was best and worst in. So lets start with Heather's first appearance on Total Drama.

TDI: In this season Heather was the main antagonist and I felt she was very good at it.

What made Heather great this season IMO was her great conflicts between majority of the cast. She had a conflict with almost everyone and they all felt different to me in a way. Whether it was her verbal matches with Leshawna, her overall disgust with Owen, or her just making mean comments to everyone, it all felt fresh and never got old. Her biggest conflict was with Gwen and that was handeled perfectly. The diabolical things she did like kissing Trent, reading Gwen's diary, and playing Lindsay really made me love to hate her. Her downfall was also glorious.

The bad thing about Heather this season was that in some eliminations it was never explained how she survived clearly. While most gave an explanation, others like Justin's elimination really failed to clearly state how she somehow survived. That kind of took away the great villain aspect of her character to me. Her scream was also dumb to me this season, but that's a nitpick.

TDA: This was the season that I felt Heather was kinda lackluster.

TDA Heather had to deal with the consequences of her actions in TDI, mainly everyone hating her. I thought that was a nice concept and was excited to see how she would cope with that (the very few episodes that was a focus). Her getting the last laugh over Gwen was great as well. The bald jokes were also funny to me and never got old.

The cons with Heather in TDA were plentiful. The biggest gripe was that she didn't do anything this season. She had no major impact at all. Literally nothing changed with her being there and that was weird considering her role in TDI. If they were gonna have her do nothing, then she should have been eliminated way earlier than she was. That would have made sense too. Having her almost make it halfway while not contributing much just made no sense to me.

TDWT: Heather here more than redeemed her TDA performance and brought her back to being a central character

Heather was great this season due to her having great character development. While she was still the same mean Heather that we loved, she was put into a semi protagonist role which was interesting. We saw her strategic side come back from TDI with her learning from her mistakes that season. She learned that she had to be nice to people to them on her side. Of course she was faking her kindness and that's what kept her true to her character. Her conflicts with Gwen and Courtney were great and having them on the same team was glorious. Her "friendship" with Cody was also nice to see. The best handled interaction however was with her and Alejandro. Their conflict/relationship was handled perfectly and never got old.

The bad thing about TDWT Heather was that she was kinda soft compared to her past self. While I know she wasn't the main antagonist, I wanted her to do something akin to kissing Trent to remind us that it was the same Heather.

TDAS: I feel like Heather was one the few to get out of TDAS with no major damage to their character.

In this season we got to see Heather still be as strategic before. Her newfound conflict with Jo was glorious and felt like one of the great conflicts she formed in TDI. Her and Alejandro's interactions felt continued from TDWT and not different in any way. We also got to see closure between her and Alejandro in the finale, which was good. This season also had her be present in 6 episodes and not a background character in 15 like TDA. I think this was the season that her hair was best too.

On the bad side was obviously her early exit. Also because she was trying to get on Gwen's good side, we didn't really see their iconic conflict. Heather was also considerably dumbed down in her boot episode with the whole idol thing. That didn't really seem like a mistake that past Heather would have made.

So with that:

Best: TDWT just narrowly edging out TDI

Worst: TDA she could be removed from the season entirely and nothing would change

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