Total Drama Turning The Tables

Total Drama Turning The Tables eliminations
Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Patrick Male Team Pool Ducks 18th Uh,Dude,Where's My Team? He didn't know he was on Total Drama and he did useless in the challenge.
Noah Male Team Pool Ducks 17th Flight Fight He forgot the challenge and flew the plane to Florida, costing the team the challenge.
Filipino Male Team Burritos 16th Song, Song, SONG!! He came up with a song that was in French, annoying Alex, thus eliminating him.
SpongeBro Male Team Burritos 15th Catchphrase Chaos He sacrificed himself to save his brother because he was upset about him losing the challenge.
Squidward Male Team Pool Ducks 14th Lazer Tag, Lamer Tag He eliminated himself to get away from Spongebob.
Ice King Male Team Pool Ducks 13th Paintball Palooza There was a tie in votes and in the tiebreaker, Cody was supposed to be eliminated but Ice King accidentally got hit with the Hammer of Shame.
Leo Male Team Burritos 12th Slime Ball He blabbed about being the Turtles' leader and that he should be their team leader. This annoyed his team, so he got eliminated.
Spongebob Male Team Burritos 11th Just Dance.....GOOD! He learned that Jax was untrustworthy. Not knowing how he really is, Jax convinced Ms. Puff and Monty to eliminate him.
Fish Male Team Burritos 10th Truth or Scare... He made up excuses for when he had to do a dare. Furious, the team voted him off.
Cody Male Team Pool Ducks 9th The Merger, The Liar, and The Nicest Ms. Puff was supposed to be eliiminated, but she had the immunity idol, causing him to be eliminated by one vote.
Wendy Female Team Pool Ducks 8th A Challenge as Cold as Ice She won immunity, but fell into the ice, causing her to get eliminated.
Belson Male Team Pool Ducks 7th The Upside...Down?! He fell first in the challenge and Ms. Puff got to pick who's eliminated.
Jax Male Team Burritos 6th The Rally of....SLIME! The players discovered that he's deceiting. He also caused almost every elimination in the season.
Raph Male Team Pool Ducks 5th Final Five Flop-Flip He had anger issues so much that it annoyed the rest.
Monty Male Team Burritos 4th Final Four, Final Door He convinced two other players to go into the first door instead of the last one.
Mabel Female Team Pool Ducks 3rd Loaded with Talent She had the worst talent ever, which got her hit and flying.
Ms. Puff Female Team Burritos 1st The Last Smackdown!!! Spongebob showed off his driving skills for the 100th time, causing her to puff up and crush Ezekiel.
Ezekiel Male Team Burritos 2nd The Last Smackdown!!!! He got crushed by Ms. Puff.
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