Okay, I had this CRAZY dream one night and it was where Total Drama finally had a trailer for Season 5! I know there's nothing yet on it, but remember, It's just a dream.

So, in the dream, Total Drama finally had a trailer for Season 5, and it had all 36 contestants spend 24 weeks out in the desert! In the trailer, Chris was speaking in a really dramatic theatrical trailer voice, and the decoration of the trailer was epic! Not only is it a crazy dream, but a really great plot idea for Season 5!

Now, I learned that dreams are usually influenced by whatever you see in life. Here was my inspiration for it:


My inspiration for the Season 5 dream. Made by Tommyboy97

So, Yeah. That's was my dream. Pretty cool, Huh?

Have you had any crazy dreams relating to Total Drama?

Share your's here!

Thanks! I'm out!

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