Today I will be counting down the top 5 total drama episodes. I will be including every total drama episode even the two special at the end of tdi and tda.

Number 5

Courtney vs everyone

Courtney fights with everyone for the million dollars!

Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island Well when I said I will include the specials is because how good they are. This episode was great because everyone got their time to shine, heather and her Kama, zekes, struggle to tell Lindsay and Beth that the million was right under the noises or izzy's grudge against justin. Anyways this episode did one thing right bring the drama and the end bit was the best, all campers all in one spot and series of events ended 14 of them in the running to compete in an another amazing season.

Number 4

Hawaiian Punch -- Heather Complains

Hawaiian punch Anyone who ever considers this one of the worst episodes cant realise that rooting for the good guy isn't always entertaining. After a amazing season we are left with three worthy finalist and let's face it a final with Cody and heather would of been boring, everyone would go for Cody but when we are faced with two major villians we are left with an even playing field, I love everything about this episode the song, the challange and the finalist. many people think that they didn't end any plot lines well think about in the aftermaths did it for us, Duncan and Gwen are together, Courtney hated them both what closure do u need, izzy and Owen their friends did u see when owen was indroduced and izzy jumped on his back honestly the only thing that needed closure was aleheather and they did that. Anyways Hawaiian punch is conceded the best final.

Number 3

This show's a train, it's moving fast.

Trains plains and hot air mobiles This is one of the most basic chalanges yet it is done so well. A race to Hawaii using whatever can be found a junk pit which use to be a plain. Anyways as all 3 split up al and heather somehow find each other and the song amazing. This episode was so good and the drama was insane as Al swear revenge on heather and the end what other ep can have a sword fish fight and tied 2 and 3 place. Anyways the end was a cliff hanger anyways great episode.

Number 2


Celebrity manhunt total drama actions reunion special This episode mocks red carpet so much and like the other special every character got their time to shine my favourite Gwen's and heather blog battle. This episode was so great and the suspense of them driving chasing the dirtbags and falling of the cliff and hen Geoff and others finding help resulting in them to not compete... Poor Eva. I remember watching it and realising that Noah was competing I was so happ. Anyways this was a great a episode with great humor.

Number 1

I triple dog dar you What a great episode with a great chalange and one of the most iconic endings. The downfall of heather was the funniest. The chalange was interesting because of how gross out their where like when chefs fulls Owen bully button with what ever and watching the time it took to full it up was so funny. It seems all semi finals are down so well in the season and this episode is a perfect example because it's smart writing and humor. But to see the downfall of heather is great and I think I'm in love

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