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Look closely at this picture to see what I mean.

Ever since she came to the show, I've noticed something about Dawn that also involves Chris. See this picture I found on DeviantArt by TwisterDxG, and then edited with proof of what I found out about these two.

See? Now, I know it seems a bit far-fetched, of course you might know that and not me, but I believe that the real reason Dawn auditioned for Season 4 is because, and she's the only one who knows it, she might be Chris's... ready, long-lost DAUGHTER!

And not only that, but I also think that the mother in this possible family is...

BLAINELEY!!!! (Did I spell that right?, either way,) Duh-duh-doy!

Anyway, so here's how I think the story would go: Chris and Blaineley's first relationship was very similar to Nael and Emma's relationship in Once Upon a Time, like in the episode Tallahassee, meaning they're not completely married or something like that. Either way, Chris had something important to do when Blaineley gave birth to Dawn, and couldn't make it, but Blaineley sent him her picture so he knows what he has gotten. Either way, Chris and Dawn never met because what he had to do, which mainly invovled his career. As the years past, Blaineley raised Dawn fairly, even when juggling her showbiz career and being a mother, but Dawn was still anxious to met her father, even when she wished for it on her birthday, so when she heard auditions for Season 4 were underway, she decided to sign up not only to help the environment, but also so she can finally meet him and tell him who she is. Unfortunately, she planned to wait under she won the money to tell him the truth. Either way, she left before she could even speak to him personally.

Now, I know they don't have matching skin, so she could at least be an offspring or whatever. I'm not even if she's a pre-teen. Either way, if not, I believe she could be adopted. Just saying.

What do you think? If you agree me on any of those options and hopefully that story, please comment, and if you know the real world and/or email address to the creators of the show, also add that too. PLEASE!!!!!

Anyway, here's another picture I made for a bit more proof (even if it's not enough).

Chris Blaineley=Dawn

What do you think? She could have her mother's ears or something.

P.S. since this is my very first blog post... PLEASE SAVE GWENT!!!

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