So, as you may or may not know, there was a former admin who got demoted because I suddenly stopped going on the wiki entirely and just kind of died. No IRC, no wiki, no nothing.

I - shocker! - am that (former) admin. In Janurary of 2013 I went through some pretty hardcore life changes and moved from my house in Southern California to my new house in more Southern California. I started high school, finally, and the wiki fell to second priority behind not throwing myself off a cliff.

However, I started feeling settledish around the reunion we had a few months back. 8th grade ended, I kind of got myself worked out, and I just stopped being weird. I started going to the IRC more and more again, so I was like "hey, I should go log back into Ale-Alejandro and try to edit, am I right ladies?"

But then I remembered something. The last time I logged into Ale-Alejandro was in 7th grade because I was always logged in with my password saved at my Mom's. I didn't actually know the password. No big deal, right? I could just go request the password again. Then I remembered I made that account in the 6th grade when I had more emails than friends.

I spent a couple of weeks logging into my old emails and trying to crack it, but, sadly, I can't figure out for my life what I used to become into the fabulous Ale-Alejandro.

So, because I frequent the IRC now and still want to edit and contribute a little to the wiki, I'm remaking my account as AleAlejandro, AleAlejandro, my first username but without the rad hyphen deal I had going on. I'm not really sure if I want to keep this username because it's really long, but it's pretty cool so I'll stick with it for now. 

I can't really "confirm" I'm Ale, but pretty much anyone who goes on the IRC could tell you I'm probably Ale.

So I would like to take a moment to pray for the 1,170 really bad edits I made, the FU/FI/FQs I've won, my adminship, and the Edit Countdowns I've been in because I sadly can't carry them with me. Poor things are forever lost in the wiki world.

I hope this is cool with everyone and made sense.

So, yeah. 

Stay cute.

- Ale 

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