So this is my second top 5 blog and I'm proud to say this won't be my last thanks to tdifan13 anyways here's my top 5 tdwt songs

5# Boyfriend kisser So in my number 5 spot is boyfriend kisser. This song has probobly have one of the best vocal especially the way heathers and Courtney's voice blend after they say boyfriend kisser after Sierra said her little ling u can feel the hat rid towards Gwen and it is my cousins favorite song form the seris. The clip is also very sick because it has this army, blueprint style it suits the song and the situation and also tells u to never and I mean never kiss someone boyfriend and girlfriend.

4# We built Gwen's face Well the funny attempt to copy a ABBA song is in 4th place. This use to be my fave song 4 years ago becuase the harmonies are brilliant but I didn't really get the ABBA reference till after. Once again Courtney is the true hero of this song, no wonder Claire Barlow is a professional singer and to think in the first two episode she was played by another actress. Back to song, this song has a sick tune and funny lyrics and is one of those random songs that are really funny

3# Versus Well the final song of the season and boy is it good. The whole season was building up to this song, this episode , the final duel between al and heather in love yet denial. After the last epsiode building on heathers and al fude u could really tell how much that wanted the money and how their determent not loose. It's also funny them bagging each other and I'll mention heather trying to bag alihandro's body by saying its all overbuilt and lame. This song has a great tune, great lyrics, great vocals and it is just a great song.

2# This is how we will end it This song is brilliant and shows one thing, alihandro, the puppet master which is so true. he manipulated, controlled everyone and their was one person he had been trying to get rid of from the start heather and we finally get to see heather drop to her knees and beg for help but the best bit of the song is when heather gets angry and persuades so do let her out with her heart and said one line "You and I have been the greatest adversaries this game has ever seen!" This was so true and it's also great for alihandro to finaly tell everyone who he messed with. Anyways the vocal are great and so are the lyrics and clip is fully sick. Fun fact this is the longest total drama song.

Honourable mentions Come fly with us Before we die Fight for the gold Strip him down Sheer sheep Oh my izzy Condor

5# Im goanna make it It seems the final 3 songs are final 3 songs sung by competing competitors. Anyone this songs is one my fave song because ever competitor has their time to shine but one contestant Cody had a far amount of lines and the true heroes is heater and al. In this episode al found out the that heather voted for him and when they meet each other on the train they have to sing and it makes for a pretty got song. My fav part is when the song goes all ballroom and heather start sining "You are the worst, why must you torment me? It's all a game to you, but not to me" the fact that their both sining that to each other proves their stubernes. This song has a obvious tune related to life is a highway anyways this is my fave total drama song. Please leave ur thoughts below

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