Hey, guys, Alpha is back again! As you all know, exclusive clips are what happens after the contestant is eliminated. From now on, if a person is eliminated, they will have it at the end of the episode. So here it is! And this time I will use a more unique format(the confessional format)

Andrew's Elimination Clip 

The rocket heats up with a screaming Andrew. Andrew looks outside, disappointed.

Andrew: "Great, just great. Eliminated by a bunch of aliens, what's next, Robots from Outer Space??!"

As he was talking, two robots latched on to his elimination device with Andrew looking scared.

Andrew: "I guess it all goes from good here on out.....AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Joel's Elimination Clip(Missing.file.gone) -_-

Thteven and Carmen's Elimination Clip

As the rocket soars over the celestial aboves. Thteven was horrified while Carmen was dancing to some music.

Thteven: "Oh, come on! Whath do you meanth, I'm eliminathed?! Thath dumb Jim. He ruined ith!"

Carmen ignores him as Thteven gets more scared.

Thteven: "How does thith even work? Oh no....." 

Zack's Elimination Clip

Zack: "Darn that stupid Abbey, and how the heck does this thing have a camera?" He looks at the camera. 

Zack: "You know, all of you that's watching this, you are all stupid in my opinion. I'll be back, I tell you, I'll be back!"

Ben's Elimination Clip along with Khione

Ben had gone insane. His life was completely filled with darkness, he became a complete animal.

Ben: "Yesssss, come to me treasure. Oh yes, that 5-million dollar pppriiizeee."

Ben's skin had gone pale, he was bleeding, and his hair got torn with patches.

Khione: "Are you, OK, Ben. We are about to launch right now.......AHHH!"

But Ben was nowhere near sight. Ben had now hid in Shadow Bay for the rest of his life, he had became a total animal. Guess no happy ending for him, huh? :(

Lenny, Abbey, and David's Exclusive Clip

All three of them were in the hospital. Lenny was still happy-go-lucky. 

Lenny: "Man, Chris is so awesome. I totally get him for crushing me with that boulder. Man, I'm SO happy! He finally noticed me, mhmm."

Abbey: "Is there something mental with you?"

David was paralyzed.

David: "UHHHHHUH, SURE Abbey. Darn, this huuuuuurts."

Lenny: "HA! He does care me! He got me WAY less injured. GO TEAM CHRIS!"

Abbey facepalms.

(BONUS) Thorin's Secret Confessional

Thorin was in a confessional, all alone in the middle of the night.

Thorin: "Darn my new team! It's all of my stupid loser so-called friends! Oh well, at least I'll make new friends here. But since I'm here, I'll give each of them for what I think they are. First of all, Sarah, you are a complete dork loser. Get a life. And also-"

Toronto cuts him off.

Toronto: "Hey, sorry for coming in."

Thorin rolled his eyes.

Thorin: "What do you want, traitor?"

Toronto: "Please, Thorin. I'm sorry, I didn't know what to do. Please forgive me, you are my best friend, and this will never happen again!"

Thorin: "All right buddy. Just look out for me on the merge, ok?"

Toronto nods his head, "Of course."

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