So I have recently decided to make total drama top 5s 3 times a day. So now I will do my first and my first top 5 is the top total drama seasons

Number 5 Total drama all stars well we all know why all stars is here. Well first lets see the characters. I think everyone deserved to be their well everyone but freakin Sam honestly he came like 5th. Why not bring back brick especially if Sam came 4th what the point. Another thing wrong with the season is the plot holes and mistakes they made like how Courtney saying its the furthest she has ever made it or how she could not the Sunday even though in Chinese fake out she said she had a strong stomach. And also how often they forgot to carry on story lines like mal and al alliance or al trying to persuade Gwen with his charm. It also like Scott and al forgot about their evil ways and just decided to eliminate no one after an entire season of evilness. Talking about antagonist lets talk about the worst thing of all. MAL such a stupid excuse for a villian, lets see what he did break some **** mess with a vote for no reason try to kill a nerd elimanate al, show Courtney's list and that's about all. One thing that bugs me is how he says in episode 2 or 3 he said "one by one they will all fall" really that brought me up and then let me down after the season final. But at the end of the day it was the worst season and ended camp wawanakwa in two ways.

4th Total drama revenge of the island a season with the big name and big hopes and yet we get the most unrealistic season yet. The toxic waste mad it look like a alian tv show honestly I remember watching tdi with my mum and she was laughing her head of because of the maturity of the cartoon but in revenge we get a season with monster beating up teens, blond girls getting mutated people almost dying and unlike able characters except for brick. And offensive stereo types like mikes MPD. That's not a stereo type it's a serious mantle disibility. Anyways Tdri lake maturity, drama , and realistic themes. Enough said

3rd Total drama action This season was infact a pretty good season but one problem not enought elimanation to make it watchable. Also it ruined Gwent honestly that was handled so bad and in Gwen should of never speaked to Duncan again after he messed with her head by saying the 9 thing was Gwen plus Trent which basically caused the whole thing seriously. Another thing that bugged me was the lake of elimanations which I said earlier they should of included more people becuase the best episode are the ones that people get eliminated and also the ones that bring the most drama. Now onto the antagonist.... Justin really he did nothing but eliminate Gwen and Trent and use Beth and Lindsay. While Courtney did pretty well after she survived her team and the merge with a bunch of immunity wins and her downfall was her A type personality. Overall a strong season but not as good as the other two.

Number 2 World tour My favourite season world tour has taken our second place only because though I really enjoy this its not as good as the first season. First I talk about the music numbers. These songs brought an element that no other cartoon had ever seen. Some of the songs were great while others were not so great. And in some songs the drama was their like the fight for the gold, sheering sheep, I'm goanna make it, and this is how we will end it. Know for the antagonist alihandro, one of my fave characters ever and he manipulated plenty of people to earn his way to the finale. But the true success of the season heather. This season made heather this hero this female determent to take down alihandro who was a force this game had never seen it was beautiful to watch. Know many people have a problem with the love triangle and well I personaly don't have a problem with it because it went on for a short amount of time. People say that it is the main drama of the season when al vs heather went on for more than half the episode it like saying Leshawnas back stabbing was the main drama in tda honestly. But the season was brilliant and it introduced new characters to the game but not straight away it balanced it out nicely but know its time for number 1

Number 1 Total drama island Total drama island the first season and defintly the best season theirs no denying. The season was brilliant but honestly because it started from the bottom so everyone got a bit of development. The chalanges where great and the best part of total drama island. Heather vs Gwen this dude started in ep 5 where heather read Gwen's dairy and then the war started but the worst thing she did was kiss Trent in front of Gwen evil much. And she had the best downfall of all. Her her was shaved of because of Lindsay the girl who heather controlled to Linda's loose controll and rebelled anyways its because of heather that tdi is the best season. It had the most elimanation the best chalanges and the best drama no doubt about it. As I said earlier I was watching total drama island after the dock of shame with my mum she was laughing and when the add break I changed it to the fashion police and she said to put it back only one season could make adults want to watch it.

So that's my top five today. Let me know ur top 5 and give me some ideas of my next post please oh and please put down ur thoughts this is my first top 5 for anything thanks

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